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Client and Candidate Experiences in Mobilunity’s Recruiting Approach

There are two CXs laying in our approach:

  • CX as a Client Experience, and
  • CX as a Candidate Experience

As remember, we Mobilunity Dedicated Development Teams are in that special spot in between of a business in need for fully devoted to them software or hardware development team, and
engineers themselves, who tend to wish to work under functional management of our clients, being part of their processes, tools and philosophy.

Making a Design for both CXs, Nearshoring vendor must be complying to the following requirements:

  • every staff member interacting with their C (client or candidate) must be aware of the blueprint made, to become its ambassador and little bit of its analyst
  • the Client (or the Candidate) inputs are the most precious factor for the CX adjustment
  • different Cs demand different CX. More diverse your clientele (for Client Exp) or potential employees (for Candidate Exp) – more flows and designs you must think about
  • CX is a strategy for Nearshoring Vendor. It cannot be downgraded in priority, it literally has top importance
  • the moment your #CX is finally designed you need to start thinking of redesign, as CX is always dynamic

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