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Specifics of Part-Time Engagement in Mobilunity

Few bits on our part-time talent engagement model.
1. The resources are still managed by you technically, and you get hand-picked consultants who fit your needs due to expertise shortages or peak loads on your side.
2. You pay only for hours worked, there are no extra expenses.
Part-time developers can be easily released as soon as the project ends.
3. It works well when the project does not require full-time participation from the developer (e.g. when there is already a developed product and you need only maintenance, or when the project itself is not big, like developing a home page, etc.)
4. Part-time consultants may not only be IT/Tech experts like Software Engineer, DevOps, or QA but also non-IT specialists in such areas as Marketing, SMM, Recruiting, Sales, Data Entry, etc.

Yet these are Key success factors for leveraging the best of our part-time model:
a. Short onboarding. If the project is that complex that needs weeks of dedicated work, part-timers might be not the best pick – as you don’t want to spend that long on lasting education of someone who is not even “your” person
b. Asynchronous communication methods. Part-timers may have else projects or even full-time job. They may be committed to else meetings or duties we as the vendor do not control, and you as the Client will not have much of an influence on. So, long meetings or calls are not a great fit for part-time model. Fewer they are – better it will be for you.
3. Task-Estimate-Deliver-Reflect. We hate seeing “just do the job and let us know when you are done” tasks on part-timers – as they are paid hourly and we all want to avoid talks on whether it was worth it, and why it took that much long. We recommend and we propagate a pattern when every major task is estimated for duration (and thus, cost) by the part-timer. Not essentially the estimate will be executed 100% in time, we all know that, but still this schema raises the accountability and responsibility on the executor’s side dramatically.

Some of our May part-time placements were:
– Salesforce Commerce Cloud dev for 15-20h/week – ongoing
– Hubspot CRM Operator – 10h/week – for May-June
– RPA Advisor – up to 40-60 hours within next 6 weeks – 1-time
– interim CTO – 10-15 hours for the initial stage – 1-time
– WordPress Dev – 10-15 hours weekly – ongoing

Managed Part-time model is slightly lighter version of Dedicated Development Team. Former is even easier to step into, and quit. The model’s efficiency, or call it a Success, is fully dependent on the approach you as the Client are ready to introduce. Our Vendor’s job is to help you make it work.

The pic is from May the 4th Star Wars Day celebration routine. Do or do not, there is no try

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