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The Role of Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team in Candidates Experience

Another look at the candidate experience you and your Nearshoring vendor designs and improves, or it all happens on its own.

The story is insightful by itself, still, few points to bring your focus on:

  • Recruiting success depends on your Vendor’s abilities to push the triggers. A trigger, in its turn, is a (usually narrow) time window when the candidate will consider external propositions more likely than during else timeframes. Your ability to understand these triggers, or, an approach on how to explore them (test them) is the key to hiring on a hot market.
  • The moment your candidate in a passive search agrees to talk to your recruiter, time plays against you. This candidate is already in position of considering your (and thus, someone else’s) new opportunities. If you act slow or you show any signs of focus lack – you won’t prevail hiring.
  • on that last mile of recruiting lifecycle, a job SALE ideally turns into fact sheet, very transparent to the candidate and very honest from all sides. Failure to be honest with the candidates will undoubtfully lead to weak retention and useless time/resources wastes on someone you decided to bullshit to get one hired (at a cost of a lie?!)
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