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What to Ask about Your Vendor’s Recruiting Strategy for Your Project

Going Nearshore for software development you must ask (um, wrong! co-define!!) your Vendor’s Recruiting Strategy for your project.
Why so?

We now face it weekly if not daily. A good share of our potential (and existing) clients are certain it is a privilege to work on their project with them, and I totally agree with it. But this privilege, no matter how big one is, still needs to be sold to the candidates!

Few things to mind when participating Recruiting process somewhere Nearshore, esp in Ukraine:

  • The process (from candidate presentation to your decision on candidate) should fit into 5 business days. If it’s longer – you will have to sacrifice speed or quality;
  • During the process, you need to apply an effort honestly selling your company to the candidate. If you are too good for that – you will have to sacrifice speed and price;
  • Failing to participate the process (leaving it all to your Vendor) may result into your sacrificing price and quality itself.

Instead, these 3 points is my recommendation to the clients of Mobilunity and to any else business having software development operations nearshore:

  • Have an open talk with your Vendor, and get to a realistic and efficient ideal profile of your next hire (ie do not command to hire a star if you already have star on board!);
  • Ensure the process agreed matches the benchmark (ie don’t insist on 5 stages of interviewing for mid level engineer, if they get the offers after 1 stage elsewhere/everywhere);
  • Forget an argument of “we are special” until you hire the people of your dream. Act like if you were not. You will see things will get way easier then!

Having 40+ clients of all sizes and GEO, we utilize some 40+ strategies to recruit on the local labor market. Every one of them is a subject of a good talk.
While Recruiting is one of the 3Rs of our model, without our clients’ support these strategies would not have worked!

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