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How to Outsource Your Project to French Software Company

The challenge of finding developers in Europe leads to many companies looking to outsourcing. For example, for a software development company in Austria, Germany or France, software development comes with the challenge of limited talent availability. But what about France? Do French IT services companies have a base for offering high-quality software development outsourcing to its clients?

Favorable State of IT Industry for French Software Company

The French software industry comprises multiple specialization clusters, with the most important ones being:

  • Software publishers – This sector makes up about 22% of French software activity.
  • Technology consulting services – Some large French consulting companies are Sopra Steria, CapGemini, and Orange. This segment of the market makes up 17% of the whole.
  • Consulting services – Comprises 61% of the market. Yes, IT consulting company in France takes a prominent place.

Your Guide to Hiring Developers in France 

In the past five years, the tech industry of France saw huge growth and that helped the  country’s economy expand too. In fact, data shows that the industry grows at  7,06 % per annum, which is proof of its power in such an evolving area. 

France has an exciting info tech sector which is supported by many big companies, for example  Ubisoft and Deezer. Around  29000 companies work towards the country’s tech success. Boosting the operations of French IT companies, including software development companies in France, are  47700 IT professionals. These people play a major role in shaping the industry. 

In France, the most popular programming languages used by French developers are:  PHP, .NET, Lua, Python and Node.js. These languages help software developers create  scalable apps that suit different industry needs.
France’s IT sector also has a significant impact on the global tech export market. The country’s tech export value, standing at 97.53 billion, demonstrates its ability in  producing innovative technological solutions that resonate beyond its borders.

An Overview of The Major Tech Hubs in France

France hosts several thriving tech hubs, each with its own distinct character. Let’s take a closer look at France’s main tech centers.

  • Paris

Nestled along the Seine River, Paris stands tall not just for its iconic landmarks, but also as a buzzing tech hub with thousands of software developer Paris professionals. A tapestry of tech companies including Ubisoft, known for its video games, the music  streaming platform Deezer and the digital advertising powerhouse Criteo, have found their home in the City of Lights and employ front end developer Paris experts. For a web developer Paris, the average monthly salary is around $5820, drawing from a pool of thousands actively shaping the digital landscape of the city. 

  • Marseille

On the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, Marseille is making waves in the tech realm. Emerging companies like Optis, specializing in software for virtual reality  simulations and Smartfunding, a rising star in the fintech arena, have chosen this port city as their base. If you’re a web developer Marseille, you can expect to pocket around $3800 per month. The developer community here is on the upswing, with enthusiasm and innovation at the core. 

  • Lyon

In the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, Lyon’s culinary excellence is matched by its burgeoning tech scene. Cegid, a software giant focusing on business solutions, and Esker, specializing in document automation, contribute to Lyon’s tech fabric. As a web developer Lyon, your monthly earnings on average will be around $3200. However, a  more specialized worker, such as a Unity developer Lyon or a front end developer Lyon, can earn much more. Lyon boasts a tight-knit community of developers, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

  • Toulouse

Known as “La Ville Rose” due to its rosy terracotta buildings, Toulouse is painting the tech world with innovation. Aerospace giants Airbus and Safran Electronics, alongside a  cluster of startups, call this city home. If you’re a web developer Toulouse, your monthly income would be around $5458. The Toulouse tech community is vibrant and diverse, reflecting the city’s rich cultural tapestry. 

  • Nice

Nestled on the French Riviera, Nice isn’t just a pretty face – it’s becoming a tech hotspot. Air Support, a company focusing on aviation maintenance solutions, and Inria, a  renowned research center for computer science, are contributing to the city’s tech landscape. As a software developer in Nice, you’re looking at an average monthly salary of $4200. Despite its smaller size, Nice is nurturing a growing cohort of developers, adding their flair to the global tech symphony.

The Average Salary of Software Developers in France 

Before hiring developers from tech companies in France, it is important to understand the cost involved. Let’s explore the average monthly salary of software developer France according to their level of experience: 

Experience Monthly Salary 

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

According to a report by French international investment bank BNP Paribas, the French software industry is technically strong but it suffers from a few weaknesses.

Challenges facing the industry

These include:

  • French software companies have not been able to acquire a dominant position in the European market
  • French software as a whole suffers from marketing challenges
  • Each French software company faces challenges breaking into new markets around the world

A key hurdle for many technology companies in France is finding qualified talent. A Reuters report highlights the problem, indicating that data specialists and other highly skilled tech workers are especially hard to find. The situation is exacerbated by the rapid pace of change in the high end of the technology market, with demand for talent with all the skills outstripping supply.

The Technology Talent Problem of French Outsourcing Companies

In order to help overcome the challenges they face, many IT companies in France have turned to soft outsourcing. Done right, software outsourcing can make these companies even more competitive both in Europe and in world markets.

For example, among the French companies that have turned to outsourcing, large names include Michelin, the tire manufacturing company, and France Telecom. According to a Yale report, most French companies predominantly outsource to Central Europe and North Africa, where there is a high prevalence of French speakers. The gains from such outsourcing, however, tend to be 70% less cost, which is lower than the 90% lower costs experienced in India or China.

Outsourcing Companies in France Help Clients From Any Location

In France, the largest cities are:


The capital and also the center of gravity of the French tech industry. Software companies in France, Paris are the largest and the most profitable in the country. The population of the city is over 2 million. Paris competes with other European capitals like London in the tech scene. According to The Economist, the city is now alsi making big strides in attracting VC funding for its startups.


The second large French city, with a population of over 800,000. Marseille is a port city and among the biggest tech centers in the country where you can find Web development company in France. Its Aix-Marseille French Tech initiative aims to make it a leader in French technology.


It has around half a million inhabitants. Lyon has a notable dance music scene, many museums, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overcoming Challenges in Custom French Software Development

What is striking, however, is that none French software company of these three largest cities made it onto BusinessInsider’s ranking of 25 Most High-Tech Cities in the world. That ranking published by BusinessInsider was topped by San Francisco, followed by New York, with London, in 3rd position, as the highest ranked European city. This ranking echoes the research by French international bank BNP Paribas that the best French software and tech companies need to do more to elevate its status internationally. Software development outsourcing companies in France, Paris have one way to do this – to partner with software outstaff developer agencies in Eastern Europe, where a high volume of developers makes ambitious software products easier to develop.

Outsourcing Software Development Remotely

The spread of the internet has made outsourcing a more viable mode of working. Electronic communication makes collaboration with top IT outsourcing companies easier than ever.

Project management tools and communication platforms like Trello, BaseCamp, among others, make it easier to produce quality finished software from distributed teams. Software French engineer managers can collaborate on projects with dedicated teams in real time.

Collaboration with Zenchef

Mobilunity exists for 11+ years, and for now, we were able to help more than 40 companies from 15+ countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and the Netherlands. One of our client is Zenchef, an online restaurant reservation platform. We are successfully providing Zenchef with proficient dedicated developers since summer 2016:

Mobilunity’s Expertise in Providing Developers in France

For more than a decade, Mobilunity has been at the forefront of global outsourcing, bringing customized solutions to address a wide range of IT needs. With a proven track record, Mobilunity has become a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. Our wide  range of services is designed to assist companies seeking IT professionals in various locations such as France.

Mobilunity boasts a dynamic team of software developers and IT specialists who have successfully taken on a diverse array of projects, showcasing their adaptability and expertise. They’re equipped to handle everything from complex coding challenges to  comprehensive system development initiatives. Regardless of the project’s scale, Mobilunity’s experts consistently deliver outstanding results, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence. We are also able to offer specialized  talent such as those services offered by a mobile application development company in France.

One of Mobilunity’s standout features is its flexible hiring options tailored to different business requirements. Whether a company needs a dedicated team of developers or  part-time software engineering in French to complement their existing workforce, Mobilunity is well-prepared  to offer solutions that ensure a successful outcome. With our experience, Mobilunity continues to play a pivotal role in meeting the IT needs of businesses around the world.

If you need a database consultant or infrastructure systems engineer talk to the team at Mobilunity. Find the best candidates effortlessly!

Mobilunity’s Main Service Models

At Mobilunity, we understand that each business has its own unique needs. To cater to this diversity, we  offer three service models that perfectly match your specific requirements. Whether you’re in search of a software developer in French, consultancy  services or recruiting solutions, Mobilunity is here to cater to your needs effectively.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

Our primary service model involves a dynamic approach to bolstering your team with skilled web developers from France. With this model, you retain direct control over a full-time resource, while we take charge of handling complex HR, accounting and help  desk tasks. This ensures that your projects are supported by dedicated experts who focus solely on your tasks and goals, while we expertly manage the administrative aspects.

  • Consultancy Services

The Consultancy Services model provides an efficient way to access specialized expertise on a part-time basis. You maintain direct control of your team, while we smoothly handle  HR, accounting and helpdesk matters. This model is particularly beneficial for companies that require occasional consultation to tackle specific challenges or make well-informed decisions.

  • Recruiting Services

We are well-equipped to scout and secure top-tier talent in Switzerland or tap into exceptional candidates from the talent-rich regions of Eastern Europe. Our proven  success extends to even intricate markets like Japan, as highlighted in our case study. Whether you’re navigating local hiring obstacles or selecting the best fit from a global talent pool, this model clears the path for your growth and success.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s capabilities by recruiting top-tier developers from around the world. This approach allows you to leverage diverse skills and cultural perspectives, enhancing innovation and technical excellence in your projects.

FAQs: Hiring Developers in France

  • What advantages does outsourcing IT professionals and developers to France offer?

Outsourcing IT professionals to top French tech companies provides access to a pool of skilled talent with diverse expertise. French developers often possess strong  technical skills and innovative thinking, which can enhance your projects. It’s a cost-effective way to tap into a skilled workforce at an IT company in France without the  overhead of traditional hiring.

  • How does the hiring process for developers in France usually work?

The process is straightforward. You share your requirements with an outsourcing partner, like Mobilunity, detailing the skills and experience you need. The partner then  scouts suitable candidates, conducts interviews and presents you with potential hires. Once you approve, the chosen developers become part of your team, working remotely to support your projects.

  • What types of skills can outsourced developers in France bring to my projects?

Outsourced developers from a French IT company can offer a wide range of skills, including web development, mobile app creation, software engineering and more. They can  also excel in languages like Java, Python and JavaScript. You can choose  developers from France IT companies with skills that align perfectly with your project requirements.

  • Can I maintain control over projects while outsourcing developers to France?

Absolutely! When you outsource developers to some of the best France tech companies, you can retain full control over your projects. You define the tasks, set goals and monitor progress. The outsourcing partner takes care of administrative tasks,  allowing you  to focus on project management and achieving your business objectives.

  • How can outsourcing IT professionals to France help my business grow?

To outsource in French can provide access to a wider talent pool, bringing in  expertise that may not be available locally. This  can lead to faster project completion and innovation, contributing to your business growth.

  • What are the potential challenges in outsourcing developers to France?

While outsourcing offers many benefits, there might be slight challenges in terms of time zone differences and communication. However, choosing a reliable  outsourcing partner can help minimize these challenges and ensure smooth collaboration with developers from a company specializing in software development in French.

Ready to find skilled talent from a software development company in france? Talk to Mobilunity, we will help you find the right talent fast and efficiently.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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