How to Find the Best Software Development Company in Italy?

Huge demand for software engineer Belgium, Italy, England, and many other countries in Europe soared to new heights during the past couple of decades. Being the fourth-largest economy in the European Union, you can find a large list of software companies in Italy that contributes to the software development industry of the country and across Europe and beyond.

Let’s have a deeper perspective on the IT industry and talk about how to find the best software development company in Italy.

Italian Software Development Industry

The software companies in Italy contribute about 3.2% of the total GDP of the country with an addition of the total market value of about €50.8 billion, according to the BSA software alliance report. Software development in Italy not only contributes to the country’s exports but also contributes hugely to the improvement of the performance of the other local industries in the country.

The custom Italian software development industry accommodates more than 300,000 highly paid software developers and specialists in the country. Meanwhile, a large number of software outsourcing companies offer employment to thousands of people remotely across the globe.

Popularity & Growth

According to the BSA alliance information cited above, the software Italian developers are highly paid professionals, which are about 50% higher than other service sector salaries of the country. A huge amount of about €10.1 billion is paid to the software specialists annually in the country. The business enterprises invest more than 7.5% in the R&D domain, which accounts for about €864 million. So, you have something to think about before hiring software developer Italy.

The USA is one of the major investors in Italian software companies, according to the US Government’s export statistics.  Cisco Systems Inc is investing over $100 million in the industry for the digitization of the Italian economy through the development of software tools and integrated communication systems.

According to the economic perspective report of the Italian market prepared by the Denmark Embassy in Italy, the software industry recovered from the global meltdown impact and it is improving continuously. In 2019, the software development industry of Italy noticed an encouraging growth of about 4.2% CAGR which allowed to increase the popularity of Italian developers in Europe.

Software Development Companies in Italy

The total number of companies related to the information and communication technology ICT is about 97,000 in 2019, as per the report cited above. A large number of those businesses are associated with software development in the country.

According to the Red Herring information, there are more than 5,500 innovative startup IT companies in Italy that are operating in the country. The number of software development companies out of those firms stands at about 2,673. In 2019, more than 1,800 startups were established. The ratio of startup companies has increased by 5.8% in 2019. Other than those startups, hundreds of big Italy software companies and SMEs are operating in the country.

Market size

The total software market size of Italy in terms of software developers stands at 6th place among the European countries with a huge number of 292,586 software specialists. In terms of total revenue, Italian software contributes about $50 billion per annum.

The Assinform Industry Association of Italy has predicted a growth of 2.3% in the overall ICT sector in 2019. Previously it was about 1.8 in 2018. The total size of the ICT market in 2019 was about €66.1 billion. The growth of software development is expected much more than overall ICT market growth.

The major sectors that will use huge volumes of software development will be robotics, artificial intelligence, research and development, and education sectors. According to the IBM announcement, the Watson Platform with an estimated investment of $150 million is being started in Italy very soon.

Hiring Patterns

The ICT industry is already facing an acute shortage of Italy developers and other ICT talents in the local marketplace. According to THE LOCAL NEWS information, a huge number of over 76,000 ICT jobs with over 41.8% of the software developer jobs went unfilled due to the unavailability of matching talent in the local market. So, the IT companies in Italy are using multiple hiring options, such as:

  • Local hiring
  • Outsourcing
  • Outstaffing
  • Freelancer
dedicated developers for software developer italy

According to the LUX Innovative information, more than 30,000 software developer vacancies remained unfilled in Italy in 2019. The prospects of running a software outsourcing company are huge to extend its software development services to the companies in Italy.

Software Outsource Development in the Major Italian Cities


custom software development agency in Milan

Milan is also known as the financial capital of Italy. Many branches of local and multinational software developers along with 750+ active startups are located in the Milan city. The demand and the average salary of a software developer are also high in this city. Software engineer in Milan an average earns $3000/month. Milan software company in Italy faces the challenge to find the right talent here. So, outstaffing to other countries is the best option for software companies in this city since Milan itself specializes more in other industries.


bespoke software development company in Rome

Rome is the capital city of the country. It houses more than 47,051 software professionals and stands second after Milan in software engineering in Italy. The average developer’s salary in this city is $2500/moth. A professional programmer in Italy’s capital is a rare and expensive specialist. Rome is also struggling against the shortage of software professionals and is in great need of remote outstaffing and outsourcing services.


custom software development company in Turin

Turin is a very important city after Milan for software development. It is turning as the silicon valley of Italy. A large number of software development companies and startups are operating in this city. And the average developer’s salary is $2600/month here. Turin software developers also can’t cover the demand in the country. The shortage of tech talent is one of the big challenges; so there is a huge scope of remote development services in this city.


custom software development firm in Florence

Like Turin, Florence city is also a popular hub for software development companies and technical startups. The demand for software developers is very high in this area, which is also facing a shortage of software Italian engineers and developers in the local market. A Florence developer on average earns $2800/month.

So, Italian coders are not a cheap pleasure. In many eastern countries like Ukraine, a cost for quality software development is lower but the results and the benefits are the same. In comparison to Italian cities, software developers in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, on average earn $930 in a month. This difference may have a big influence on the business that want to outsource their software development abroad.

Some of the software companies also hire remote developers from other countries of the world, especially from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

hire software italian developers vs ukrainian

Why Choose Ukrainian Dedicated Developers’ Team Instead of Software Company in Italy?

Ukraine has become one of the major software outsourcing hubs for the major European and North American companies. A large number of software service provider companies like Mobilunity dedicated developers company have emerged as the provider of the top quality services to the clients in recent years. If your business requires an Amazon cloud architect or Ruby engineers for your next project, look no further than Mobilunity’s specialists. Get the assistance you need today! By choosing the services of Ukrainian companies, you get:

  • High quality of software development
  • European standard-compliant code
  • Very competitive price
  • Very fast turnaround time for the project completion
  • High ratio of software project success
  • Highly professional attitude
  • Easy to access the teams due to nearby geographical location for European countries

Mobilunity, the Ukrainian IT company, has been successfully building dedicated development teams building for its western clients from entire Europe. Among them, Italian clients are present as well. Mobilunity can create a strong and effective team for affordable rates as soon as possible.

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