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10 Key Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

If the high costs of hiring developers have been bothering you for a long time, we are about to show you a solution that will save your budget. The solution we are talking about is what’s known as the dedicated teams approach, or the dedicated resource model. When you hire dedicated developers, be sure that this type of IT staff augmentation will end up saving thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in software development costs.

Why It Pays to Hire Dedicated Developers

In Silicon Valley, there’s a saying that a great software developer is worth a million bucks. Prominent VC Marc Andreessen is on record said that the millions paid to some Google engineers are a reflection of their “true value”. Many existing product team examples go with this theory: WhatsApp was acquired for $19 Billion when the team had only 35 developers. In other words, the startup built business value with the help of the work of a few developers. When you hire dedicated developers, consider a diverse team that includes a UI developer for front-end aesthetics and functionality, and specialized healthcare developers if your project pertains to the medical industry, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your project’s needs.

There are undeniable benefits of having a well-organized expert team. However, often, the stars should align to allow for all the specialists to live in one city. Thus, the trending approach of outsourcing development teams and full-management project development teams flows logically from the needs of companies. It appears more beneficial to work with a developer that locates anywhere around the globe than trying to build an innovative product with a lack of human resources.

The dedicated resource hiring of a team is not just a name. It is an approach to work and the overall aim of the final product. The dedicated developers are worth hiring because they bring very knowledge and experience to your project, fresh views, and innovative approaches. The dedicated resource hiring is about the quality but not the quantity. The quality will pay off greatly once the product is launched even if, for example, cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics developer is not very low. Compared to the IT resources you can find around the corner, such a team proves to be a way more progressive way of the software development organization.

Is outsourcing software development teams really in demand nowadays? More than ever before. The latest Global Strategic Business Report showed that the outsourcing market has grown from around $24,6 billion in 2017 to $220 billion expected by 2020. With the emerging technologies and rapidly changing trends, it is essential to have reliable, dedicated engineers that can keep up with the modern theme of things and the latest tech advantages.

As the technology development gathers pace, having a great developer to work on your products is going to become more important. With a dedicated website consultant, you can work on great products while sticking to a healthy financial plan. Below, we show you why you need to hire developers to make your development work.

Companies That Hire Developers Remotely

Ukrainian dedicated developers are in operation in almost every corner of the globe. The Hubstaff blog reports on some of these teams and the large companies that are using the dedicated engineers. Here is a selection of well-known companies that are making use of the dedicated team model in their software development:

  • Microsoft – software provider for desktop applications, operating systems and enterprise servers
  • Hilton – global hotels and hospitality operator, with major properties in major tourist destinations
  • CNN – worldwide leader in news and journalistic reporting
  • Animal Planet – TV Broadcasting and communications company
  • Coca-Cola – beverage company with bottling and distribution in most of the world
  • Accenture – consultancy practice for business, technology, and strategy
  • Macy’s – leading fashion retailer
  • Conde Nast – media and digital publishing company
  • Samsung – manufacturer of consumer technology
  • HP – computer manufacturer and provider of computing services
  • Bank Of America – retail banking corporation, with investment banking and other investor services
  • Verizon – telecommunications and communication infrastructure company
  • Nascar – American car racing franchise

With so many reputed companies turning to external teams for their development, it is clear that the remote developers have become an industry standard. In many locations around the world, find programmers in serving foreign clients have become commonplace. Some of the leading countries in this trend include Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Poland, and Romania, as well as Asian countries.

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Ukraine Has Dedicated Website Consultant for Western Clients To Choose

Ukraine is notable for ranking in 11th place worldwide for its programming talent in HackerRank’s code tests. Ukraine placed ahead of I.T. giants such as the U.S., Germany, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. Hiring a team of Ukrainian remote developers will, therefore, assure an outstanding level of software quality. Companies from around the world can access Ukrainian dedicated engineers to get a better level of software development than they could obtain locally. Indeed, you can hire dedicated Magento developer as a remote staff member and upgrade your online store just in a few days.

In addition, InfoWorld notes that Ukraine’s programmers for hire are the best in the world in the security category of HackerRank’s tests. In other categories, Japan leads in artificial intelligence and Hong Kong leads when it comes to Python. At a time when cybersecurity has become an important software concern, Ukraine’s programmers for hire can give you the edge in keeping your apps safe.

Top Countries In Security CategoryRank
Czech Republic4

Ukrainian programmers also score among the top 5 in mathematics and distributed systems.

Data from Uadn.net shows us that in Ukraine many companies are engaged in developing software for corporations around the world. It should be noted, however, that the Ukraine startup scene is rapidly making headway.

Build Dedicated Team

10 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

Alternatives to hiring developers include:

  • hire dedicated developer on freelance-based model
  • hire development team of full-time developers
  • the hybrid model, hire programmers working remotely, with some degree of in-office presence

While there are multiple options for outsourcing your software development work, decision to hire dedicated web developer offers many advantages. Below, we show you why you need to hire dedicated programmers for your work.

reasons to hire dedicated developers

#1 Gain Creative Input

With a team of dedicated developers, you not only take advantage of the technical expertise of your team members, you also gain the benefits of their creative input. Many business professionals view outsourcing as mainly a static process wherein you provide the requirements, and the code comes out. This frame of mind, however, limits the usefulness of the contributions you get from your outsourcing services provider. Hire development team is a great way to benefit from an expanded role for your I.T. partner. Creative input from the right experts can improve your project quality exponentially. As such, recruiting these people as your developers adds substantial business value to your projects.

#2 Hire Programmers to Enhance Project Results

Cooperation with remote developers adds more value to a company’s projects and commitment of workers in comparison with other variants. When a team is composed just of freelancers, there is a possibility for the team to lose its track. If something goes wrong, it’s hard to ensure accountability and responsibility. Concerning IT development projects, there are a lot of opportunities for bottlenecks to arise. Some delays, problems with design can crop up. The thing is that individual freelancers don’t get used to stepping in and taking the whole responsibility for problems. While a team composed of in-house and remote developers looks clear to understand who is responsible for this or that milestone. Such a dedicated development team is committed to following a project from the very beginning to end. It is proved to improve projects’ results several times over.

#3 Hire a Dedicated Developer More Quickly

Another important reason to find programmers dedicated to your project is the ease of hiring. With traditional employment, finding employees takes tremendous effort. In a market with tight labor conditions, hire programmers has become exceptionally hard. If you are located in such markets, you might have asked yourself how to hire programmers and not spend months on it. Competition for skilled developers is very fierce. Attracting local candidates to join your team over your competitors’ efforts is an uncertain proposition. Fortunately, if you need skilled talents within days or weeks, dedicated developers present a viable alternative. All the talent you need is already assembled together as part of the team. Once you hire a team of remote developers, you gain access to all its members’ skills: design, development, and administration.

#4 Dedicated Developers Can Tackle Ambitious Projects

Many clients have reported frustrations with traditional outsourcing. The common theme surrounding these perceived shortcomings is the idea that outsourcing only achieves satisfactory results for simple projects. If you’ve been hesitant to entrust foreign developers with key projects, hiring remote developers could help. Check how to hire dedicated software development team to operate like programmers in your home office but cheaper. Remote developers can use many of the same methods you would use yourself if your employees were working on the project. Your developers can use technical processes such as:

  • Agile – fast, iterative development delivers code in a shorter time
  • Scrum – daily stand-ups help surface obstructions before they become an issue
  • Test-Driven Development – test-first teams can catch bugs in the source code early in the product life-cycle
  • Pair Programming – having multiple skilled developers agree on code implementation helps maintain best practices in the codebase
  • Continuous Integration – well-managed release processes help improve your speed of progress

You do not need to throw out your current processes because you can use them on your team. In other words, the high technical standards you expect in your own teams are now available. You can, therefore, tackle the most ambitious projects with the full trust that the remote developers can deliver.

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#5 Foster Team Spirit and Improve Productivity

Working directly with freelancers can be frustrating because each employee views their work as an isolated contribution. If you work with remote developers, you get the opportunity to create the team spirit among your contributors. The work is no longer the sum of the disparate contributions from different workers. Remote developers are members of a team, who typically work in the same office, can collaborate much more fluidly. Delays are kept minimal. Communication happens in real-time, and issues are resolved rapidly. Contrast this with the process of collaboration with a high number of independent freelancers. If you hire programmers you will get a team dedicated to your project fosters the team spirit that results in higher developer productivity.

#6 Hire Dedicated Developer to Lower Development Costs

A key advantage when you hire programmers is the way in which these teams can save you money. Hiring locally leaves you at the mercy of the local job market dynamics. In the high-cost location such as Western Europe, this means high rates to hire programmers. Looking abroad to dedicated engineers in lower-cost locations such as Ukraine saves you money. Remote developers are able to operate at lower a cost, saving you money directly. In addition, a well-composed team of developers can operate more efficiently than other outsourcing approaches. If you want the job done right the first time around, hire the dedicated development team to minimize risk. The result is less expense in bug fixes and other corrective measures than most other options.

#7 Gain Access to More Experienced Developers to Hire

There is a tendency for skilled dedicated developers to work not for short but long-term projects as they get more responsibility for them. Thus they prefer to be part of a dedicated team in most cases. It can be explained by putting developers with a high level of knowledge of programming and design to use. Career developers choose working on different challenging projects where their skills will be taken into consideration and appreciated. If you are looking for developers to hire, some skilled individual experts may reject your projects. The reason for that may be small updates and minor bug fixes. Hiring developers, however, you are able to access the most expert developers.

#8 Hire Programmers to Complete Projects in Less Time

Working with dedicated programmers can help you complete software projects in far less time. This is accomplished through the tightly-knit design and development process you can achieve when the team works as a unit. Remote developers will typically be used to working together on the same team. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they have completed multiple projects together successfully. Consequently, they have a system in place to get the work done in as short a time as possible. Even when you encounter problems, the team’s experience of working together helps the project get back on track. The result is that you get to the finish line a lot faster than with alternative arrangements.

#9 It’s Better to Hire Ukrainian Dedicated Developers for Long Term Projects

When working on long-term projects, having remote developers helps you in multiple ways. First of all, it assures personnel staffing stability. Remote developers are permanent employees of the outsourcing company that you hire. This creates a greater degree of permanence in your staffing arrangement. With individual freelancers, you are exposed to a greater risk of key people moving away from your project to pursue other opportunities. In contrast, your outsourcing company can provide assurances for team stability. Remote developers that work with you from inception to the end of a project become better at the particular work you need to be done. Long-term requirements, therefore, are well-served by the dedicated team model.

#10 It’s Easier to Manage Dedicated Development Team Than Various Freelancers

Managing freelancers may involve a lot of work. Since the work is not coordinated from a central point, you might find yourself repeating administrative work multiple times. Processes are more haphazard and harder to coordinate. Managing work in such an environment can take a toll on the project manager. To reduce your stress levels and streamline all the work, you should consider hiring dedicated developers. A dedicated consultant can report to you through one central point of contact such as a team manager or representative. When you need information, you can just coordinate with the one responsible person. At the same time, if you need to talk to individual dedicated developers, you have access to them too. You have an easier time managing your team of dedicated developers, leaving you with more free time to get your own work done.

Ways to Hire Dedicated Engineers

Even if you do not take into account the whole situation in the IT staff market associated with a shortage of qualified personnel, there are a few other difficulties, when it comes to find and hire dedicated web developer. It is very important to find out what hard skills and soft skills – really matter to you. The big mistake is focusing interviews on hard skills, often in a volume that is excessive for the project. At the same time, teamwork skills, organization, and other important qualities are slowed down. COO Stack Overflow notes that it is one of the most difficult tasks for a recruiter to hire dedicated web developers or dedicated website consultant.

When looking for in-house developers, many factors are considered. It is important to note that good professionals do not want to work on short-term projects. Skilled developers are interested in long-term stable employment. It is important to objectively evaluate the skills of applicants. If the company does not have experience in development, it is first necessary to find a dedicated consultant to evaluate candidates whose level should exceed the level of applicants. It is hard to hire dedicated software developers as in-house workers as searching for such specialists can last 3-4 months. If you have a task to assemble a team for a project in three months, then in such a short time it is impossible to find such a number of the right developers. Due to the presence of the human factor, deadlines can also be broken. For example, if you need to implement a project in half a year, and you put together a team for it, then downtime may arise in the process of work: someone gets sick, changes his mind, quits. There will be no such problems with dedicated resource hiring of outstaffing team: if one of the specialists falls ill or refuses to work, he will be replaced with a new one.

Now let’s consider how to hire dedicated web developer as a freelancer for your project. An option to work with a freelancer has two main advantages: affordable pricing and ease of communication with the developer. Dedicated engineers working as freelancers can solve problems quickly. But it has its drawbacks. For example, lack of control, not all freelancers have great experience and, maybe, they took on your project only to gain expertise and add it to their portfolio. Freelancers are a good option for solo tasks that your employees do not have time to do. In this case, freelancers can help with certain tasks. There are a lot of good freelancers, but finding them is quite difficult and often working with freelance professionals is even expensive than the option to hire dedicated resources with outstaffing companies.

Outstaffing companies are more cost-effective, greatly simplifies, speeds up and improves the quality of the development process. Outstaffing service is built on the idea that a provider company becomes a legal employer for the employees of the customer company, thus, the customer company removes all risks with the migration service, tax authorities and labor inspections, as well as reduce and minimize the costs of the customer company. The advantages include the reduction of risks with the payment of compensations for the dismissal of employees, as well as sick leave and vacation pay. HR gets additional time for the development and implementation of new methods of employee training and management. Also, as a result of optimization of the management system, it is possible to increase the salary of employees, which often does not work for many companies with the classical system of hiring staff.

If development is not a profile area of ​​your company, then it is definitely easier and more profitable to find dedicated engineers in outstaffing companies. Also, if you have a certain staff of specialists, but they do not have enough expertise to solve the task that can solve dedicated website consultant, then it is more preferable to find a specialized outsourcing team in order not to acquire problems that will primarily entail financial and time costs for the business. Outstaffing companies will help to start work on a new project in a short time. For many applicants, the services of outstaffing companies are very beneficial, which helps reduce costs and increase the productivity of a company.

10 Steps to Hire Dedicated Developers

Successfully hiring a team of developers begins with achieving clarity about your software development goals. Beyond that, you will want to pay careful attention to your budget and the team’s costs, as well as the skills the team brings to the table. Follow the next 10-steps process to help you assess and hire dedicated developers Ukraine.


Step #1 Establish Your Software Development Objectives

Requirements and budget are the two big constraints that will define your team hiring. The first step, therefore, is to get clear on exactly what you need the dedicated developers to develop or work on. At this stage, you should clearly articulate a specific project or objective for the desired team to work on. An example objective would be: “Develop Version 2 of our company’s mobile app.” The more specific your objectives, the better.

Step #2 Determine Your Budget Allocation

Next to objectives, you should find and allocate a budget for your dedicated developers. The budget will determine the number of factors, such as:

  • what teams you can afford to hire
  • how many developers you can recruit
  • where to hire programmers that match for your budget

Step #3 Determine the Skills You Need

Where possible, you can carry out an internal process to determine the skills you need. Your own system architects and lead developers can help refine the skills you will need for your project. If you lack such experts, you may rely on an external consultant to identify the appropriate skill sets you need. A consultant can also help you identify where to hire programmers from.

Step #4 Research Dedicated Developers

Once you have some clarity regarding requirements, budget, and skills, you should approach the market to see what is on offer. There are different regions of the world where it’s possible to find many teams of dedicated developers. Places, where to hire developers, include:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia
  • Latin America

Depending on your language, geographic location, and budget, certain locations will be more appealing than others. For example, if you need excellent English and close overlap with European business hours, Eastern Europe will be a better choice than Latin America to hire developers.

Step #5 Request Development Availability and Portfolio Samples

While looking at company websites can give you an idea of a company’s skill, certain facts may be obscured during such a study. To gain better insight into the capabilities of different dedicated developers, you should request portfolio samples. Companies will send you brochures or other information packs. You will find links to live web projects or mobile apps so that you can discover for yourself the quality of the companies’ work. Naturally, some companies will not be immediately available for work. Requesting for availability at this point lets you narrow down the field to the companies that are available to work on your project.

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Step #6 Shortlist the Most Promising Companies

Based on a review of samples and other information you gathered, you will gain an idea of which outsourcing providers are most promising. This may be based on similarities between your project and a project they have implemented for someone else. Either way, you should create a shortlist of the prospects that look like they can deliver the best on your project.

Step #7 Compare Reviews from Clients

If there are reviews of the companies on your shortlist, you should now compare these to see what people are saying. Online reviews are especially useful since they provide a chance for clients to give their unfiltered opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of service providers. At the same time, you should take anonymous reviews with a pinch of salt. Never take isolated reviews alone as the basis for your choices.

Step #8 Interview Lead Developer for Hire

If you are looking for developers for hire, you should interview the companies you are seriously considering. This may be in the form of scheduling a phone conversation with the lead developer or another key decision-maker. It helps to talk with the lead developer because he or she is involved in technical decisions. Their skills or lack thereof will have an outsized effect on the success or failure of your development project. You can conduct interviews via a variety of media, such as:

  • phone
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • virtual meetings

Step #9 If Possible, Talk with Past Clients

If it’s possible, you can reach out to a past client of the company you are considering working with. This is not a strict requirement, since it may be quite difficult to get a hold of someone who has collaborated with the service provider who would be willing to give you their opinion. However, if you can find such a past client to talk to, you can surface some great information to help you make the suggestion.

Step #10 Pick the Team That Suits Your Requirements the Most Closely

Armed with reviews from past and present clients, as well as interviews with company representatives, you are now ready to make your decision. While you will want to weigh costs in your decision, you should be looking at the overall capabilities the service providers make available.

Once you pick the right service provider, make sure you agree on the terms and conditions of your business relationship. You will need to sign service contracts that spell out all legal and contractual aspects of the collaboration. At this point, the work with dedicated developers can begin.

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Advantages of Mobilunity Dedicated Developers

Hiring a dedicated software development team brings a number of benefits. You get experts working on your project only, with great attention to details of the project schedule. When looking at IT on-demand resources, it may be hard to choose the right outsourcing company. However, you have already come to the right place because Mobilunity is one of the top software development companies in Europe that provides remarkable expertise and resources on demand.

Mobilunity is one of Ukraine’s top providers of software development services, giving you access to the benefits of a dedicated project team and hire developers which will be the best matching for you. If you are looking for programmers for hire, Mobilunity will make your development process easier to set up and manage. With Mobilunity you can hire programmers team – highly skilled experts, starting with design and software architecture, all the way to development. Below are some of the reasons that make Mobilunity a natural choice to hire programmers from.

Cost Saving

Mobilunity offers big savings on developer costs relative to other regions with comparable talents, such as North America or Western Europe. At the same time, Mobilunity’s tech programmers for hire and designers are some of the very best, not only in Europe but in the whole world. They have established a superior track record in crafting complex products for clients across industries ranging from healthcare to software as a service. The substantially lower cost is one of the biggest benefits of hiring Mobilunity’s dedicated developers.

Excellent English Language Skill

You can rest assured of great communication skills with your team when you work with Mobilunity. Ukrainian programmers for hire have an excellent command of the English language. If you will hire programmers, you can make sure that they speak multiple languages and are always developing their fluency to enable ease of communication. Business experts from Mobilunity are also very well-versed in English and will make your life easier. You can hire programmers and collaborate with us just as if you were discussing with your own team in your home office.

Get Access to Ukraine’s Burgeoning Tech Talent

Mobilunity gives you access to Ukraine’s tech DNA. The tech scene in Ukraine is responsible not only for supporting many great multinationals but also for the rise of many home-grown startups. In 2014, KyivPost reported that Ukraine had 75,000 qualified I.T. developers. According to DOU, that figure grew to 100,000 in 2016, showing rapid growth. If you need an innovative product team to steer your project to success, Mobilunity will get the job done. Working with Mobilunity means working with professionals who regularly deliver outstanding software products for clients. This is why clients and review sites rank Mobilunity as among the very top software development companies to do business with and hire developers with excellent skills.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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