What Benefits of Staff Augmentation Can Help Your Company Grow

Modern business environment is speeding up and seeking new effective solutions to boost business, reach cost effectiveness and provide the company with the best talent pool that would end up in producing high-quality product or services. Being one of the most progressive hiring strategies staff augmentation is nowadays on the peak of popularity and extensive implementation by many firms all over the world. It is used to deal with modern staffing challenges companies might face like finding the right talent within shortest terms and talent gaps. In such a way, staff augmentation allows international companies to handle quality control, risk mitigation, and cost leverage by means of combining marketing and operational plans in the workflow.

Staff augmentation model implies hiring proper specialists for businesses closely following their requirements with a high-level of education, experience, required knowledge, and skills. The market is overwhelmed with it staff augmentation companies that offer hiring workforce for long- or short-term projects, part-time or full-time on a permanent or temporary basis.

Why Staff Augmentation Is So Popular Today

Staff augmentation growing popularity among all types of organizations is the result of the following processes that the business world has encountered. Lack of full-time staff that is already working overtime, while new projects is waiting to be implemented. In this case, dedicated team extension is a necessary step to ensure continuous and effective workflow. Sometimes a few full-time staff members announce extended leave for several months or up to a year for a number of reasons. Since their positions are critical for business, it rushes in search of the proper talent acquisition within shortest terms.

Inability of the organization to find the right talent for the ongoing or future project is one of the most usual reasons why companies decide to hire software developers via staff augmentation companies. As the business world is spinning faster and faster, these processes are taking place globally. The recruitment sector had to adjust to the rapid needs of the market, and it did it by developing a new hiring strategy.

everything you should know about staff augmentation services

Business Cases of IT Staff Augmentation

The number of various companies that have used staff augmentation in their early stages is enormous. Here are examples of the most prominent ones.



slackBack in 2013, Slack hired a designer team to make sufficient changes to Slack early prototype. So Slack’s logo, web and mobile applications together with marketing sites were completed by a third-party firm in about 6 weeks. As of today, Slack has over 1million of daily users and is valued at $3 billion.

When was just started in 1999, the author of “China’s eBay” Jack Ma decided to delegate the technical work to third party. Since the time when its first website had been launched, oriented at small Chinese manufacturers and businesses, Alibaba Group has eventually grown into a global online commerce.



Microsoft is the global company that still uses the option of remote developer hiring for operational processes. In fact, they are one of the world’s largest companies that are hiring outside staff. As of today, Microsoft outsources 100 of positions.



Skypeis known to have started with the help of external labour too. It was an Estonian team of developers to get the business started. In 2011, Skype was sold to Microsoft for $8.5 billion.



Being one of the global techno leaders, Google never stopped outsourcing workloads and is continuously entering new markets to do so. It is involved in so many projects and startups that staff augmentation has become an inevitable part of the company’s hiring policy.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

A number of advantages to businesses over other hiring strategies.

benefits of staff augmentation

Decreased hiring costs

Regular employees present additional expenses for companies such as dental and medical health insurance, retirement or maternity plans, etc. Staff augmentation enables companies to obtain required skills workers quickly and to save budget.

Flexibility in adapting to changing business environment

Fast business conditions often foster occurrence of unexpected events that influence the workflow and the results, as well as quality of the product and might create some gaps in the production processes. These gaps can be filled in by means of development team extension and fast hiring of the skills specific talent to fix existing issues.

Avoiding shortage risks

Augmentation helps to avoid situations with staff shortages that might unexpectedly appear when employees are leaving the company or layoffs. Seasonal fluctuations might also be the reason to shortages, so in case the company is in need to boost their IT team with new workforce during the holidays season, staff augmentation is te best solution here.

Low impact and flexibility

Companies can add or remove augmentation staff at any time. This strategy allows business to flow augmented workforce into the work process with minimal interruption. Staff augmentation process is seamless and easily adaptable to the requirements and possibilities of any business.

Special skills set accessibility

Sometimes organizations may require special sets of skills to complete or starts a project. Companies might not be able or want to conducts extra training for existing staff due to time or financial issues. Here’s when staff augmentation is extremely necessary to quickly fill in the workforce gap without time and cost losses.

Control and security

Staff augmentation allows companies to maintain the full control on all the aspects of the project. It is easy for a project manager to monitor people in charge of major or minor processes, deadlines and progress of work.

Controlling the work process is gaining control over the quality of the end product.

How Mobilunity Can Help Your Business IT Staffing

Finding the right talent is a tough task even with the HR department, while finding the right one among millions of it staffing companies to augment your staff and boost your business processes is quite a challenge as well.

Reasons to Hire Ukrainian remote developers at Mobilunity

It seems logical to be able to address the most experienced and yet affordable companies that will be able to provide you with it consulting and staff augmentation services. Being able to provide businesses with easy ways to complete necessary projects without disrupting the operating model, Mobilunity is has been around on the international augmentation market for 8 years.

Mobilunity is able to quickly provide you with experienced project management talent for plan development and implementation, as well as serve specialized technical talent for accelerated development stage.

If you are seeking remote teams extension or hiring new technical staff, contact Mobilunity to fill the talent gap in your business at the most favorable conditions.

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