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Handle Your Offshore Team Without Timezone Challenges

Time is one of the most important characteristics when working with an offshore team. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the country and the time zone when you hire developer offshore to avoid mistakes. So that your team can work and communicate with the managers at a convenient time for all of you. Let’s talk about team interaction in different countries and how managing time zone differences can affect the company’s work and why the GDM model may help you to avoid some challenges.

What Is This Model and Why Hire Developer Offshore

First of all, let’s understand the terminology. As dictionary.cambridge.org tells us, when the term “offshore” refers to a company, it means locating a business in another country due to more loyal tax rules and low cost of work. From another term, such as “offshore development”, it becomes clear that offshore centers or parts of business abroad can provide software development services, support and maintenance, design, law services, and many others. Such a model of interaction has a number of advantages because of which it has long been popular. Especially in the IT-sphere. For example, as we have already found out, it is always much cheaper. Secondly, you do not need to hire and maintain workers in your own office wasting a lot of space, time, and resources. And thirdly, you can always find highly specialized professionals who will take on any of your tasks.

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How to Solve the Problem of Time Difference Handling an Offshore Team?

The first thing that employers face if they want to save money on the development of their product or part of a company’s tasks is the difference in time. Therefore, there is always the question of how to handle offshore team and improve company performance. After all, working with the staff inside your office is much easier than setting tasks and calculating deadlines when the developer is in another country. Such problems make it necessary to revise the approach to work and optimize some processes so that everyone can work comfortably and the result of work does not lose quality.

For example, the time difference between Ukraine and the USA. Let’s take a closer look at the time difference because it does not always have to be perceived solely as something bad. With a certain approach and in this particular example – time zone in Ukraine, the time difference can be used to your advantage.

Time Differences as Important Reason to Hire Offshore Developers in Ukraine

Let’s look at how time differs in the USA, Ukraine and several other European countries in order to compare what is a time difference between eastern time and Ukraine and for better understanding what the employer has to face when he decided to work with an offshore development team. You can easily find a large table like timeanddate.com and find all the information you need with dates and time. Here is an example.

Country Time Difference
Ukraine 15:00
USA 10:00
  • 7 hours
UK 13:00
  • 2 hours
France 14:00
  • 1 hour
Germany 14:00
  • 1 hour

As you can see there is no such period in which companies from the USA or Europe would be inconvenient to work with offshore or nearshore IT services in Ukraine respectively. You can easily customize your work schedule with the work schedule of your offshore developers. With the right system approach to set tasks and deadlines, you can manage to transfer the overseas team all the necessary information before your working day ends and just when the work shift of the team begins. Thus, with the timely achievement of all the necessary goals, your work will be reduced to the role of supervisor.

How to Handle Offshore Team with All These Time Differences

First of all, it is important to have all the necessary information about the time difference between your core team and the offshore dedicated team you are going to hire. Your working day or at least part of it must overlap with the working day of the offshore team. In this way, you can discuss the assigned tasks, make the necessary changes to the work, monitor the team’s actions, and make important work calls to discuss the details so that no one wakes up in the middle of the night.

It is very convenient to work with remote development teams from Ukraine. Why? Due to the convenient location of the country. Most European countries live in almost the same time as Ukraine, with just one hour difference. If to talk about the time difference between the US and Ukraine – North America is 7 hours ahead. So in the first case, you can start and finish your working day almost parallel. Placing tasks and controlling deadlines without complicated time calculations. In the second case, the work can be even more pleasant because you practically observe the process from the future. You can see the results of your offshore team challenges the next morning starting your workday. Or you can give the necessary feedback on previously completed tasks and distribute new ones during a call at the end of your working day since the guys will just start it. So, how to handle offshore team? Know the time difference and manage it wisely.

Let’s Handle Offshore Team with Mobilunity

If you decide to hire developer offshore meters Mobilunity to help you make the best team and reduce the cost of your company, without compromising on quality. Ukraine is known for its incredibly developed IT sector and we use all its advantages in working with you. You will not need to think about how to handle offshore team or whether there will be enough team skills to cope with all the tasks. Together with us you will find the most talented developers and will be able to control every aspect of their work. Why limit yourself only by the local market of IT specialists and distract from the company’s core workflow? Improve your focus and productivity while your newly assembled team will perform any of your tasks on time. Do not waste time searching and recruiting, introducing confirmed candidates to work, and monitoring workflows. Mobilunity will help you with this without any problems, hidden or additional contributions.

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