Top 5 Tips to Make Your Offshore Team More Productive

With the technology that we have today and how costly production and maintenance are, businesses have been offshore development outsourcing their IT processes to remote staff and offshore teams. Businesses deciding to extend their reach and collaborate with various global IT industries, as well as employ their services, have experienced the benefits of offshore developer teams. Development costs being a fraction of the usual cost, more efficient teams, and quality output are just a few factors that drive process and development outsourcing to offshore development teams.

In this article, let’s take a more in-depth look at offshore software development, examine the various benefits offered by offshore software developers,  explore some useful tips on how to best work with offshore teams in a software development project and get to know how to get maximum productivity from offshore team.

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When Offshore Team Is the Best Option

When can you say that an offshore development team is a good set-up for your project, and that you should hire offshore developers who will be beneficial for your organization? There are numerous reasons as to why an offshore software developers is the best option for you and your company. An offshore development team can bring a plethora of benefits and offshore software developers can be a huge asset to your team. But aside from the benefits to be had when working with dedicated offshore teams, another essential element is what are our priorities or intentions when considering offshore development teams working on offshore software development projects. The priorities that you have working on a project can be your key determinant in deciding whether or not to hire offshore developers for your project.

We have found that cooperating with an offshore IT team in an offshore software development project is best suited for you if you find the following considerations as a priority in looking for development services by an offshore developer team:

  • Low software development costs
  • Diverse offshore developer skills and experience
  • Project-focused offshore software developers
  • Commitment to development goals
  • Distributed accountability to development objectives

Working with offshore development teams offer you the opportunity to work with a group of best offshore developers that will share project tasks and work towards achieving the goals and objectives set for your project. With these priorities in mind, hiring best offshore dev teams is the best option for you and your company.

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5 Tips on How to Work With Offshore Teams

IA team is a reflection of their leader. With a leader capable of great management, you can gain great offshore development teams. And getting to hire offshore developers with great skills assures you of high-quality products and team dynamics. We have compiled the most prominent tips that would bolster the handling of your team. If you’re considering to hire offshore developers but you don’t know how to handle offshore team, here are some useful guidelines that you can follow for your offshore software development project to make sure that you are able to utilize you offshore development team to their fullest capacity.

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Communicate and Build Rapport

Communicate and Build RapportCommunication is one of the most critical elements in any offshore development team, and ensuring that your offshore software development team has open communication lines will yield invaluable rewards. When you hire offshore developers, establishing open communication lines, and discussing your vision and ideas for your project will help your team understand the goal of your project and act in accordance with this goal. Also, defining and discussing your expectations for the project and your team will help ensure that it works in line with your objectives for the project. With the entire offshore development team clear and agreeing on the parameters and expectations for the project, misunderstandings during the development will be minimized. Aside from this, constant communication throughout the entire development phase, and even after, will reinforce communication lines and can quickly address any concerns that may arise. Regular check-ins with your offshore development team will strengthen communication lines can be a platform for updates and feedback between you and your offshore software developers.

Plan to Succeed

Plan to SucceedNo project should begin without any solid plan, and this is especially true when you hire offshore developers for software development projects. Before any code gets written, the plans for architecture, project schedule, user stories, testing and deployment cycles, and other project considerations should be in place. Always have a plan before doing anything, and plan to succeed. Knowing the parameters and expectations of your project and your offshore development team is good, but these also need to be supplemented by a clear plan on how to accomplish these expectations within these parameters. It will be a great practice to discuss and agree with the team on a plan that will best utilize the expertise of the offshore software developers, and meet the expectations of the project. Plan out the core details of your project; objectives, scope, timelines, deliverables, and such. Having a clear plan as to the scope and limitations of your project will help guide you to hire offshore developers who are best suited for your offshore software development project.

Encourage Dialog

Encourage DialogAnother aspect that needs to be practice and honed when working with offshore teams is constant dialog. Without constant and uninhibited dialog, your offshore developers will have a very difficult time working and collaborating with each other. Offshore teams usually have diverse experience in working with various projects, thus would have a wealth of skill and experience. Regular communication with your team will bear input and feedback on your project, encourage it and will result in a healthy and productive discussion. This will go a long way into improving communication between you, your team and your project.

Apply Conflict Management

Apply Conflict ManagementConflict is a constant in all forms of organization or social structures, including collaboration with offshore development teams. Conflicts with and within offshore teams are usually caused by poor communication and an unhealthy work environment. Without a communication system in place, opportunities for constant dialog, and an environment that’s open to opinions and productive discourse, conflicts will definitely arise. And when working with remote developers when you hire offshore developers, there could be a lot of other triggers for conflicts: cultural differences, differing perspectives, language barriers, and personality differences, among many others. To address these, establish and reinforce a conflict management system for your projects. Be flexible and open minded with feedback or concerns that arise, but stick to your overall project goals! Be respectful, but remain honest. If issues arise, examine the root cause and work with your offshore development team to arrive an acceptable solution.

Utilize Time Zones

Utilize Time ZonesWhen dealing with offshore software developers, one of the first concerns that organizations raise when disclosing why they are hesitant to hire offshore developers is time zone differences. Since the offshore team will likely be on a different time zone from the hiring organization’s one, there is an understandable fear of facing challenges in terms of collaboration. However, this very challenge can definitely be a huge advantage when used correctly. If you have offshore software developers that are working ahead of you, make time to review their work and adjust your work and plans accordingly. And if you were in a timezone that is ahead of your offshore software developers, take the time to plan and organize for the needs of your offshore development team. If your developers will be coming from different time zones, then have them work in harmony so that some of the developers can continue working on the output of other developers, thereby creating a harmonious cycle of development for the entire offshore development team.

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Benefits of Offshore Software Development

If you decide to go the route of offshore software development and hire offshore dedicated development team to work on your project, you get a plethora of benefits that would greatly appeal to your business. Here are some of the biggest advantages that hiring an offshore development team to work on your offshore software development brings to the table.

benefits of hiring offshore developers

Cost Savings

One of the biggest considerations for the reasons why businesses opt to outsource their software development functions to offshore software development partners is the cost. For one, there is a huge amount of IT talent in different parts of the globe, and some of these professionals do not require overwhelming rates because there are lots of countries with a much lower cost of living. Offshoring software development allows you to take advantage of this difference in cost of living between your country and the country you’ll be offshoring too.

In addition, you also don’t have to worry about spending big bucks on additional workstations, computers and equipment, taxes, and required benefits such as insurance, because all these will be shouldered by the offshoring company. As such, at the very onset of your software development project, you’ll already be able to feel the substantial savings you get from offshore software development.

Mobilunity, located in Ukraine, has the most competitive rates of developers in entire Europe. Hiring our dedicated offshore teams you will save much more than recruiting locally, we guarantee you!

Quality of Work

When you work with an offshore development team for software development, the quality of your project output becomes as critical to them as it is to you. Compared to in-house employees who can easily slack off and get away with doing sloppy work because they get paid for their time and not for their output, an offshore development team is likely to be more accountable for the quality of the resulting software application because offshore software developers are expected to provide and deliver high quality work as an offshore development team. Delivering sloppy work is not an option because they are being meticulously evaluated and doing so can greatly harm their track record. As such, an offshore development team shares in the responsibility of ensuring that your work gets completed with the highest possible quality.

We are hiring only the best developers for your work who fit all your project requirements. Our customers are always satisfied with the work and programmers they offshore to us.

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Domain Expertise

Offshore software developers are expected to be domain experts in the field of software development, because they are supposed to have been trained to be top-notch developers and are exposed to cutting edge technologies in the field. Whereas with in-house recruitment, you’ll also have to worry about remaining updated on the latest technologies and making sure that your team implements industry-standard best practices, with offshore teams, this responsibility is transferred to them. As the provider of your offshore development team, their company must be fully experienced in cultivating software development expertise and making sure that their developers’ knowledge is always up to par with the latest standards. Therefore, when you hire offshore developers, you can be assured that they have the proper domain expertise in software development.

Once more, Mobilunity is very lucky to be founded in Ukraine, as here you may find programmers of any technology you could wish. Only in our office we have Yocto, Ethereum and a few Blockchain developers for different projects.


As is typical with any software development project, requirements tend to change. Sometimes, additional features have to be added, and the deadline remains fixed, so additional developers are needed. At other times, some requirements are no longer needed, and the amount of resources becomes excessive so some developers become redundant. For in-house teams, this becomes problematic, as you can’t simply add or remove developers at whim; it will take a long time for you to hire new employees because you will have to undergo the full recruitment process, and it is unlikely that you can simply let go of excess developers because hiring employees usually come with some contract.

With offshore software development teams, however, this becomes much less of a problem. An offshore development team is meant to be highly scalable, because dedicated offshore development team providers make sure that they are able to adjust to changing demands. You can easily add or remove developers when you face changes in requirements, and this becomes as simple matter of adding or subtracting corresponding costs from the rate that you pay. As such, the problem of scalability disappears with offshore software developers.

This is out of the topic, as Mobilunity’s dedicated developers always work according to the customers’ requirements. You would just need to clarify those in the beginning of our cooperation and we will meet all your needs.

Ease of Recruitment

The typical recruitment process for any organization isn’t as quick as some would hope. It involves having to post vacancies at job boards and other posting avenues, contacting applicants to coordinate the application process, screening the applicants and administering exams and/or interviews, and then having to onboard the applicant to whatever project he/she will be working on. Recruitment involves a lot of time and effort in the part of the organization, and this problem is alleviated when you hire offshore developers. With offshore teams, you merely have to select from their pool of highly skilled and talented developers who are placed at your disposal. Once you have selected your ideal candidates, you can engage them in interviews and basically have your own screening process, and you become in control of when your offshore development team is able to begin working on your project.

Mobilunity is able to provide you a dedicated developer you need from 2 to 4 weeks. We are confident in the possibilities of our recruitment team and that’s why we guarantee you the fastest recruitment process.

Good Leadership Make for Excellent Teams

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Ultimately, the secret to the success of any offshore development team Ukraine provides composed of multiple offshore developer profiles is the leadership that governs the offshore software developers. You can follow all the offshore developer tips that we’ve discussed thus far, but they won’t be able to offer any substantial business value if not implemented by able hands.

The fact is, pairing cost efficiency and good offshore team management can yield the best tools for you if you are looking for an offshore development team for your project. An offshore software development project will not fly when not managed properly, and managing an offshore software development project requires extensive knowledge of the various best practices and inner workings within the offshore software development industry. Utilizing this knowledge to properly for managing offshore development teams team can result in a successful and rewarding offshore developer team output.

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Offshore Software Development with Mobilunity

In this article, we have taken a look at the details of offshore software development, explored some tips on how to manage and utilize an offshore development team, and examined the various benefits that you get when you hire offshore developers. Now that you’ve learned about offshore software development, it’s a good time to hire offshore developers.If you’re in the market to find an offshore developer or offshore development team for your project, you’ve come to the right place. The most cost-effective approach to this is hiring dedicated developers for your offshore software development team from Ukraine. For this purpose, Mobilunity will help you! We can provide you with an expert and well vetted offshore development team that will be committed to achieving your project goals, and at a manageable cost! Hire offshore developers from us and we’ll make sure that your offshore software development project will succeed with flying colors.

Mobilunity will provide you with the offshore development team best fit for your offshore software development project needs!

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