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Is It Worth to Hire Backbone JS Developer in Europe?

Backbone JS and AngularJS: Whose Side Are You On?

If you are keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to the world of frontend development, then you have become the witness of the constant debate about which JavaScript framework is the go-to – AngularJS, Backbone JS, React JS, Node JS, etc. Up to this day there were constant arguments like ‘Backbone vs …’ that seem like they will never end. While Angular JS is believed to be more feature-packed and a more comprehensive solution to all the client’s needs, any Backbone JS developer will tell you that Backbone has many cards up its sleeve. After all, many well-known web applications are built with the help of the Backbone library, e.g. Trello, SoundCloud, Foursquare, and Hulu. So let’s try and compare different JavaScript frameworks to see if that is really true. But before we do that, how about we dig a bit deeper into characteristics of Backbone itself and options to hire Backbone developer?

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Backbone JS: What Is It Like?

If you are a programmer, you have most likely heard of it by now. When it comes to offshore development in Europe, companies looking to hire Shopify developer online or Clojure developer must weigh the benefits of accessing a global talent pool against the potential challenges of managing remote teams across different cultures and time zones. But if you are just a beginner, you probably are wondering, what is Backbone.js? Well, Backbone JS is another library for JavaScript that is based on the MPV template. If you compare it to other JavaScript frameworks, for example, Backbone JS vs Node JS, you will see, that Backbone is much lighter and only ‘weighs’ around 6.3 Kb. The same could be said about comparisons like Backbone vs JQuery or Backbone vs Angular. In all these cases, Backbone will be the lightest one.

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Backbone vs Angular

Fans of these two JavaScript frameworks still carry on this Angular vs Backbone argument, trying to prove their point to one another. The reason why Angular overcomes Backbone in this AngularJS vs Backbone argument in the eyes of many people is its high functionality and emphasis on modular code and test-driven development. However, in some cases, a lot may be too much. The two-way binding, which is hailed as one of the advantages of Angular, can make certain functions and expressions too complex and overstaffed. This may lead to some serious degradations in performance in high-traffic applications.

When it comes to Backbone JS, your backend does most of the heavy stuff. Because Backbone takes way less space than Angular, it tends to perform better in terms of speed. But, as with everything, Backbone has its Achilles heel as well. Because it does not have built-in support for data bindings, the framework must rely on add-ons like Backbone.StickIt. The more complicated your project is, the more third-party plugins and a custom coded script will be required to make it all work. Basically, when it comes down to AngularJS vs Backbone JS, AngularJS is more of a solo artist, while a Backbone coder needs some back-up singers. But who said that it is a bad thing?

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Backbone vs React

Another framework that keeps growing in popularity when it comes to business website development is React. Although, it is relatively new, more and more developers pick it up and contribute to its growth. It is known for its incredible speed and simplicity. But is it better than Backbone, is there a winner in the whole React JS vs Backbone deal? Comparing these, actually, does not really make sense since React is more like a view layer when Backbone is a data container and they have a different aim to begin with. React is not in any way a replacement of Backbone, it only takes the place of the Views portion of the framework.

If you are planning to hire dedicated react.js developer, be sure to learn about all the niceties of this framework and look for someone who knows their way around Backbone as well. This way you will definitely find just the right person.

backbone vs react

Google Trends statistics on the search queries for each of the frameworks throughout the last decade.

Backbone vs Node JS

The comparison Backbone JS vs Node JS is only relevant in terms of how well they complete tasks that they were created for. The thing is that these two things are completely different and have different purposes. Here is some example for you. As you probably already know from this article, Backbone JS is a JavaScript library, while Node JS is a framework. Sure, they both have a relation to JavaScript. Another thing that they have in common is that as a framework, Node JS has many already installed libraries, including Backbone JS.

If to get into even more specifics, it could be said, that Node JS is pretty powerful as for the framework and it is based on a V8 JavaScript engine that was once developed for Chrome and allows the coder to significantly save his time. It was mainly created for JavaScript server applications. As for Backbone – its main task is to make JavaScript code look more structured and therefore ease the job of a programmer. Having said all that, it can be obvious, that by combining light library as Backbone and powerful framework like Node JS a Backbone JS engineer could achieve pretty awesome results.

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Backbone JS vs Ember JS

The first similar thing that these two frameworks have is that they both have an open code. Another thing is that they both were released under the MIT certification. The third thing is that they both allow you to create a one-paged web application through the help of the MV template. Let’s now get a bit deeper into the specifics. Every coder knows, how important it is that your web application or web page loads quickly. That depends a lot on the size of the framework that one is using and the required time for it to load. In this case, Backbone wins the fight as it ‘weighs’ only 64kb, comparing to Ember’s 135kb.

Another thing that you should keep in mind about these two frameworks is how big the amount of additional code you will have to write. By using Backbone you have to be ready for huge amounts of additional code that you will have to implement as there is no support for a two-way data combination. At the same time, Ember JS can figure everything out on its own and spare you a great amount of unnecessary work.

Backbone vs JQuery

Though both, Backbone and JQuery are considered to be JavaScript libraries, Backbone JS in this case is more of a framework, in comparison to JQuery. Lots of programmers might find JQuery useful when it comes to things like different effects, events, DOM, Ajax, and so on and so forth. On the other hand, there is Backbone JS that provides the architecture for your application using things such as MVC and routing.

Both of them were genuinely created to make Backbone JS programmer live a bit easier, but they use a bit different approach to achieve that. This way, JQuiery’s primary task is to make it easier for a programmer to work with already existing elements of the structure, while Backbone JS allows you to bring in an element of creativity and do everything on your own. By using Backbone you can dictate what data you want to use and the way that you want it to be displayed. If we were to describe a typical Backbone application, it would be a static page with the content being provided by a server that acts in many ways similar to json API. After all been said, you can also implement some part of JQuery into your Backbone-based application to achieve better results.

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Why Hire Backbone JS Developer from Ukraine

Europe is definitely quite a breeding ground when it comes to talented and experienced Backbone.js programmer but why hire one from Ukraine specifically? Why does Ukraine attract so many businesses who hire Backbone.js development company right here?

  • The first drastic difference is obviously the price. If you’re in need of a great cost/efficiency solution, Ukraine is way ahead of other countries, offering a much larger IT talent pool (Backbone.js coder in particular) for a much lesser price.
  • Location and time zones. Being in the center of Europe, Ukraine is only 2 hours ahead of most European countries, which allows you to have constant communication without experiencing time inconveniences.
  • English-speaking developers. Knowing English is a must for Backbone JS developers for hire in Ukraine. In fact, 80% of IT specialists know the language on an intermediate or higher level.
  • The ability to cope with challenges. Ukrainian Backbone.js engineer is known for bravely taking up very complicated and challenging projects and successfully coping with them. No wonder that more and more people turn their gaze to Ukraine.
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Backbone.js Developers Demand in the Future

We hope that now you are a bit more aware of Backbone JS and what it does. Nowadays it is one of those products that gather lots of so-called ‘hype’ around itself. Some programmers claim that this product is revolutionary due to how easy and minimalistic it is. Basically, Backbone has everything you need to build an app, but nothing more than that. There are still huge gaps that you, as a programmer, will have to fill in yourself. On the other hand, Backbone programmer is constantly working on making it better, so who knows, maybe in the future Backbone JS will surprise us all.

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