Is It Worth Hiring a Backbone JS Developer in Europe?

Backbone JS and AngularJS: Who’s Side Are You On?

If you’re keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to the world of frontend development, then you have become the witness of constant debate about which Java framework is the go-to – AngularJS, Backbone JS, React JS, etc. While AngularJS is believed to be more feature-packed and a more comprehensive solution to all the client’s needs, any Backbone JS developer will tell you that Backbone has a lot of cards up its sleeve. After all, many well-known web applications are built with the help of the Backbone library, e.g. Trello, SoundCloud, Foursquare, and Hulu.

Is It Worth Hiring a Backbone JS Developer in Europe?

Stats on usage of Backbone vs React

Number of businesses using Backbone JS in different countries.

The Fundamentals of Backbone JS Framework

The reason why Angular overcomes Backbone in the eyes of many people is its high functionality and emphasis on modular code and test-driven development. However, in some cases, a lot may be too much. The two-way binding, which is hailed like one of the advantages of Angular, can make certain functions and expressions too complex and overstaffed. This may lead to some serious degradations in performance in high-traffic applications.

When it comes to Backbone JS, your backend does most of the heavy stuff. Because Backbone takes way less space than Angular, it tends to perform better in terms of speed. But, as with everything, Backbone has its Achilles heel as well. Because it doesn’t have a built-in support for data bindings, the framework must rely on add-ons like Backbone.StickIt. The more complicated your project is, the more third-party plugins and custom coded script will be required to make it all work. Basically, AngularJS is more of a solo artist, while Backbone requires some back-up singers. But who said that it’s a bad thing?

React JS vs Backbone JS

Another framework that keeps growing in popularity when it comes to business website development is React. Although, it is relatively new, more and more developers pick it up and contribute to its growth. It’s known for its incredible speed and simplicity. But is it better than Backbone, is there a winner in the whole Backbone vs React deal? Comparing these, actually, doesn’t really make sense since React is more like a view layer, when Backbone is a data container and they have a different aim to begin with. React is not in any way a replacement of Blackbone, it only takes the place of the Views portion of the framework.

If you’re planning on hiring a React programmer, be sure to learn about all the niceties of this framework and look for someone who knows their way around Backbone as well. This way you’ll definitely find just the right person.

React JS vs Backbone JS and Angular

Google Trends statistics on the search queries for each of the frameworks throughout the last decade.

How Much Would It Cost to Hire a Developer: A Comparison

Now, let’s move to the financial side of the question. What is the average salary of a Backbone developer around the world? According to Gooroo, the average salary for jobs requiring Backbone JS is $99,486, for AngularJS – $102,168, and for React – $77,753.

Stats on an average salary of a Backbone JS developer

Average salary of a Backbone JS developer and the salary trend

Since Backbone, Angular, and React are all frameworks of JavaScript, let’s compare the average salary of a JavaScript frontend developer in different countries:

  1. Germany: the median salary in German is around $47,200. The key factors here are experience and location.
  2. Israel: the average salary in Israel is around $47,500 annually.
  3. Switzerland: since Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, no wonder that they have the highest average salary for a developer as well – almost $79,000 per year.
  4. France: on average, the salary of a JavaScript developer in France, for example in Paris, is $37,500 per year.
  5. Ukraine: a median salary of a web developer with 2+ years of experience in Ukraine is around $27,600 per year.

Sample CVs of a Ukrainian Developer

You can take a look at few CVs of a Ukrainian frontend and Backbone developer to have a better understanding of who stands behind our company. Whether it is a Junior, Middle or Senior developer you’re looking for, we’ll find you a person who is just a perfect fit for your project.

CV #1 Middle Frontend Developer


  • JavaScript, jQuery, CSS/CSS3 and responsive Web design techniques – 3+ years of experience.
  • Backbone JS – 3 years of commercial usage, 2 projects completed
  • AngularJS and ReactJS – 1.5 years of experience.
  • CodeIgniter – 6 month framework experience.


  • HTML5 and CSS3, LESS, SCSS,Bootstrap, REST API, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS/CSS3, Grunt and Gulp.js, AJAX, ES6 AngularJS, ReactJS; OpenLayers; C#, ASP.NET MVC, IoC/DI; MySQL, SQL Server;
  • Higher-intermediate level of English.

CV #2

Hire React programmer with skills in BackboneJS


Benefits of Hiring a Backbone Developer from Ukraine

Europe is definitely quite a breeding ground when it comes to talented and experienced developers but why hire one from Ukraine specifically?

  • The first drastic difference is obviously the price. If you’re in need of a great cost/efficiency solution, Ukraine is way ahead of other countries, offering a much larger IT talent pool for a much lesser price.
  • Location and time zones. Being in the center of Europe, Ukraine is only 2 hours ahead of most European countries, which allows you to have constant communication without experiencing time inconveniences.
  • English-speaking developers. Knowing English is a must for developers in Ukraine. In fact, 80% of IT specialist know the language on an intermediate or higher level.
  • The ability to cope with challenges. Ukrainian developers are known for bravely taking up very complicated and challenging projects and successfully coping with them. No wonder that more and more people turn their gazes to Ukraine.

hire backbone js and angularjs developers from our pipeline

Hire a dedicated Backbone JS developer from Ukraine and watch your ideas come to life!

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