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Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelance JavaScript Developer

Most modern websites are built with Javascript and its frameworks. The versatile, fast, and easy-to-learn programming language took over the world. With a well-developed ecosystem and powerful community, JS, React.js, and Node.js are at the top of web development trends. Thus, JavaScript is used by 65+ % of software engineers around the world, according to the survey of 70,000 technical professionals conducted by the Stack Overflow community in 2022.  When considering the pros and cons of hiring a freelance JavaScript developer, it’s essential to evaluate the benefits of partnering with an IT recruitment consultancy that can provide access to top talent, as well as the advantages of incorporating UI UX consulting to ensure optimal user experience.

Such well-known international websites, such as LinkedIn, Trello, eBay, Medium, and many others, are written in JavaScript. They are fast, have appealing, user-friendly UI, and have wide functionality. Meanwhile, about 75% of the world’s digital businesses are looking for a JavaScript developer freelance right now.

From one point of view, that means hiring a freelance JavaScript developer is easy. On the other hand, many developers are newbies. They have just started their career after a few courses and can’t complete projects on a high-quality level. That’s a common problem managers face while hiring freelance JavaScript developers. The article covers the major questions and challenges of cooperation with a high-skilled software engineer.

You will learn the most popular tools of the JavaScript ecosystem, skills required for a true professional, the best websites for searching, and a short comparison of freelance vs. outsourced developers. Let’s start!

What are the advantages and challenges of JavaScript development?

The “JavaScript everywhere” concept grew fast with the increasing popularity of Node.js. The runtime environment allowed the use of JS code outside the web browser. So, even the backend parts of an application could be written with JavaScript. That’s very convenient for a development team to have the same client-side and server-side programming language. Now we’ll consider JavaScript’s pros and cons in detail.

Reasons to use JS for a software development project

  • High-speed

Modern websites should be fast to meet users’ expectations. In 2022 nobody will wait for a page to load more than a few seconds, both on web and mobile app versions. It’s especially important for landing pages that are built for the conversion of paid traffic. JavaScript has a good connection speed with a server, allowing for building fast and user-friendly websites.

  • Compatibility 

JavaScript and its frameworks can be used with other technologies. Adding code in another programming language to a JavaScript app is no problem. The integration will be successful. That is very important for complex projects that require advanced calculations, special functionality, or high-load operations.

  • Popularity

As JS is well-known and easy to learn, you can find a JavaScript developer in short terms. So, you will be independent of all development team members. Nobody is irreplaceable. Moreover, the price for JavaScript development services is reasonable compared to other rare or non-mainstream technologies. That’s a weighty argument from the business point of view.

  • Catchy design

JavaScript is so common also because of the opportunity to build appealing, catchy UI. Software engineers can easily create nice-looking web pages with motions, bright CTA buttons, photo galleries, carousels, and interactive elements. The rich interfaces may be very important for successfully implementing business ideas.

What are the pitfalls of JavaScript development?

  • Security issues

Any website visitor sees your JavaScript code. So, the website becomes vulnerable to cyberattacks. Remember this and ask for a cyber security check before deploying your project.

  • UI issues

As different browsers display JS code differently, you may face some bugs. For example, your website design may differ on Google Chrome and Safari. This problem can be solved very easily by doing tests. Don’t forget to hire a QA engineer or ask for QA services while cooperating with a digital agency.

Why is JavaScript a reasonable choice for digital products?

Let’s go down to the JS benefits for business. As mentioned above, many famous companies rely on JS code and consider it the best choice for their online presence. Netflix, Walmart, Uber, and PayPal are among them. 

4 JavaScript benefits for digital business

  1. A dedicated JS programmer can cover tasks on the front end, back end, and mobile programming. So, you don’t have to hire a diverse specialized team and waste your time managing all of these specialists.
  2. Most devs on the market know JavaScript. But they may also know other technologies that are useful for your project. By hiring just one JavaScript professional, you get much more.
  3. An excellent set of libraries and frameworks makes JS suitable for solving almost any business problem. Everything is possible when you want to create an incredible design or make advanced business logic for your app. 
  4. Websites written on JavaScript and their libraries work fast. So you don’t miss traffic while website visitors wait for page loading. That’s important for online stores, e-commerce websites, and other commercial projects. 

What are the most popular JavaScript frameworks?

As the king of web development, the JS programming language has many fans and haters. Thousands of talented tech minds invest their time and efforts to develop the JavaScript ecosystem. As mentioned in the list of 20 most popular JavaScript frameworks, they cover the most common and extraordinary tasks JavaScript could be used for. They are both open-source or paid, developed by single-playing geeks or enterprises. Below are the top 3 frameworks you should consider. 


According to Statista, React.js is one of the two most popular web frameworks, together with Node.js. Almost 50% of software engineers worldwide use these technologies to make their technical ideas alive. The JS library is a top-of-mind tool for building UI and web pages.

Here are a few facts about React.js:

  • Efficient for projects that require SEO and promotion.
  • Has a strong community of dedicated web developers.
  • Is a language-independent cross-platform programming tool.
  • Is an easy-to-get-started library with lots of adaptors.

React.js is a good choice for the web part of your application in 2022, so you can surely choose a freelance developer JavaScript React.js skills.


The cross-platform runtime environment on the V8 JavaScript engine made the JS ecosystem so popular. Software engineers use Node.js to build scalable, efficient real-time web apps. Node.js is used for server-side programming and is the most common backend technology nowadays.

Here are a few facts about Node.js:

  • Provides asynchronous and event-driven APIs for real-time data processing.
  • Is an advanced technology that requires previous programming experience.
  • Allows smooth deployment of web applications written in JavaScript.
  • Has a large package manager and is suitable for high-load apps.

Node.js is a cost-effective and widely used tool for backend development.


As the StackOverFlow survey has shown, Angular is usually used by more professional software engineers. This framework is less popular among those who are just beginning their career. Written in TypeScript, Angular is also an open-source tool applied for SPA (single-page apps). 

Here are a few facts about Angular:

  • Follows the Model-View-Controller Pattern and allows building SPA very fast.
  • Provides a low-cost creation of user interfaces.
  • Allows creating applications both for web and mobile devices.
  • Is maintained by the top-skilled team of Google professionals. 

In the short term, angular is a comprehensive web technology for building apps with less code and effort. It automates lots of tasks to save software engineers time.

How to hire JavaScript developers?

Considering different candidates for your project, you should focus on technical abilities and soft skills. If we are talking about full-stack professionals, they are proficient in front-end and back-end development. But most JavaScript developers can just write the client-side part of an application and connect it with an existing backend. So, find a specialist with a skill set that meets your business’s needs. Share the context of your projects to create appropriate contractor expectations. If you think this process can be challenging, MobilUnity shows that it takes 5 steps to hire dedicated Javascript developer.

Now let’s look at the must-have skills for freelance JavaScript developers.

Technical skills required for freelance JavaScript programmer

  • Knowledge of JavaScript and programming basics (HTML, CSS).
  • Ability to use JS ecosystem tools (Angular or React.js, JQuery, Node.js).
  • Writing asynchronous scripts and cross-browser code.
  • Typescript (at least basic knowledge).
  • Ability to use Git for efficient teamwork and Docker for deployment.

These are the fundamental skills that should be mentioned in the CV, or on the LinkedIn page. It’s better if the developer gives a link to a GitHub with code examples and different completed projects. Thus, a technical specialist, or team lead, can evaluate the professional level and skills.

Soft skills required to hire React.js or Node.js developer freelance

As for communicational and other soft skills, they are very important, especially for a programmer JavaScript freelance cooperation model. The thing is, successful cooperation with a freelancer depends on his time management and self-organizational skills. Here are important characteristics except for technical expertise.

  • Intermediate + English level for reading and writing documents and communication in an international team.
  • Conversational skills, an ability to prove their point of view with arguments in a discussion.
  • Independence, or vice versa, is the good skill of being a team player. That depends on the project.
  • Sincere interest in coding, and endless self-education, because web development trends and technologies change fast.
  • Result-driven and business-oriented mindset to implement only those technical ideas working to achieve business goals.

All these soft skills could be tested in an interview and be proven by testimonials from previous companies, managers, or clients.

In-house vs. outsourcing vs. freelancers JavaScript developers. Whom to choose?

Almost all digital businesses face the dilemma: “Is it better to hire an in-house specialist or outsource tasks?”. No matter if you are looking for a part-time Node.js developer, or a freelance Vue.js engineer. The answer depends on your company’s location, current size, management and financial capacity, and ambition for growth. You can check all options in the table below, compared on different criteria.

In-house JS developerOutsourcing JS developer Freelance JS developer
Fixed payments for the specialist without correspondence to the completed tasks Both on-demand and long-term regular cooperation are possibleFlexible schedule, an on-demand specialist
Management on your sideAdvanced project management by an experienced teamSpecialist’s self-management, or management on your side
The quality of work is guaranteed by the contract The digital agency guarantees high-quality workYou can rely only on the freelancer’s responsibility
Expenses on office, team management, benefitsYou pay for the whole project, or just for hours worked by the specialistYou usually pay for hours tracked by the specialist

Where to hire part-time JavaScript developers?

There are plenty of websites that offer services by freelance JS developers. So, it isn’t difficult to find a freelance Node.js developer, or a React.js programmer. They are working on the marketplace model, connecting clients with potential contractors. Some of them specialize just in software engineers and similar occupations, while others offer to hire financial specialists, designers, creative consultants, and many other freelancers. Here are some examples of websites for hiring a part-time JavaScript engineer.


The most popular freelance marketplace worldwide, helps to hire a Node freelance JS developer of any seniority level. It also includes the contacts of many freelance agencies for software development outsourcing for popular locations like Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. There are various options for cooperation, from just a few code reviews to long-term cooperation with dedicated software engineers. 

The Upwork platform shows candidates’ portfolios, ratings, number of completed projects, and feedback from previous clients. That’s a good choice for hiring tech minds, but there are plenty of registered freelancers on the website. So, finding and choosing a JavaScript freelance programmer will take some time. 


Another recognized marketplace for client-contractor cooperation. It provides an opportunity to hire various freelance professionals, but web development is one of the top categories on the website. With a great database of experienced engineers and Junior developers, Freelance.com will help you hire a specialist for a reasonable price.

As a well-known platform, it allows finding contractors very quickly. Otherwise, there are many spammers and untrusted, unverified accounts of both employers and freelancers. So, be careful and pay attention if the person you want to work with has detailed information about themselves and testimonials.


For those looking for highly qualified experts, like a freelance Node developer, Toptal is a solution. The matching professional online service’s name means “Top Talent”. It was built especially for hiring the best technical minds for cool projects worldwide. According to the information on the website, Toptal gives you a chance to choose from 3% best talents. Not every freelancer can join the Toptal community. They should pass tests to prove their expertise and high skills level. 

Hiring top-tiered software engineers may be costly, but if you are looking for a true professional to do complex tasks, that’s a way out. You can check many stories about how Toptal helped hire a freelance Node js developer, freelance Vue developer, and other demanded professionals.


The Freelance Services Marketplace is a new project launched in 2022. Created by founders from Israel, it supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, and other popular languages. The online platform offers to hire digital specialists on the global market. The project claims its mission is to connect the most demanded digital professionals with businesses to expand their capabilities. Fiverr allows finding a Node.js developer freelance and contractors of many other occupations.


The dedicated developer’s teams provider has proven itself as a reliable way to hire JavaScript developers. The company specializes in providing access to the best of Ukrainian tech minds. Mobilunity has more than 12 years of experience in technical consulting and software development.

The digital agency may offer any required type of cooperation with a JS developer: part-time, dedicated team member, project-based cooperation, etc. It was rewarded by Clutch.co and International Business Awards as a trustful and efficient technical partner. Recruiting services are also available. Get information about your project and hire highly skilled professionals without effort!

How much does JavaScript development cost?

With the growth of JS’s popularity, development services have become more expensive. That’s relevant for the USA and Europe, where fast-growing startups and huge enterprises compete to hire in-house developers. A solution is to find remote software engineers in cheaper locations: Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland), LatAm (Brazil, Argentina), and Asia (India). Take a look at the hourly rates of a JavaScript freelance developer depending on their location.

Location FrontendBackendFullstack

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As you can see, cooperation with freelance JavaScript developers from Ukraine seems very reasonable. The prices seem more affordable compared with other locations, while the technical skills of Ukrainians are well-known worldwide. 

Developers Rates
Javascript Developers Rates

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How can Mobilunity help you? 

The Mobilunity consulting services combine the flexibility of freelance cooperation with the quality guarantee from the company. So, you can hire skilled JavaScript professionals anytime with full support from Mobilunity management and customer service. Sounds good, isn’t it? Such companies as i-doit, XPLG, Esurance, ServIT, Opportunity Network, D-nest, Minedia, Camptocamp, and others, already rely on Mobilunity services.

The main facts about Mobilunity

  • 12+ years of providing exceptional software development services.
  • 40+ clients from Switzerland, Japan, Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, Sweden, and other locations.
  • 200+ in-house professionals and a well-established recruitment process. Mobilunity can recruit a freelance Node.js engineer, or other professional, in very short terms.
  • Deep expertise in mainstream technologies, including JavaScript, Node.js, and React.js.
  • Flexible cooperation models and client-centered approach to meet all customer’s expectations and exceed them.
  • Smooth communication with high-motivated, skilled Ukrainian professionals. Hiring web developers for affordable prices.

If you are interested in hiring a part-time JavaScript developer, pay attention to the consultancy services. Meanwhile, Mobilunity also provides the “CTO as a service” option for more complex technical tasks. Choose a reliable tech partner with Ukrainian technical expertise and a western management approach. The best combination of price and quality! Mobilunity delivers technical solutions globally and has lots of positive customer reviews. 

Hire freelance JavaScript programmer to cover all technical tasks! Fill out the contact form and let’s discuss all details.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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