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Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelance QA Tester

One of the professions with the fastest-growing need for skills is software testing, which has become a popular career choice. 

According to the World Quality Report (WQR) 2021–2022, when examining the entire software development lifecycle, testing is now clearly viewed as a contributor to progress rather than a hindrance. Even if the adoption of embedded quality models is picking up steam, there is still a quality gap because testing is now more dependent on independent cross-functional teams. 

This is probably the primary reason there is still a recognized need for learning new skills and for expanding the software development and test team’s use of current talents to close the remaining quality gap. 

What is Software Testing? 

The quality assurance phase of software development includes testing. It typically entails actions like checking a product’s specifications, enhancing its quality, conducting risk analyses, and assessing test findings. Remote QA engineers, often known as software testers, mostly conduct automated testing and manual testing.

There are a few various types of remote QA testers:

  • Automation Engineer employs technology to enhance, simplify, and automate production, electricity generation, warehouse distribution, mining, and many other activities to minimize the need for human intervention and maximize efficiency. They are in charge of organizing, putting into practice, and maintaining such technology.
  • The components and overall functionality of a product are tested by a quality analyst. The primary goal of this testing is to ensure that the product complies with the organization’s compliance guidelines and best practices.
  • Software developers who design and write programs that run automated tests on new or existing software are known as test automation developers (also known as test automation engineers). These programs are a crucial component of the software development life cycle.
  • Before it is packaged and sold on the open market, computer hardware or software must be tested by a testing analyst. Since test analysts are the final line of quality control, the job demands careful attention to detail.
  • The director of testing keeps track of project plans to show development, adjustment, and problem-solving. To establish a clear grasp of dependencies, deliverables, and challenges, as well as to measure and manage stakeholder expectations and communication experience with external stakeholders, including review committees.
  • A test architect is an expert that creates software test architectures employing strategies, methods, practices, processes, and tactics.
  • A test engineer is a specialist who decides how to design a procedure that would most effectively test a specific product in manufacturing and related disciplines to ensure that the product complies with applicable specifications.
  • Leading the testing team is the responsibility of the software test manager. The Test Manager is a key member of the team.

The Difference Between QA Engineer and Test Engineer

An application’s operating process is examined by a software test engineer in order to identify potential flaws. The best techniques are used by the test engineer to identify flaws before consumers of the app or product do. Part time QA tester remote looks for new methods to improve products while also ensuring the best user experience possible throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Software testers and quality assurance engineers are merely two sides of the same quality assurance coin.

While testers’ job is to identify as many bugs as they can, QA engineers’ role is to make as few mistakes as possible. This type of interdependence is intriguing since one side’s work affects others’ responsibilities.

Benefits of Freelance Software Testing 

Despite having software developers on staff, more and more firms are hiring QA engineers since they don’t want to take any chances once the product has been released. To identify errors, quality assurance (QA) specialists examine the test findings. These experts are more concerned with locating and fixing flaws in the finished product before it is released. 

On the other hand, software developers are more concerned with the development process to guarantee timely completion; as a result, many pitfalls go undiscovered during the process.

Businesses employ freelance QA testers for a variety of positions in response to shifting needs. The top three QA support services provided by independent QA engineers are to:

  • Test the functionality
  • Create scripts for functional test execution
  • Prepare for the testing
  • Examine the demands of the clients
  • Determine the areas that need improvement and communicate with the development team to find a solution.

Must-Have Skills for QA Testers

Keeping up with the trends and upgrading one’s technological skills is necessary to prevent becoming obsolete. Every freelance tester must be technically proficient in this situation in order to gain deeper insight, be more successful, and adequately report system flaws and failures to developers.

A QA testing specialist who is proficient in requirements analysis, design, and coding will have a deeper understanding of the defect life cycle. They can quickly determine which section of code contains the most errors and how those errors might be fixed by working with developers. 

Therefore, we have compiled the list of technical skills that any software tester should possess here as a reputable and experienced provider of software automated testing services: 

  • Agile testing 
  • Automation testing 
  • Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Technologies in Web and Mobile 
  • Testing Tools and Techniques 
  • Database or SQL 
  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • Domain Knowledge 

Top 5 Platforms for Hiring QA Testers


LinkedIn is a dependable site to employ full-time or part time QA testers remotely across various levels of experience, whether you require an expert or a mid-level professional. The platform attracts a sizable number of job searchers, making it quite simple to find qualified freelance QA tester remotely.


One of the top online marketplaces, Fiverr, links companies and recruiters with competent freelancers in a variety of specialties. One of the biggest freelancer marketplaces in the world, Fiverr, was established in 2010 and had its headquarters in Tel Aviv. It is a trusted source for finding a qualified QA tester part time remote.


The sophisticated talent matching technology used by Upwork makes sure that each company or recruiter is matched with the ideal QA tester freelance. The process for locating accessible talent on Upwork makes it simple and convenient to find qualified QA candidates.


The Mobilunity software development team is formed after a very careful and professional procedure that takes into account the project’s type, specifications, and many other aspects. The most important consideration in the development process for remote teams is the software’s quality.

Mobilunity always includes a highly skilled QA engineer knowledgeable with the modern QA tools and automation procedures in the remote development teams to maintain a high quality and robust security of the product.


Guru offers a sizable selection of freelance automation testing specialists from all over the world. To make an educated choice, interested employers and recruiters need to explore the QA testers’ portfolios, compare them, and read reviews. 

Hiring QA Testers through Freelance vs Outstaffing 

Companies don’t always have enough internal resources for software testing and QA to cover the full range of duties linked to quality. Others conclude that using on-demand resources will be better for the organization and choose to engage with independent QA providers who can take a new look at the product. 

During the epidemic, remote cooperation approaches were frequently used, creating new opportunities as well as challenges. Therefore, businesses are looking for long-term partnerships that can provide excellent quality and security while also lowering costs. 

ProsLow price
A wide range of specialists with various degrees
Direct management and communication
On-demand tasks and a flexible schedule
Less time is spent looking for experts
Self-assurance in their abilities and knowledge
Direct management and communication
ConsLow-quality work risks
It might take a long time to find a specialist
Time-consuming management
Labor-intensive management

QA Tester Pricing in Different Countries

USA $31.25$38.46$49.22
Netherlands $13.5$21.2$47.17

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

The Ukrainian professionals appear to have the most experience of all the mentioned hourly rates for AQA testing freelance specialists, but they are paid less than those from the other countries. The cost of living is the primary factor. The level of job quality, however, continues to be strong and globally competitive. The Ukrainian IT market is expanding swiftly and according to modern trends and western norms. 

How Can Professional QA Engineer Services from Mobilunity Benefit You? 

Mobilunity, a company established in Ukraine that offers highly skilled software development services, is propelled by the excellent performance of each SW QA engineer and robust security features. The business offers QA engineer services and a highly skilled and knowledgeable QA team and code reviewer in Ukraine to its clients, as follows:

  • Offers complete coverage for software testing
  • Produces software of the highest quality
  • Sustains high security and dependability
  • Provides a wonderful user experience
  • Offers complete dependability and comfort
  • All of these advantages at affordable costs! 

You are welcome to contact Mobilunity specialists if you need a QA tester freelance for your company. Get qualified assistance right away!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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