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We know how it can be misleading to check the salary data on different job boards, as they put only gross salaries of web developers. In the end, it turns out that the cost of programmers is much higher than expected because of taxes, insurances, and other extra expenses. Are you familiar with this problem as well? In this case, this article is exactly what you need! By the end of reading it, you will know how to not overpay your React developers and how to hire programmers at the lowest price with a good quality of services. We researched the market to demonstrate a comparison of React developers salary in different large countries, why the demand for React coders is growing, and the most effective way to hire a React.js developer.
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Why Companies Worldwide Require React JS Developers for Hire

React.js is one of the most demanding frameworks in the market; 31.3% of worldwide specialists are currently utilizing this technology.  Some of the world’s top tech teams use the tool to design scalable, easy-to-maintain solutions — Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Airbnb, and more. Why are businesses so interested in React.js implementation? Here are the benefits of adopting the framework:

  • Increased app development speed. The framework accepts HTML code input and has excellent subcomponent rendering support. Development teams can benefit from JSX as well — it’s an extension with a range of shortcuts that cuts the amount of code writing time.
  • Improved code stability. React.js reduces the impact of change in the code file since the changes in parent components don’t affect the children. Such a data binding approach facilitates software testing and helps ensure stable app performance after update deployments.
  • SEO-friendliness. React.js deals with the inability of search engine crawlers to process JS-heavy pages. Even a beginner with an entry-level react developer salary can deploy React on a server and use the virtual DOM to view the code as a regular web page in a browser.
  • Robust toolkit. React.js has a wide range of debugging and interface design tools.
  • Strong user community and an affordable remote react developer salary. Since a large number of teams are deploying the framework, the tool is regularly updated. There’s no shortage of user-generated content either — you can find dozens of helpful React tutorials and case studies to make the most out of the framework.

On Indeed, there are over 15,00 React developer openings available every day, asking for a Senior react developer salary. It’s one of the most in-demand frameworks at the moment — that’s why business owners are willing to find professionals who have ReactJS template developing skills with a moderate mid-level react developer salary within and beyond their home regions.

React to React and ReactJS Salary Increases

React JS is known to be one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries. According to SimilarTech, it’s now being used on more than 90,000 websites. Along with its growth, the demand for remote React developers and ReactJS services have been growing too. Still, just how much? Based on a survey that StackOverflow performed, 85.3% of developers who took the survey were using JavaScript as their main programming language.

By taking these numbers into account, there is no doubt that the demand for JavaScript developers is now greater than ever. Moreover, the popularity of React among frontend developers who work remotely has grown dramatically in 2016 as can be seen from the chart below.

There are a lot of things I like about React. Their clear rules make developers threaten the data with caution and in a uniform way, which is great while working on a large project.
ReactJS developer

When comparing React JS developer salaries across different countries, it’s important to consider the varying cost of living and market demand, as well as the option to hire freelance WordPress developer or hire iOS developer for specialized project requirements.

React Programmer Salary Across the World

So let’s discuss the actual React salary in different major countries of the world. Taking into account that the skills and experience of React devs are in high demand, the market for these professionals is certainly competitive. Because the core of ReactJS is JavaScript, we have included JavaScript programmer salary as well as junior React JS salary in our search for the annual average ReactJS developer salary from various countries around the world.

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Based on the list above, it is evident that Ukraine has the lowest and the most competitive React engineer salary rates. It should be noted that these numbers are based on an average React developer salary. The rates would definitely be affected by increased experience and improved skills.

Comparison of React JS Salary vs AngularJS

Comparing the React salary in different countries and knowing what are the best JavaScript frameworks, it would be reasonable to compare the rates of 2 the most popular and used JS frameworks of all times. There have been a number of discussions on why ReactJS is better and more popular or why you need to choose Angular for your project and so on, and so force. It’s an infinite battle. While the whole internet is comparing these two technologies and their main features, let’s compare their salaries: React JS salary vs Angular.

Below we have provided a comparison of an average annual Angular vs React engineer salary in various countries of the world for you to be aware not only of the tech difference but also differences in rates.

Countries ReactJS AngularJS
United States $92,214 $110,000
Australia $72,816 $79,686
Germany $63,683 $62,322
United Kingdom $78,111 $60,791
Spain $51,231 $48,626
Canada $120,000 $92,500

Average annual net Angular vs React engineer salary

From the table above, it is evident that Angular2 vs React JS developer salary varies from country to country. For example, React developer salary the UK provides is much higher than AngularJS as well as React developer salary Canada has. There are quite some reasons which we don’t you to bore you with. We have other blog posts dedicated to this topic. But as for now, let’s move on!

ReactJS Developer Salary in Ukraine

DOU demonstrates that in October 2017, the city with the most demand for React devs is Kyiv, followed by Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Odesa. Djinni has identical rates with an exception of Dnipro and Lviv that switched places. Djinni also shows the salaries of the frontend devs who work on React.js, React developer salary, varies between $1,500 to $2,500 per month, $1,500 referring to the junior React developer salary, while seniors are offered up to $3,800 per month. DOU informs that the cost of React JS salary in Ukraine is $1,800, which means that the annual average React developer salary is $21,600. In Kiev React programmer salary is around $2,000-2500* per month, in Kharkiv they make $1,500, in Dnipro – $1,300, in Lviv – $1,800.

The bottom line is that Ukrainian React JS developer salary allows you to save over 50% compared to outsourcing, and around 70% compared to in-house hiring which is quite spectacular and worth of consideration. With Ukraine’s booming IT industry, the country houses more than 90,000 IT professionals, of which around 50,000 are software developers. Let’s take a look at the distribution of React developer in different Ukrainian cities (our research will be based on the main IT job boards in Ukraine: and On, the distribution of React developers based on uploaded CVs are as follows:

React Developers Frontend Developers
  • Kyiv – 163
  • Lviv – 31
  • Odessa – 16
  • Kharkiv – 42
  • Zaporizhia – 5
  • Dnipro – 13
  • Kyiv – 438
  • Lviv – 103
  • Odessa – 57
  • Kharkiv – 188
  • Zaporizhia – 11
  • Dnipro – 58

Meanwhile, the demand for React developers based on job postings on DOU are as follows:

React Developers Frontend Developers
  • Kyiv – 26
  • Lviv – 3
  • Odessa – 5
  • Kharkiv – 4
  • Zaporizhia – 3
  • Dnipro – 5
  • Kyiv – 209
  • Lviv – 58
  • Odessa – 31
  • Kharkiv – 56
  • Zaporizhia – 14
  • Dnipro – 30

Ukraine Is the Best Choice to Outsource React Development: How and Why

Ukraine has been recognized as a top outsourcing destination by many credible ratings — the GSA report, the G100 IAOP rating, and many more. Here’s why international tech communities are so attracted to the market with possibly the lowest React developer salary Europe has to offer:

  • The fourth country in the world by tech workforce — Ukraine has the talent pool of over 185,000 IT specialists making it easier to find talent with an affordable front end react developer salary;
  • Is in the list of top 10 countries by the number of STEM college graduates
  • Active tech community — some of the world’s most promising startups — Preply, Grammarly, Petcube, were founded built by Ukrainians
  • Favorable business environment — Ukraine has a steadily growing GDP and is becoming increasingly more business-friendly — the government has signed the Strategic Action Plan 2020, focused on supporting business owners.
  • High cultural affinity towards Western values. A fair share of Ukrainian developers has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science.

The previous info is still not convincing enough? We have some more left in store. You are not gonna believe but there are many companies who outsource or outstaff the Ukrainian ReactJS devs. Among them, there are a lot of well-known and international companies who outsource their projects to Ukraine. IBM, Trip Advisor, Cisco are only some who make use of building React JS teams in Ukraine.

Why should such clients choose React JS development company in Ukraine or any other country for extension of their in-house React team? There are several very important reasons:

  • Reduction of operation costs and office expenses
  • Flexibility in extension or reduction of development React team any time
  • Needed experienced remote experts skilled in rare technologies
  • Quick recruitment without any local constraints in terms of hiring/contracting

With our company, Mobilunity, you have the opportunity to access a diverse pool of ReactJS developers and remote JavaScript developers that are highly skilled and dedicated to collaborating with you on your projects.

Mobilunity as a Perfect Place to Find React JS Developers

We are Mobilunity – a Ukrainian outstaffing company, meaning we are helping out a lot of international IT companies with providing React JS developers or the whole teams who work remotely for their clients. We have over 30 dedicated teams including teams of React coders and we are growing with each month which proves that the model is working, there is nothing to scare about hiring remote teams and it brings only benefits and advantages. Besides having such ridiculously low ReactJS developer salary and not only React comparing to other European countries is no surprise why there is so high demand for React development companies like us.

If you are looking for experienced React.js developers, Mobilunity got you covered. Here’s why we are one of the most reliable dedicated React teams among EU and US-based business owners:

  • Experience and Skill. Mobilunity developers are skilled in JS development, DOM manipulation, handling React workflows — Flux and Redux, RESTful API implementation, and interface design.
  • Reliable and scalable solutions. We make sure that your product is supported by different devices and browser clients, immune to network speed fluctuations, and scalable.
  • Cost-effective development services. Our developers will not charge you for redundant features or with hidden fees. Before the team starts working on the project, we send a client a detailed cost estimate and move on to application development after the budget is confirmed.
  • Agile development. We implement Agile, Scrum, and DevOps methodologies to make sure the project can adapt to ever-changing business needs. As you outsource React programmers, you’ll be able to reduce the time needed to bring the project to the market and maintain it after the release.
  • Collaboration and reporting. Mobilunity developers are transparent — the client is included in the decision-making process and regularly updated on development progress.
  • Comfortable communication. Our React developers have advanced spoken and written English skills. We prioritize clients’ needs and schedule — you will be the one to set appointments and choose the most comfortable way to manage the project.

Still have some questions regarding ReactJS salary? Contact us now to get proper assistance and let us build your team!

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