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Telecom Software Development Services

Telecom is an industry that deals with the process of information exchange with the use of technology. Telecom software development covers all the processes included and helps to increase the efficiency of distant communication means, including radio and video broadcasting as well as the internet. That’s why companies hire not only Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers but also a telecom software development agency to increase their business success.

Telecom software development services help different businesses to provide excellent user experience with a high level of customization. The key factor is the optimization of such processes with the use of the most advanced technologies and reducing production and maintenance costs. It is extremely important for all types of enterprises as it ensures long-distance communication (phone calls, web-conferences), social media presence, and global customer reach (applications, billing, emails, etc). To enhance the performance and scalability of telecom software development services, it is essential to dedicated Erlang developer, as his expertise in handling concurrent connections can significantly improve system reliability and efficiency.

Major companies use telecom software development solutions, namely Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Netflix, and Viber. Also, enterprises like Walmart which are not exclusively an online retailer benefit from such solutions. Telecom software development ensures all types of services starting from food delivery and up to streaming platforms.

To ensure the highest level of security and performance in telecom software development services, it’s crucial to find Rust developers, whose expertise in creating fast and memory-safe applications can drive innovation and efficiency.

Why It’s Worth Using Custom Telecom Software Development Services

Telecom software development is a constantly growing industry as well as FinTech software development. The main reason is that the telecom industry helps companies to go global, increase their audience, and bring the services that customers want. It is all about globalization, which wouldn’t be as rapid as it is without the advanced communication technologies. It is hard to imagine the modern world without the internet and all types of custom online solutions.

Customization is the key to the implementation of the best practices for your industry and enterprise. Telecom covers a huge amount of means of information transition for different purposes. Online retailers like Amazon are interested in selling products online in the easiest and fastest way. At the same time, providers like Viber are interested in the attraction of a wider audience without direct sales and with the provision of the best customer experience. That’s why an excellent telecommunication software development agency always focuses on custom solutions for each client.

Mobilunity can provide with dedicated development teams that deliver scalable telecom software solutions

Trends and Future of Telecom Software Development

Software telecommunication services include a wide range of solutions that help businesses enter the global market and bring their products to a broader audience. The most popular solutions are mobile apps, web platforms and services, e-commerce solutions billing, streaming service, etc.

One of the main trends in telecommunication software development services in recent years has been a focus on developing mobile solutions. It has to do with the increase of mobile devices use and the fact that they are now the major part of internet traffic.

Another essential factor of successful software development in telecommunication is its constant struggle for innovation. It uses the most advanced technologies to make telecommunication more effective, affordable, and user-friendly. The future trends of telecom software development include the use of:

  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

Custom Telecommunication Software Development Services

Usually telecommunication software development agency offers a wide range of telecom services for enterprises of all industries, such as:

  • Operations Support Systems (OSS). Development, support, and maintenance of telecom networks to ensure that they work efficiently. It includes VoIP services and monitoring of network performance and security. This ensures that telecom products and means of a company work flawlessly and smoothly.
  • Business Support Systems (BSS). Development and maintenance of custom business solutions, like billing systems, customer interfaces and portals, CRM systems, and data gathering and analysis for future updates. The main advantage is solving a particular company’s issues, increasing productivity, efficiency, and customer experience.
  • Custom development of corporate portals. It helps to bring clarity and automation into internal business processes and make project management more effective.
  • Software development in telecom billing. It helps a company to create smart billing solutions that are comfortable for users, like paying via mobile app.
  • Custom web and mobile application development. Creation of robust apps tailored to the project’s needs that help companies to enhance their services and open new opportunities for business growth.

A professional telecommunication software development company can increase the efficiency of both internal and external business processes and boost customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Working with Telecommunication Software Development Company

Working with a professional service provider in telecom is essential for companies of all sizes. A senior software engineer for telecom startup or large corporation is as important. Here are the main benefits of working with a professional telecom software engineer team:

  • It helps to stay on top of all innovation and advance technologies, like cloud computing, machine learning and the use of big data.
  • Outsourcing telecom tasks helps a company to concentrate on the quality of products and services they provide, while devs care about increasing customer experience.
  • It helps medium-sized companies and large corporations to enter the global market with their products.
  • It ensures the scalability of telecom solutions and their customization for your company’s needs.

Mobilunity has a proven track of providing companies in this industry with dedicated engineers who are ready to offer high-quality telecom software development no matter how complex tasks can be.

Telecom Software Engineer Resume Sample

To get a better grip on the skills, knowledge, and competences required from an excellent specialist in this industry, have a look at this software developer resume telecom example.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript, .NET, HTML5 & CSS
  • Knowledge of network architecture (LAN/WANS)
  • Strong skills in client-server applications, VoIP, SIP, and TDM protocols
  • Understanding of telecom and computer network engineering best practices
  • Troubleshooting, testing, and updating telecom solutions
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies
  • Project management and communication skills


  • Assistance and development of custom telecom solutions
  • Management of networks and data center infrastructure
  • Proactive maintenance and updating of existing telecom solutions
  • Development of mobile and web telecommunication applications
  • Remote installation, support, and monitoring of the company’s telecom infrastructure
  • Configuration and administration of call accounting systems


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Get Diverse Telecom Software Solutions with Mobilunity

Mobilunity may find for you a great team of software engineers to develop billing platforms for telecom and other custom solutions. Find here a talented developer or build the whole team to program a solution that is suitable for your particular business model and purpose, whether it is:

  • OSS and BSS systems based on the needs of a client and its network
  • Telecom network management applications
  • Video broadcasting platform
  • Internal or external corporate platform
  • Customer web portals
  • Custom mobile or web app, including billing solutions
  • Clients’ contacts software solutions
  • Contact management software – CRM systems

By working with well-skilled developers we find for our clients, they increase their productivity with the use of innovative technology and cloud computing. Dedicated teams of telecom software devs tailor custom solutions that your business needs, support, and maintain them, as well as cover every part of telecommunications, including performance analysis and management.

Mobilunity – Trusted Software Telecommunication Services Provider

Mobilunity is an experienced outstaffing company that can find professionals for almost any project, whether it is an offshore Java development or software development in telecommunication. Our experienced recruiters are happy to find the best telecom systems software engineer for your company’s needs and purposes. Here are key benefits of partnering with Mobilunity:

  • We have more than 9 years of experience in this field and more than 40 satisfied international customers to prove our level of expertise and credibility.
  • Kyiv is a constantly growing IT hub with an international reputation. We offer you easy access to the local talent pool to find the suitable software engineer telecommunication team.
  • We share international business ethics and values, build on efficiency, agility, and excellent results.
  • We have more than 200 employees, which allows us to provide services fast, efficient, and at reasonable pricing.

 If you are looking for an outstanding telecom software development agency to assist you with your project, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Mobilunity professionals today and get instant help!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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