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Just a few decades ago, the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning development was nothing more than overhyped software that actually offered very little intelligence. With advancements in technology, however, the processing power of computers quickly improved, and this paved the way to creating machines that more closely resembled the idea that AI created in people’s minds. Now, we have machines that can see and learn through the methods of computer vision and machine learning. In this article, we take a look at OpenCV, a popular tool that brings computer vision and machine learning in the hands of many developers.

OpenCV: An Overview

Initially launched in 1999, OpenCV’s goal is to aid in the creation of computer vision and machine learning applications by laying down a common infrastructure for such applications on which developers can build and develop. The tool is an open-source project first started by Intel’s research lab, but support for the project has since been taken over by OpenCV.org, a non-profit foundation.

Capabilities and Technologies

With over 2500 algorithms, the OpenCV software library is capable of performing several computer vision and machine perception tasks, including:

  • Facial recognition and object identification
  • Iris recognition
  • Motion tracking
  • Human action classification
  • Building three-dimensional models of various objects
  • Stitching images together to create large, high-resolution images
  • Finding images similar to an input image
  • Removal of red eyes from images captured with flash
  • Eye motion tracking
  • Scenery recognition
  • Overlaying surroundings with augmented reality using visual markers

The library is written in C and C++, but has bindings for other programming languages such as Java, Python, and MATLAB. Furthermore, it has wrappers for other languages such as C#, Ruby, Perl, and Haskell. It also supports various operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

OpenCV Usage Statistics

OpenCV has been downloaded over 16 million times and has a community of over 47,000 users. Its GitHub repository has received over 18,478 stars and has 782 contributors as of writing. Among the prominent companies that employ the library are Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, IBM, Intel, Toyota and Honda.

opencv developer for hire

Sample Projects

Here are some interesting sample projects that use the OpenCV library:

  • 3D(ollar) Scanner – In this project, the developer created a 3D scanner for only around $3. With the help of a camera and OpenCV, this project can give you a 3D model of different objects.
  • Cassapa Augmented Reality Pool Game – This project uses OpenCV to help you in a pool game by detecting and analyzing your position and the table’s configuration, calculating the angles, and providing you with the right angle at which you should hit your cue ball via a projector.
  • Face and Eye Detection Using OpenCV – This project uses OpenCV running on Raspberry Pi. It uses some machine learning algorithms to detect and recognize people through their face or even just through their eyes.
  • Smart Gates – This project utilizes OpenCV’s character recognition algorithms to automatically read a vehicle’s plate number and check if that vehicle is registered or not. If it is registered, it automatically opens the gates to let the vehicle in, otherwise it will notify the administrator that an unregistered vehicle is at the gates.
  • Autonomous vehicle – This project makes use of various sensors to enable a vehicle to drive autonomously, and it allows the vehicle to follow street lanes, avoid obstacles, park, and overtake other vehicles.

Pros and Cons

Though there are many benefits to using OpenCV for computer vision tasks, the technology may also have its own set of drawbacks. Let’s explore some of its advantages and disadvantages.

pros and cons of opencv development


  • Open-source – Since OpenCV is open-source, it’s free and offers the support of its online community of developers
  • Fast – Since OpenCV is natively a C/C++ library, it can be very quick and suitable for real-time applications, especially when used with these languages
  • Portable – OpenCV can be installed on many different operating systems and even supports mobile devices
  • Supports Multiple Languages – OpenCV has bindings and wrappers for a lot of languages other than C and C++
  • Mature – OpenCV has been around since 1999 and has seen continuous research and development, so its technology has had enough time to mature and stabilize


  • May be Difficult to Use – Since OpenCV is a software library, it will require a lot of coding regardless of the programming language chosen
  • May Have Memory Leaks – Since OpenCV is based on C/C++, it inherits some of the problems of these languages, most notably memory leaks

OpenCV Developer Skills

With the current advancements in technology, the possibilities for computer vision and machine learning are nearly limitless, so it would be highly beneficial to hire OpenCV C++ developer and invest in OpenCV programming. Here are some additional skills to look for in a good OpenCV developer.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning AlgorithmsOpenCV has many machine learning algorithms available at the disposal of the OpenCV developer, but these algorithms might not be fully utilized if not understood properly. A good OpenCV programmer must understand the purpose of each of these algorithms in order to know which ones to use for each application.

Proficiency in the Language

Proficiency in the LanguageOpenCV has support for many different programming languages, and whichever you choose for your project, the developer must be highly proficient in that language in order to use the OpenCV library with ease.


ElectronicsSince OpenCV is typically used with some hardware such as a camera and some Arduino or Raspberry Pi kits, the developer must have at least some knowledge on how to operate and connect these hardware components together.

OpenCV Developer Resume

To give you a better picture of developer’s typical background in OpenCV development company, here’s a sample OpenCV developer resume.

sample of opencv developer resume

OpenCV Developer Salary

If you’re in search of an OpenCV or Python developer for hire, one major concern would be the price. Let’s estimate and compare the salaries of developers in different countries to determine where it would be wisest to hire OpenCV programmer from. In this comparison, we obtain our information from PayScale, a website that gives average gross salaries in different occupations based on self-reported figures. We look at the salaries of software OpenCV engineers in general, and although this may not be accurate estimates of OpenCV developer salaries, it will nevertheless give us the relative rates of developers in different countries.

According to PayScale, the average gross annual salaries of OpenCV engineers in various countries are as follows:

salary of opencv programmerComparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of Software Engineers in Different Countries (Source: PayScale)

From the above figures, Ukraine clearly stands out as the country with the most affordable rates to hire OpenCV developers from. Compared to hiring an OpenCV programmer Toronto, for instance, hiring from Ukraine will give you over 57% savings.

Hire OpenCV Developers Now

OpenCV is a very powerful library that brings artificial intelligence into the hands of developers and features the latest in computer vision and machine learning technologies. For instance, it features a face detection technology that works in various languages: whether you need Python face recognition or a face recognition algorithm in Java, it has everything you need. Now that you’ve learned a great deal about the technology and the OpenCV development cost: how much is to hire OpenCV engineer, it’s a good time to start! Here in Mobilunity, we have exceptional developers skilled in OpenCV and many other state-of-the-art technologies to help bring all your ideas to fruition. Located in the heart of Ukraine, we not only have the best talents across all of Europe, but our rates are one of the lowest in the continent, too!

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