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Reasons to Choose Mobilunity as Your Nearshoring Vendor

There were 4 reasons spotted why companies choose Mobilunity. They’re unique to the year of 2021, as things evolved into a very special market conditions now.

VENDOR SIZE. A size of ~200 is a good size to form a team of 1-40. A company of a headcount of 2000 will not be a good nearshoring vendor to someone in searches for the team of 2.

PRICE. With the pricing model “cost-plus”, our price to the client always consists of two parts – actual developer salary and a “plus” part. What’s important is that your software developers get MOST of what you pay. As if not – and PLUS part is WOW, you get rich Vendor but not very well paid Developers. You don’t want that!

TRANSPARENCY. In our Relationships built, in all means of Vendor representation – this is very hard to organize but indeed quite easy to sell :) As if you have not much to hide, this is a very strong position on a market.

CHEMISTRY. The client who inspired me for this talk has not talked to me personally yet, but they did with my team. Let me be a bit of a school science geek then, as we already mentioned Chemistry – now it is Math turn :) I refer to Transitivity. If my new client chose us having chemistry with my team, and my team has chemistry with me (I hope), we think the client will have great chemistry with me, too, eh? :)

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