7 Pros of Nearshore Software Development in Ukraine

With the Ukrainian tech scene getting attention from commentators around the world, the country’s role in nearshoring and IT consulting services are set to grow. A Forbes report comparing Ukraine to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and New York, identifies four distinct parts of the Ukrainian tech sector:

  • Outsourcing, also the largest segment
  • R&D for big companies like Samsung and others
  • eCommerce
  • Ukrainian tech startups, where the country shows great promise

In the outsourcing sector, Ukraine is now emerging as one of the world’s leaders.

nearshore development outsourcing

What Is Nearshore Software Development?

To get bespoke software development company more cheaply, many Western businesses are looking abroad to nearshore software development. Nearshoring is an outsourcing model, but it focuses on accessing resources within close proximity of the company doing the outsourcing. Since work occurs in the same time zone, or closely linked zones, the work day is easier to synchronize. Team meetings and other daily interactions can carry on almost as if all workers were in the same office. With nearshore software development, companies in Western Europe can outsource to Ukrainian development companies to take advantage of Ukraine offers.

Large Companies Nearshoring to Ukraine

According to Forbes, many large companies are either seeking nearshore outsourcing companies in Ukraine, or setting up shop within the country. This is due to the positives of locating operations or outsourcing operations to Ukraine. Below, we chart the team size of some big companies nearshoring in Ukraine.

large companies use nearshore development services of Ukraine

Advantages of Ukraine Nearshore IT Outsourcing

Ukraine has a strong IT sector that continues to grow and contribute to the global economy. The country’s developers are highly skilled in trending technologies that are in high demand with businesses all around the world. Western businesses from Europe, Canada, the U.S., and other countries have come to prefer Ukraine for its advantageous positioning, including the following benefits.

advantages of nearshore it outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine Is Within 1-2 Hours of Western European Companies

Ukraine is in the GMT+2 time zone. The time zone difference between clients in Western Europe and Ukraine is only 1-2 hours. This means that communication takes place faster. Work can be reviewed, approved and amended much faster than when a European company outsources to Asia. Countries like India and China will be hours ahead of the client’s time, creating complications for both sides. When you nearshore or offshore teams to Ukraine, however, the proximity in time simplifies workflows. The time savings can deliver you a complete product much faster than with other options.

Ukraine Saves Western Companies Significant Money on Costs

According to ITO News, Western businesses see savings of as much as 60% when nearshoring to Ukraine. The cost of living as well as labor costs are much lower in Ukraine than in countries such as the U.K, Germany and France. A team of Ukrainian nearshore software developers will be much more cost-effective than a team of similar talent in, say, Germany. Businesses from across the West have therefore set up teams in Ukraine to do everything from software design to development and IT support.

High English Language Skill in Ukraine Facilitates Quick Communication

Ukraine’s developers are highly skilled at the English language, with 40% being fluent at the language. In the universities, they have multiple opportunities to master the language, as well as at the start of their careers. Since many technical manuals for programming languages and projects are in English, mastering the language is a necessity for those interested in programming. As a result, aspiring developers learn English alongside their main areas of expertise, whether programming or another concentration. In addition, many seek learning opportunities on their own to improve their English language skills.

Outsourcing Firms in Ukraine Provide Supplementary Training

Ukraine is ranked 5th among global exporters of IT services. To keep their employees improving and maintain their edge over competitors, many Ukrainian IT firms provide developers learning opportunities. Firms in the West have a harder time investing in comprehensive training programs given the often-prohibitive cost of such programs. Nearshore development outsourcing firms, however, see things differently, and are able to invest in the technology skills of their workforce. In addition, training costs for a Ukrainian nearshore development firm are much lower than in the West, making these efforts more attractive. The result is that a middle-level Ukrainian software developer can end up knowing his field of expertise much more comprehensively than a Western colleague.

Ukrainian Culture Is Closer to Western Traditions than Other Destinations

Cultural differences can sometimes pose problems for clients and service providers particularly when work is done remotely. Ukraine, however, is noted for the honesty of its people and the close alignment in values with those of businesses in the West. This makes it easy for a Western business to quickly find a qualified nearshoring partner in Ukraine. In other regions of the world, it takes a much longer time since the client has fewer prospects who share their culture. In addition, cultural differences and miscommunication can derail a project if not handled well. This creates risk that a project in which a business is investing might not be completed in time or at all. Nearshoring to Ukraine gives you, the client, peace of mind that things will get done in the way you expect.

Ukraine’s Thriving Technology Sector Offers Diverse Opportunities

According to BeingGeeks, Ukraine’s universities turn out more 36,000 technical studies graduates each year. With such a deep pool of graduates, companies involved in everything from financial applications to machine learning and robotics can find the resources to implement projects. ComputerWeekly notes that highly sophisticated applications can be made in Ukraine. The magazine notes that many candidates have backgrounds in technology areas such as physics and mathematics at the graduate level. Ukraine’s tech industry therefore has the right ingredients for innovative clients looking to create the next big thing, whatever they may have in mind.

Highly Skilled Developers in Ukraine Are Among the World’s Best

Ukrainian developers have gained a positive reputation given the trend towards big businesses operating in the country. The concentration of technical talent is a great positive for businesses looking to access software developers in the country. In 2015, for example, according to ITO News, there were 90,000 developers in the country. With so many expert developers available, clients can quickly build apps that compete at world-class standards. The population of Ukraine developers is expanding rapidly. This creates room for growth and ensures that clients new to the Ukrainian scene can find talent for their needs. According to data by, there will be more than 200,000 developers in Ukraine by the year 2020.

Leverage Mobilunity, Ukraine’s Cutting Edge Nearshore Team

Mobilunity is one of Ukraine’s leading nearshore development and software outsourcing services providers. With an expert team of developers, designers and project managers, Mobilunity offers exceptional advantages to clients. The company has developed a full spectrum of specialist IT offerings covering areas like:

  • Web development
  • Ecommerce development
  • Mobile app development

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Nearshoring that Puts Relationships First

In addition, you can leverage Mobilunity’s special strengths including a deep customer satisfaction focus. Our nearshore programming firm makes sure your projects are implemented smoothly and in a timely way. With our deep mastery of technology, projects can frequently be accomplished ahead of schedule.

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