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How to Run Your Nearshore Team Effective

Working with clients running their hybrid team of onsite (local) and offsite (nearshore, remote) software developers, I observe just a few general patterns to speak of. 
Out of them, there are two radical approaches I do not usually welcome. 

First is when the client ignores the hybridness aspect of the engagement with the devs, having one big policy on everything for everyone,
Second is when the client treats onsite people as own, and offsite – as freelancers, temps.

To me and in our experience, first are ineffective and spend more than they could, while second are short-sighted in their team building strategy, unless the temps are called and treated as temps on purpose (which was never the case in our experience).

At the entrance to our company, my team and I always ask what sort of team setup the client aims to build. For how long this team would need to function, what would be the cost of newbie onboarding and, respectfully, an onboarded team member loss.

Whether all 3 Rs of our Nearshoring model – Recruiting, Retention and Relationships – are those the client is intentionally willing to invest into. As if not – hybrid model will not survive as whether too expensive or too inconsistent with their remote development team part.

How to Run Your Nearshore Team
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