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How to Verify What Your Potential Nearshoring Vendor Says

I know almost every company in our nearshoring model claims they are the best in (here comes the list). And this standard pitch was always making me doubt – if we say alike things, how can a potential client verify what we say?

Ideally, there are absolute and dry facts that the client sees, and puts into comparison with else vendors.

What these facts may be?

  1. Transparency. Speaking of remote dedicated development teams, ask your vendor how they form the price and what they charge in addition to what the team will actually make. Whether it is “corporate secret” or it is not, fact it is.
  2. Who the vendor works with. Name the clients, and let the potential one talk to them. Of course not every client wishes/allows to be listed, we all understand it, so should be you. But, name a few and talk to these few. As dry as it may be.
  3. Contract itself. Have your Vendor make you a 1 A4 summary of those 20+ pages, to see what you and your Vendor contractually obligate to. And compare these with else contracts. No emotions, all on a paper.

While I like operating our achievements a lot (may it be staff or client retention numbers, speed of recruiting, or level of relationships we have with our clients), these numbers are hard to verify. You would need to trust. And ideally, this trust comes from something objective, like my 3 points above.

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