Key Factors to Be Considered before Selecting the Right Vendor for Nearshoring Services

What are the key factors to be considered before selecting the right vendor for nearshoring services? Transparency, flexibility and most importantly the mindset and fit of the Vendor’s management team.

In my experience those are the most critical factors for a company to consider in a vendor, once they have already chosen nearshore dedicated dev team as a model.

Why so? Well, you won’t be building a remote team by yourself, so you will have to rely on other people who will actually be interacting face to face with your remote engineers on a daily basis. The way these people organize a working environment for the team, the way they approach problems (as there will be some!) and the way you are notified on the entire picture is very important, so that you can make sure you are making the right decisions both for you and your team. These are all critical questions you must have answers to before making a choice on a vendor.

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