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Mobilunity May Be Helpful with Nearshoring, Consultancy, and Recruiting Models

Had 4 precious people talked to these days on “how business is going”.
We are fine, thank you!
Doing great services, paying our people their very well deserved pay, donating to the Army and organizations empowering our nation further.
But, needless to say – a (Ukrainian-flavored) word of mouth is the best fuel to our business!

Thus, I would be very much thankful for any sort of recommendations sent to our side, and as a short reminder, this is the list of what we may be helpful with:

1 – our primary model – nearshoring – full-time developers hired by Mobilunity both in Ukraine and elsewhere (!), and provisioned as a full-time resource at our clients’ disposal. We as the Vendor take a fixed monthly fee on top of the fixed developer’s gross salary.

1.1 – our primary model extension from IT talent alone to pretty much ANY sort of talent – works the same way, for a Client Support team, or for Designer, or for Recruiter, or for Data Entry Specialist. The difference only comes in the amount of our margin – we would cut our margin here comparing to point (1).

2. so-called CONSULTANCY model. While 1st models come for “full-time long term engagements”, this is the opposite – we offer handpicked consultants from our database, on an hourly basis. Thus, may go well for Specific Problem Advisory, or Remote CTO Advisory, or short-term engagement in some project, for 5-50-500 hours, or so. There were 20+ consultants committing commercial man-hours in March, out of our current pool of 200+ who may be interested in hourly-paid engagements.

3. Recruiting-as-a-Service. We offer our recruiting’s team expertise in sourcing candidates (tech candidates, IT) worldwide, for remote or onsite engagement by the clients themselves. This service is equal to any Recruiting Agency, and during 2022-I,II,III we charge only 15% of a gross annual salary of the candidate hired.

May seem much but this is all connected. As you see, these all services come from our expertise and ability of recruiting the very best talent, everywhere in the world, ensuring retention processes on them saving our clients tons of time and money on day to day administrative support of the teams of theirs, and, by deeper growing our relationships with our partners and clients who get more and more from these links our core expertise brings them.

A picture attached is a gentle reminder we are damn transparent in what we do, always. We give you the numbers, we show you what to expect from your teams and from us as the Vendor. We will be telling you all the news, in a way they are, being very straight and to the point. Something we feel is an old Ukrainian tradition we are totally in line with!

Clutch’s awards in my (far for now) office in Kyiv prove this transparency of ours converted into the quality in past. And, more to come in the future!

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