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Nearshoring – Is It Always Hit or Miss?

Nearshoring is your next strategy, and you are ready to dive in. 50% possible you will be happy in 6 months, yet other 50% you will be certain this was the most stupid decision ever made.

So, Nearshoring – is it always Hit or Miss?

It should not be. Nearshoring may be IT, yet with questions well considered beforehand. Such as:

11. Are you ready for “remote collaboration” frameworks? Not only this will be unusual if you are not used to that, it will also be more time consuming and less emotionally sensitive to you and your colleagues who will need to learn new skill – remote team management.

12. How prepared is your current team? Will they be supporting your move, or they will be blind guessing the nature of your decision and their own career future in your organization?

13. What is your expectation from your Vendor? Shall it be “just give me the people”, you do not need Nearshoring, you need a global recruiting service and lots of patience to handle little things I bet you are not prepared to – but, this might be way better move than hunting for a whale to feed one man (and no, please don’t kill whales for food!!).

The 20+ questions long, to have a long & honest conversation. And one is worth having, to prevent the move you might be sorry about too soon!

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