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What Questions to Ask about Dedicated Developers Churn Rate

It is rare month when a company of our size has zero dev resignations. Retention of remote software development teams is one of the major criteria you must be assessing when choosing a Vendor.

Asking a question “what’s your churn rate” be specific though, as this question is VAGUE and leaves space for misunderstanding, and thus, wrong numbers operation. I googled just now and one of the 1st results was this page and while one is a good introduction article I think this is not right approach for our business model!

Things I recommend to specify when asking about Churn rate:

  • count only “unplanned resignations by employees’ will”, as you do not really need to care about “project is over” or “developer was terminated by the client” (this particular statistics is interesting to dig into for else matter)
  • depending on your needs, do or do not include part time employees engaged with your Vendor

In addition to the number, ask your Vendor how they count Retention overall, how they segment the reasons, as this explanation will give you a full feel whether or not Retention’s “R” is one of 3Rs your Nearshore Vendor has: Recruiting, Retention and Relationships

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