How to Choose Top IT Consulting Firm for Your Business

Over the years the business world became highly competitive which can mostly be seen through how demanding modern clients are. This is especially relevant for the IT industry as it is growing rapidly these days. To keep up with such conditions and not lose their ‘spotlight’ modern companies often turn to something called ‘IT technical consulting services company’ or to IT advisory. This term is relatively and therefore requires some explanation.

IT Consulting Companies: An Overview

IT consulting companies became a big hit lately. Basically, they provide IT specialists who offer consulting services to various companies and private entrepreneurs. However, do not think of such services as of simple pieces of advice, the best IT consulting company can bring your company to the top, by developing your very own business strategy.

Such services are getting higher and higher in demand lately, as they allow companies to find a unique and 100% appropriate solution for their and their customers’ needs solution. In the modern realities of high supply on the IT market, it is more than relevant, which is proved by one of the latest Statista’s reports.

IT consulting and services aimed at supporting all kinds of work processes in an enterprise carried out using modern technologies. In a nutshell, these are specialized consultations in the field of computer hardware and software. They allow a company to find out the effectiveness of the use of information technology, to obtain significant advantages when working with clients, as well as significantly increase profits.

Main Tasks of IT Consultant Firms

IT consulting solves a lot of important issues:

  • Determines the level and effectiveness of computer maintenance.
  • Increases enterprise productivity.
  • Improves manageability and ensures transparency of the enterprise at all levels.
  • Defines the level of data protection.
  • Checks and improves the efficiency of enterprise communications.
  • Evaluates the productivity of enterprise IT professionals.
  • Determines the effectiveness of installed software, and, if necessary, proposes modernization measures.

Very often, key decisions in the field of IT development are not made based on an analysis of the current market situation, development strategies and requirements of business processes, but only on the basis of materials in periodicals and conferences. Mostly, the number of failed implementations of corporate information systems reaches a fairly large percentage of the total number of modifications.

Often the main reason for the failure of the implementation project is the wrong choice, both the system itself and IT consulting services company. Today, the main customers of IT solutions are large enterprises, but the interest of medium-sized companies in the implementation of information systems is growing steadily, and if the choice of corporate information systems for large companies is largely determined by the size of the business and is limited to only a few alternatives, then the choice is not so clear for the medium-sized companies.

In this case, in addition to ensuring the quality of the analysis, it is necessary to ensure its independence, therefore, the involving of IT consulting specialists to support the strategic decision-making process can be justified if the decision-making methodology is transparent and open. Only in the case of using IT consultancy firms’ services performed by experienced specialists using proven methods can an objective solution be obtained that guarantees an independent point of view.

Difference Between IT Advisory and IT Consulting

Representatives of both IT advisory and IT consultancy firms are called consultants, but still, the difference between them is significant. These consultants have one common goal: to offer a long-term solution to a client’s problem. However, representatives of IT advisory services and IT consultancy firms have different areas of focus.

IT Advisory identify a problem, offer tools to solve this problem, advise on the effectiveness of possible solutions, test ideas for solving a problem.

IT Consulting immediately solves the problem, simplify processes, offer workable solutions and implement them.

IT advisers work with companies on a long-term basis, holding high positions in the company, and IT consultants offer their services for a short period to solve a specific problem. Hiring an IT consultant for a company can improve the company’s service, enhance IT security and thus increase the company’s revenue.

Which Business Needs Can a Top IT Consulting Company Cover?

So how exactly does this work? When you turn to a local IT consulting company you can expect to receive a detailed strategic, architectural, operational and implementational plan on how to bring your IT ideas into reality. Presenting you with a strategic plan means that your top IT consulting company will assist you in planning your business activity the way that will most likely satisfy your clients’ needs. When it comes down to architecture planning, most top IT consulting firms provide their clients with detailed instructions on how to implement the latest trends in the IT industry for their clients’ needs and build the most effective structure of the company. Operational planning usually means creating the most effective IT environment for the clients’ company. Finally, the implementation planning from an IT consulting agency usually refers to teaching companies’ representatives about how to choose the most effective strategy on persuading clients to try out new products.

How to Choose “the One” Among the Best IT Consulting Firms?

Currently, there are over 100 companies that provide such services. And we are only speaking about those, that are considered to be the top IT consulting firms. In reality, there are more companies like that than you can even imagine. So the question, in this case, is – how to choose the best IT consulting firm for yourself? In case you were wondering about this question yourself – here is the list of things, that you should pay attention to while choosing that top IT consulting company for your business:

choose it advisory or it consulting services company

  • Think about your reasons. Before you actually turn for help to an IT staffing consulting company, think of why you are doing this in the first place. The more specific your requirements and expectations are – the easier it will be for your IT consultant to assist you.
  • Look for experience. Best IT consulting firms usually have an extensive list of clients and lots of examples of previous work to show to you. Someone who just recently was googling how to open an IT consulting company – is definitely not a match for your needs. So make sure that your future vendor has enough experience in his field as even one incompetent decision might greatly affect your business’s success.
  • Find a mutual understanding. IT consulting services often require a deep level of collaboration from both sides, so it is crucial that out of all the best IT consulting firms to work for you, you will find the one, that you have the same way of seeing the future of your company with.
  • Talk to their former clients. Any company, that claims to be among the best IT consulting firms, must have a long list of satisfied customers. Before you sign any contract, it would be best, if you talked to some of them first, to find out about nuances of collaboration with this particular company.
  • Check out their approach. Before starting IT consulting company collaboration – find out as much as possible about the approach they use in their work and whether or not it rings to you. Because as you know, the way of consulting of IT consulting firms in USA might differ from those in Europe and that should be taken into consideration.

So these are the main things that you should be thinking of before signing a deal with any of the best IT consulting firms to work for you.

Top IT Consulting Firms: How Much Do Their Services Cost?

The question that makes you wonder the most right now is probably how much would it cost you to pay for services of one of the best IT consulting firms out there? Well, specifically for this occasion we present you with a comparison chart of approximate wages of IT consultants from all over the world. All the numbers were taken from Upwork.

USA UK Canada Germany Switzerland Ukraine
Rate per hour $200 $110 $150 $100 $130 $42

We create this chart to show you the difference in rates all over the world.

top it consulting firms rate per hour

Obviously, Ukrainian specialists’ wages are the lowest, however, that does not mean, that the quality of their services is low as well. The main reason for Ukrainian numbers to be so low is the state of this country’s economy. Due to the low currency exchange rate Ukrainian specialists receive a lesser amount of payment in dollars which equals a standard paycheck in Ukraine.

Choosing a Ukrainian IT Consulting Firm

As you probably have already guessed, it is highly beneficial from a financial point of view to outsourcing IT consulting tasks to Ukrainian companies instead of, let’s say, looking for an IT consulting company in US.

However, reducing your expenses is not the only benefit of collaboration with Ukrainian specialists. In fact, there is a whole list of reasons for you to start looking for your ‘perfect’ IT consulting company in this particular country:

  • Specialists with high education. Most Ukrainian IT specialists have high profile education which makes you pay for a ‘2 in 1’ deal, where you receive an excellent consultant for a fair price.
  • Big talent pool. Usually, Ukrainian IT companies have a big variety of specialists to choose from, so you will definitely find someone who will be a perfect fit for your company or project.
  • High level of expertise. According to Hacker Rank’s report, Ukraine holds a proud 11th place among all countries with the best programmers.
  • Big tech community. Every year Ukraine holds various tech events that gather around the best specialists in the field.

As you see, Ukraine is one of those countries, that combine great prices with outstanding quality, when it comes down to hiring an IT consultant. Therefore you might want to give it a try.find top it consulting company

The Best IT Consulting Companies in Ukraine: Mobilunity

Now that you know how beneficial it is to outsource such tasks as IT consulting to Ukrainian firms, you are probably wondering about which one to choose, as there are so many. If you are aiming for truly outstanding results you might want to take a look at Mobilunity. This company has been on a market since 2010 and has more than a high enough level of expertise to provide these services flawlessly. Also, there are a few more benefits of Mobilunity for your consideration:

  • 24/7 support. Customers can always rely on Mobilunity’s support agents to be there whenever need occurs.
  • Quick employment. You can expect to receive your services within just 4 weeks.
  • Many resumes to choose from. Due to Mobilunity’s extensive talent pool, you will be able to choose among more than a few specialists, which makes your chances of finding a perfect consultant way higher.
  • Location convenience. Mobilunity has an excellent location in the very middle of Eastern Europe, which makes it super easy to contact with your specialists at any time.

Mobilunity Is Your IT Consulting Firm

IT consulting services are rapidly growing in demand with each passing day, leaving for potential clients a big variety of options to choose from. Hopefully, now you know how beneficial it might be for your business to collaborate with such a team. Not only the growth of your company will speed up, but also your customers’ satisfaction level will increase, which is highly important in the IT world. There are various aspects of these services that you could use in your business, depending on your needs.

Now that you know the biggest advantages of these services and requirements for such specialists, it will be easier for you to make a decision. Just follow the mentioned above steps for how to find the IT consulting agency that will work the best just for you.

Keep in mind everything that you have learned about Ukraine and its IT consulting services, as this country is truly one of the best spots to outsource these tasks. Also, check out Mobilunity as their years of experience might come in handy and be a great addition to your future dream team.

So if you are looking for a truly exceptional IT consulting team for your business – do not hesitate to contact Mobilunity and its specialists. Get your professional consulting done in no time and with the best possible quality!


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