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August 8, 2017 - Marina D

What Is Ember Developer Salary in Europe and in the USA?

JavaScript is the programming language of the web, powering every web browser that runs on all devices and operating systems, and its ubiquity has rendered JavaScript the most used language in the world.

Ember JS is the most popular technologies in 2016

Source Stackoverflow: Developer Survey Results 2016

The sheer number of JavaScript developers has, in turn, resulted in the creation of several JavaScript libraries and frameworks that are aimed at making JavaScript development quicker and easier. In this article, we take a close look at one of such JavaScript frameworks: Ember.js.

Ember JS: An Overview

Ember.js was originally released as SproutCore in 2007 by a developer Yehuda Katz, but it was renamed to Ember in 2011. It’s marketed as a JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications by dramatically lessening codes and increasing productivity, and it packs a couple of useful features out of the box.

Among its primary features is its utilization of entities called routers, which reflect all changes within the page onto the web URL so these changes may be shared and accessed by other users. It also enables the creation of dynamic HTML pages by using Handlebars to create web templates. In addition, it stores data in objects called models, and the values in these models may be accessed in HTML templates using expressions. Moreover, Ember.js uses two-way data binding which allows page components and their corresponding models to be constantly synchronized, so that changes in one will automatically cause a corresponding change in the other.

Ember.js supports the convention over configuration paradigm, wherein a lot of default behavior is assumed in the framework based on commonly accepted best programming practices. This reduces the number of decisions a programmer has to make, thereby allowing him to create more functionalities in less time.

Ember.js has gained a lot of traction in the development community since its release. It currently ranks sixth in the top frontend JavaScript frameworks by number of Github stars, with 18,128 stars as of writing. The results of the 2017 Ember Developer Survey show that 33.6% of all developers skilled in Ember are from Europe, the second highest among all continents after North America with 49%.

demographics of Ember developers

Screenshot of Ember.js Developer Demographics from the 2017 Ember Developer Survey

Several prominent companies use Ember.js on their websites, including Amazon, Apple, Target, Bustle, and SquareUp.

Ember Developer Salary Comparison

If you’re looking to avail of EmberJS services or hire an Ember JS developer, one of the first considerations would be the Ember developer salary in different locations, so you can decide where to hire developers from. Therefore, let’s take a look at the usual Ember dev salaries in the US as well as in different countries in Europe. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which reports the average gross salaries for different occupations, and we take a look at JavaScript developers, which include Ember JS developers. Note that these salaries are self-reported, so the values may not be accurate, but this comparison will nevertheless give us the general picture of the relative Ember developer salary in different countries.

According to salary reporting website PayScale, the average gross annual salaries of JavaScript developers in the USA and various European countries are as follows:

Ember developer salary in different countries

Comparison of JavaScript Developer Average Gross Annual Salaries in the USA and Europe (data from PayScale)

Evidently, Ukraine has the lowest JavaScript developer salary among all countries compared, so hiring an Ember JS developer from Ukraine would be your most economical choice.

Hire Ember JS Developer Now

After learning about the Ember.js framework and the benefits it brings to web development, as well as the typical salaries of an Ember developer in different countries, now is the time to hire an Ember.js developer. From the salary comparison, we have seen that Ukraine offers the lowest rates for developers. More than that, Ukraine has a booming IT industry with a lot of highly skilled IT professionals, so Ukraine would be an ideal place to hire developers from.

get high quality EmberJS services or developer for hire right away

You can get excellent EmberJS services or hire dedicated Ember JS developers from a dedicated teams provider like Mobilunity. Located in the heart of Ukraine and of Europe, we are accessible to all European countries, and we offer the best IT talents at the most affordable rates across all of Europe.

CVs of Some of Our JS and Ember Developers

CV #1

Ember JS developer for hire


CV #2 Ember JS Developer


  • development of Web UI for finance company
  • code review
  • optimization for better performance


  • Languages: C#, SQL, JavaScript/EcmaScript 2015-2017/TypeScript,
  • Frameworks: Ember.js, Aurelia, React/Native/Redux, Angular Material/Strap/UI, Angular 1 & 2, Backbone/Marionette, Knockout/Durandal, Vue.Js/VueX,
  • Common.js/Require.Js/System.Js/Webpack, Rx.Js, jQuery/jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap 3 & 4, Handlebars/Jade, Underscore/Lo-Dash, Ext.Js …

Get in touch with us now to find the best Ember JS developer for your next project and request their CV!

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