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Hire Ember JS Developers

JavaScript is a programming language that was created specifically for web development needs. It allows us to implement active objects into a static page and, therefore, making it more user-friendly. Over the years, JavaScript became one of the best programming languages out there and it is widely used by programmers all over the globe. While JavaScript is a powerful scripting language on its own, pure JavaScript codes can get quite long and messy, especially for complex tasks. This has motivated the development of the many JavaScript frameworks currently in use, all of which aim to make JavaScript coding a less cumbersome endeavor.

JavaScript frameworks are specific tools for building dynamic web, mobile and desktop applications using this programming language. Usually, JS development teams use JS frameworks where it is impossible or very difficult to perform the task using other tools. In the vast majority of cases, frameworks are used to write the so-called Single Page Applications. This means that everything that happens on the website, happens on this one particular page, without a direct transition from it. Now lately a huge number of various JavaScript frameworks were created but the one that we are going to talk about in this article is called Ember.JS.

Ember JS Development and Demand for Ember.js Developers for Hire

To begin with, Ember programming is ‘a thing’ for 7 years already, as Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz have released this framework in 2011. This trend of growth in the software development services Australia will also continue for the next years.  At that time, the whole Ember development team consisted of just 10 specialists. But as the project and its ‘fan base’ grew, the number of developers was growing accordingly. Speaking shortly, Ember JS is an open framework for JavaScript that allows one to create complex as well as single-page applications.

Another area of this framework’s use lays within the web development field, which means that you can easily use Ember.JS to create desktop and mobile applications. Now Ember JS is one of the favorite frameworks of most programmers, from beginners to pros who work for big corporations. You might be wondering what makes it so special after all? There is a long list of things that make this JS framework one of the best: Ember JS development allows you to use Babel, which provides the support for ES2016

  • Support for testing tools such as Testem and QUnit. This way Ember JS developer can get access to the module and integrated testing.
  • Deep links support by using development models that create URL-routs before anything else.
  • Interactive web page reload
  • The ability to connect to any API
  • Easy to understand for beginners
  • All you need to know to learn Ember JS is JavaScript
  • There are lots of updates every once in a while but get this – the release of a new update does not mean, that the older version of this framework will not be working as well

When the Ember JS team was in the process of creating their product, they tried to take all the best features from already existing frameworks. The main task they were putting in front of themselves was to follow the philosophy ‘get things done as fast as possible’. We must admit that from this point of view Ember JS is practically flawless.

demographics of ember.js developers

A screenshot is taken from Ember Community Survey on Ember.js developer demographics

Ember JS: Technology Overview

Aimed at dramatically reducing codes and boosting productivity, Ember JS offers several neat features. Perhaps its biggest feature is its use of routers, which ensure that every action is translated into the URL, so that shared URLs will direct visitors to the exact page and state that is intended to be shared. It also uses templates written in Handlebars syntax, which enables developers to include dynamic HTML contents in the form of expressions, and entities called models, which contain persistent state information used within the web application. Like AngularJS, Ember.JS also features two-way binding, which constantly synchronizes the model data and the pages being viewed. Among the competitors of the JavaScript Ember framework are React, AngularJS, Backbone.JS, and Node.js, and several comparisons of React vs Ember vs other technologies are available online.

How Many Ember.JS Programmers for Hire Are There?

Considering how long this framework has been on the market, it is only obvious that it now has an extensive group of ‘fans’ from all over the world. According to this data, more than 71 thousand websites are operated with Ember.JS as part of their front-end. Double that number – and you will get an approximate number of how many Ember.JS developers are out there. As for the location – most of these websites are located in language speaking countries like the United States or the United Kingdom.

If you look at the diagram from the same source above, you will also see that for the last couple of years the popularity of Ember JS development grew significantly. That can be easily explained by all those amazing features that we discussed previously. Created as the SproutCore framework in 2007 and renamed to Ember.JS in 2011, it has acquired a significant user base in Europe. According to the 2017 Ember Community Survey, 33.6% of all Ember.JS developers come from Europe, second only to North America at 49%.

As for this data, you can witness yourself that Ember JS development is often used in business. The most typical employer of Ember JS developer is a computer software company with 10-50 employees and from 1 to 10 million dollars in revenue. The biggest amount of Ember JS developers can be seen in companies that deal with computer software, as is seen from this data. Next comes the staffing and recruiting field and the third place is taken by companies that work in the Information Technology and Services field. Some Ember programmers are working in human resources of even the marketing field, but they are rather a minority in this case.

How Can Ember JS Developer Be Any Good For Your Business?

You can benefit in many ways by deciding to hire Ember.JS developer for your company. Several prominent companies use the help of Ember.JS team on their websites, including Yahoo!©, LinkedIn©, and Netflix©. There are also plenty other examples of successful integration of Ember JS team into business. Most companies use this framework as part of their JavaScript structure, as it allows to focus more on the structure of the app than on writing the complex code.

A great example of successful implementation of the work of EmberJS team would be Super Rentals. By checking it out you will immediately understand how Ember developer can implement his or her knowledge into reality, by creating an app. Another example that you could check out is called Builds. This is the app, that was precisely build by developers from team Ember to show the capabilities of this framework. It was intentionally programmed to be pretty complex, to include in it as many features of the product as possible, like, for example, the loading process of Ember.js app via JavaScript.

Ember JS might be a great idea for various startup companies, that are trying to win their place under the sun in terms of huge competition. In this case, it is crucial that the framework works flawlessly and even more importantly – fast. This is where Ember JS is your ‘best friend’ as it was designed exactly for these purposes. Your business will only benefit from implementing Ember JS into it as it will provide you with stability as you have never seen before. Not to mention pretty regular updates, that will supply you with new and cool features for your project. When Ember team was in the process of creating their product, they tried to take all the best features from already existing frameworks.

hire ember js developer

So What Should One Know to Hire Ember JS Team

We live in a world where a ‘pretty picture’ is crucial to almost every business. That is why every respectable company cares a lot about their websites’ and applications’ front ends. And that is when Ember programmer needed is.

As we already mentioned before, Ember.JS is a highly popular framework that is getting better every day. Do not think, though, that it is so easy to become a part of team Ember specialists. To be successfully accepted into Ember.JS team one must possess several skills:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript – you have to learn everything there is to learn about this programming language, before even thinking of applying for a position of Ember.JS developer. JavaScript language is the core skill that a programmer must know before starting to work with any type of framework.
  • Extensive skills in such User Interface Development technologies such as HTML, JSON, CSS, and Sass. While the last three you might not even use, the knowledge of HTML will come in handy for sure.
  • Ability to work as a part of the team. Programming related jobs are often connected within one department. So if one employee fails with his task it might affect the successful work of the whole department.
  •  Analytical skills. Before hiring, a specialist from Ember company must check the analytical skills of this person first.
  • A few cases of successful applications’ development, preferably using Ember.JS

As an Ember.JS programmer, you can be sure, that you will be welcomed into any company, as lots of them use this framework. You can also look for a position at solely Ember company, where this framework will be the only thing that you will be using.

Where To Hire Ember JS Developers or Ember JS Team?

If you are interested in EmberJS company, and looking for Ember JS developer or want to hire React JS developer, there are several ways you can do so. We present three of the most common ways and briefly examine each one.

#1. Hire Freelance Ember JS Developer

You can search for freelancers from freelance portals to find a skilled Ember developer. Here, you can hire an individual as well as a team. Hiring freelancers can be quite cheap, as freelancers lower their rates to be competitive. Moreover, you pay only for the necessary hours required for your project.

However, it comes with some risks. It is a common thing for many freelancers to work from distant locations, and even from a different time zone, so scheduling and collaboration may be a concern. Moreover, freelancers may sometimes opt to suddenly disappear or withdraw from the job, and there is not so much that you can do in this case. In any case, a freelance portal might be a great EmberJS provider for you.

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#2. Hire Ember Developer Through Job Boards

You can also consider an option to post a job for an Ember developer on one of the many available job board websites. Here, you can hire Ember JS developers who will work for you full-time, and for whom you or your company will be considered to be an employer. This largely solves the problem of unreliability, because you will have at least some control over your employees’ schedule and work location, as well as many other work arrangements. However, hiring full-time employees will be a big commitment, as it will entail long-term contracts with your employees. Being their employer, you will also have to pay their taxes and insurance, among others.

#3. Hire Ember JS Developer Offshore

Another option to find Ember JS provider is to hire employees from an offshoring company. These developers continue working in the offshoring company’s office, but they report to and communicate with a client as though they were the client’s employees. With offshoring, in addition to having more control over your developers than when hiring freelancers, you also get flexibility in the cost, because you can opt to increase or decrease the number of developers at any time depending on your project needs. This maximizes your cost efficiency at different stages of project development. Moreover, with offshoring, you will not need to worry about having to pay your developers’ taxes and insurance, as the offshoring company will be handling those things for you. Offshoring proves to be a great middle-ground between hiring freelancers and posting at job boards, and it features low cost and strong control over your projects.

Ember.js Developers Salary Rates: Costs to Hire Ember JS Developers

Before you hire Ember.JS developer you have to realize, that this framework is comparatively new and there are lots of specialists out there, so if you want to hire EmberJS developer, who is good, you cannot neglect the ‘payment’ aspect. So before you put an ad out there that you are ready to hire Ember JS developers, take some time and conduct research on how much does an average specialist like that earns.

According to the 2017 StackOverflow Developer Survey, developers who know JavaScript, including Ember.js and all other JavaScript frameworks, have an average annual rate of $90,000 in the United States and $48,506 in the United Kingdom. Salaries further vary by specific technologies. According to statistics from the job search website Neuvoo, the average annual rate for Ember.js developers in the United States is $97,500. Meanwhile, the average rates for developers in other technologies are: $83,516 for AngularJS, $96,250 for Backbone.js, $84,044 for React, and $82,646 for Node.js consultant.

Average stats on JavaScript Ember Developers US

Screenshot is taken from StackOverflow Developer Survey on average developer salaries per technology in the US

Top Countries to Hire Ember.js Team

Nowadays the demand for Ember JS developers is extremely high. Probably even higher than the actual supply. So you might have a question – where do you look for a good Ember programmer then? The answer is simple – in Ukraine. And right now we will explain to you why. In comparison, according to PayScale, JavaScript developers in Ukraine have an average annual income of $19,200. Ukraine is one of those countries where you might want to start looking for your future Ember.JS developer. The thing is that Ukrainian IT specialists receive the best education in the IT field and most of them are eager to start their web development career abroad. Considering how low are Ukrainian rates, it might be a double win for you and your future employee. This way Ukrainian developers will get the chance to start his career abroad with decent (comparing to Ukrainian ones) rate and you will be able to save up some money. You also have to consider the fact that many Ukrainian programmers prefer to work as freelancers.

Also, according to HackerRank, Ukraine is one of 11 countries that have the best programmers in the world. You might want to consider that data before making a choice. The compilation of high skills and low rates is a gem in the programming world, so do not hesitate before hiring a Ukrainian Ember JS specialist. Nowadays there are lots of companies that you could hire one from, for example, Mobilunity. This company will supply you with top-notch specialists. They have been on a market for a while already, specializing in computer programming, so you will receive exactly what you are aiming for.

Hire Ember.js Developers in Ukraine

So, let’s say, you decided to hire a Ukrainian Ember JS developer, where to look? We say you turn your search campaign to Mobilunity. If you are looking for a reasonable cost to hire Go developers or developer Dropbox contact us now and find your ideal programmer! This company happens to be among leading software development companies in Ukraine and working with them has lots of benefits:

  • Ability to choose – there are quite a few Ember JS specialists for hire from Mobilunity, you can always choose the one you like the most.
  • High professionalism – you can be sure, that Ember JS programmers at Mobilunity have many years of experience, profile education and the long list of qualifications.
  • Big reputation – with years of being on the market, Mobilunity developed a long list of satisfied clients. You can always count on a personalized approach and technical support 24/7.
  • Simplified recruitment process – you will not have to wait long until your new Ember JS employee starts working on your project. Mobilunity will make sure that the whole employment process will not take longer than a week or two.

Have a question about how to hire Ember developer? We will support you with your Ember.js development needs!

Hire Ember.js Developer at Mobilunity

Ember.js is a promising JavaScript framework that is steadily gaining recognition among professionals, and like other frameworks, using it on your website can lead to great improvements in your site’s speed, resource consumption, and code maintainability. Now specialists, who know Ember JS, are hugely in demand, it can be greatly explained by its popularity among big companies and ambitious startup projects. So being one of those programmers, you will most likely not have a problem with finding yourself a job. Though there are some skills that you must obtain before that, we discussed them earlier.

Even though Ember JS is mostly used in the United States and the United Kingdom, we hugely recommend you outsource your Ember JS projects to foreign specialists, for example, Ukrainian ones. This way you will get skilled professionals and CTO consulting and will be able to pay less for their services. Offshoring has emerged as the most practical and economical method to hire remote JavaScript developers. If you are looking to hire React JS developer or Ember JS developers from an excellent company that boasts of outstanding IT talents at affordable rates, you are looking at the perfect team!

Don’t hesitate to hire Ember developer at Mobilunity and request CVs for a review!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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