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Top Countries for Hiring Developers in Eastern Europe

Nowadays, Eastern Europe is now one of the world’s most favorable outsourcing destinations, thanks to a large pool of IT specialists, high-end education, remarkable IT expertise in different fields, and affordable rates for software development outsourcing and IT expert outstaffing. That’s why many companies from the US and the Western market countries are interested in outsourcing software development Eastern Europe.

In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of hiring developers in Eastern Europe, top countries to find highly qualified programmers, and where to hire the best Eastern European developers.

Are Eastern Europe Developers in Demand?

Eastern European developers are in high demand for the Western markets nowadays, and one of the main reasons is the growing IT talent shortage in the US. According to Code.org, with only 71,226 computer science students who graduated last year, the US now has 666,534 open IT positions nationwide, and this gap is only increasing.

Salary rates of Eastern Europe software developers are relatively lower than in the US, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand due to different economic situations and foreign exchange differences. At the same time, Eastern European programmers are known and valued for their solid educational backgrounds, expertise with the latest technology, dedicated approach to work, and great communication skills. 

Eastern European Developers Outsourcing, Nearshoring, Offshoring

Eastern Europe is the top software outsourcing, offshoring, and nearshoring destination for multiple reasons like affordable prices, rich IT talent pool, good command of English. However, there are some differences in terms of the environment for IT outsourcing, nearshoring, and offshoring services compared to the Western markets.

After the collapse of the USSR, Eastern European countries had difficulties with building their economics and developing industry sectors that influenced the growth and development rate of each country that was part of the USSR. Thus, most countries, including Eastern European ones, made a huge investment in their education, which paid back after decades and resulted in a powerful and growing Eastern European IT market. However, the countries developed at different paces that inevitably influenced education, economic, and IT expertise levels, in particular.

That’s why it’s worth checking global country rankings and reports regarding the economic and social factors of a particular country to identify the expertise and growth level and decide on the outsourcing destination. For example, Ukraine is among the top outsourcing destinations in 2019 as per the A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index report, Poland is listed as the ninth favorable outsourcing country according to Tholons report.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Eastern European Web Developers for Western Clients

Here are the reasons why Eastern European developers are great for Western clients:

  • A large pool of IT talents. There are 580,000+ IT specialists in Eastern Europe, which translates into a broad pool of developers to hire.
  • High-end performance. Eastern European experts are known for their strong education base, versatile software development experience, and professionalism in everything they do.
  • Dedicated resources. It is easy to find a dedicated programmer in Eastern Europe that will work on your project only with great concentration. Whether you are interested in hiring or Eastern European game developers or web coders, you can find professional, dedicated resources here.
  • Convenient location and time zone difference. Eastern Europe has a convenient geographical location that allows for productive cooperation and communication with the clients from the Western markets.
  • Cost-efficient services. The cost of software development outsourcing to Eastern European countries is much lower than building an in-house development team. 

However, hiring Eastern European app developers may come at some pitfalls:

  • Possible communication difficulties. There’s still a time zone difference that requires adjusting working hours. However, with the right management, it won’t pose a problem.
  • Marks of cultural difference. Western and Eastern European countries do have some cultural differences, but these are not that drastic as Asian countries.

Challenges With IT Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

Outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe has become increasingly popular among companies around the world. This is because of the large talent pool available from countries in this region, as well as the affordability of hiring Eastern Europe programmers

But even though there are so many benefits to hiring Eastern Europe web development experts and teams, there are also certain challenges for businesses choosing to go this route. It is important to be aware of these challenges to ensure successful outsourcing and thriving projects. Let’s now take a look at some of the biggest challenges of outsourcing IT recruitment Eastern Europe:

  • Lack of communication

This is one of the biggest challenges companies face when hiring development teams Eastern Europe. These teams may be in different time zones or may even speak different languages. As a result, important information can get lost in translation. Online communication also brings about its own set of challenges, with networks sometimes becoming unstable or tools not working correctly. 

  • Difficulty verifying skills and experience

When working with outsourced dedicated development team in Eastern Europe, it can be difficult to verify the experience of candidates. This is because these candidates are not met in person and face-to-face interviews and testing stages are not conducted. 

  • Cultural differences

This is a challenge that is often overlooked by businesses. However, it is important for the smooth partnership of outsourced Eastern European software development teams. Cultural differences that are not acknowledged can lead to unhappy workers and misunderstandings in the workplace. 

  • Being unavailable

Remote workers may often work on more than one project at a time, resulting in poor productivity and being unavailable at crucial times. Luckily, this can easily be avoided by investing in a dedicated team that is focused on one client at a time. 

  • Complicated billing methods

Unfortunately, there is still no one-click solution when it comes to transferring money overseas. This often makes it difficult to pay for services offered by outsourced software developer Eastern Europe teams. In turn, this can cause delays in service offerings. 

  • Confusing tax laws

In Eastern Europe, the taxation system can vary largely between countries and often confuse companies looking to outsource Eastern Europe software development. This is why many businesses turn to outsourcing vendors to ensure they comply fully with the tax laws when hiring programmers in Eastern Europe. Doing it yourself can lead to challenging non-compliance. 

  • Leaking sensitive information

All businesses have sensitive data that needs to be protected at all costs. This can include personal information about clients or staff. When hiring developer Eastern Europe teams, this data can become vulnerable to data leaks. It’s, therefore, very important for businesses to have security measures in place before outsourcing. 

How can these challenges be overcome?

Luckily, all the challenges mentioned above can easily be overcome by implementing the right processes and structures right from the start. 

  • Communication challenges 

When outsourcing or nearshoring Eastern Europe development teams, businesses can invest in accessible communication platforms that are easy to use by everyone. 

  • Challenges with verifying experience

To successfully verify skills and experience when opting to hire developer in Europe, it is best to work with an outsourcing company or recruiter who can take care of these processes. 

  • Overcoming cultural differences 

When outsourcing or nearshoring in Eastern Europe, it’s important to understand that there may be some cultural differences between in-house teams and remote workers. It is essential to acknowledge these differences right from the start and make everyone feel welcome. A good onboarding process can help with this. 

  • Billing and tax challenges 

Payment and tax compliance challenges can easily be overcome by working with a reputable tax agency in the country where workers are outsourced or partnering with an outsourcing vendor. These organizations understand how the billing and tax procedures work in their countries of origin. 

  • Avoiding the leaking of sensitive information 

Protecting sensitive data is important when outsourcing. This can be done by putting robust security measures in place such as firewalls and passwords. It can also be useful to put candidates through a screening process before sharing sensitive data with them. 

With the right measures in place, outsourcing to Europe can be highly rewarding for businesses. Some of the biggest benefits include gaining access to highly skilled developers and IT specialists, accessing advanced hardware and software, saving valuable money and scaling without too many risks. 

Finding the right hiring process for outsourcing to Eastern Europe 

When deciding to hire IT developers Eastern Europe, it’s important to carefully consider the hiring process. It is possible to make use of online hiring platforms, however, this can be a lengthy process. It is also difficult to verify the skills and experience of developers on freelancing and remote work hiring platforms. This is why many businesses turn to partner with reputable outsourcing companies, such as Mobilunity. 
Based in Ukraine, Mobilunity is a provider of talented developers and IT specialists to businesses around the world. With us, clients can put together a highly skilled and experienced dedicated development team in Eastern Europe at affordable rates. Our team works with businesses from the initial recruitment processes to the completion of their projects to ensure successful partnerships from start to finish.

TOP-3 Eastern European Countries to Hire Developers Eastern Europe

Ukraine, Poland, and Romania may be considered as the top 3 countries to hire dedicated developers in Eastern Europe.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the top software development outsourcing destinations with 23,800 IT graduates per annum, 185,000 developers countrywide, 4,000 tech companies and an increasing rate of IT services exports that are excepted to reach $8,4 billion by 2025. Ukrainian and Kyiv developers, in particular, are known but not limited to their top-level JavaScript, Python, Magento, Scala, Unity skills, and more.

Let’s compare salaries of such in-demand developers as JavaScript coders. In Ukraine for these programmers an average monthly net salary is only $2,866 in Ukraine (based on our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals). At the same time, a US JavaScript developer with the same skills and experience makes $8,330 monthly.

  • Poland

Poland has 250,000+ IT experts skilled in diverse technologies. About 20% of Polish programmers are involved in software development outsourcing services. The average salary of a developer in Poland is also affordable. 

  • Romania

Romania has 59 universities with technical specialties and a strong education base that produces 64,000+ IT graduates yearly. Romanian software developers are known for their strong developement skills, dedicated approach, and affordable rates.

Are you looking for talented developers to work solely on your project? You’re in the right place to go!

3 Ways to Hire Developers in Eastern Europe

The three main ways to hire the best developers in Eastern Europe include:

  • Freelance
  • Outsourcing
  • Outstaffing

While hiring a freelance Eastern European developer is the quickest way, it comes with a lot of risks, as a freelance coder can drop your project any time in favor of a more appealing one. Also, it’s hard to ensure the security of the data provided to a freelance worker.

Outsourcing and hiring software outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe come as a more viable option when a company delegates some tasks or even full project development to a dedicated team working remotely. The outsourcing services provider usually takes care of the team management and reports on the software development progress.

However, if you want to build a dedicated development team of skilled coders with expertise in required for your needs technologies to work solely on your project, outstaffing is a perfect solution. Such a powerful team will be integrated and fully engaged in your business and software development processes, thus, providing the maximum value to your company. If you manage to find the right IT outstaffing firm, you may receive outstanding development at very cost-effective rates, have absolutely full control over development processes, and avoid extra expenses on management, recruiting training, infrastructure, and more. Besides, this model provides amazing flexibility as you can easily increase or decrease the number of dedicated developers in your team as per the project’s needs.

Mobilunity as Company to Hire Best Web Developers in Eastern Europe

Mobilunity is a reliable Ukrainian-based company that provides high-end IT professional outstaffing services to companies all over the world. With dozens of loyal clients, including large-scale Western companies, we at Mobilunity believe that the highest quality of IT services and dedicated solutions are the keys to the success of the business. If you want to hire web developers in Eastern Europe, our skilled recruiters will find the right programmers with a relevant skillset and tech stack so that you can reach your business goals and get the maximum of IT expert outstaffing. In Mobilunity you will find a huge pool of talented coders as well as affordable cost to hire Magento programmer. So contact us right away!

Here are IT outstaffing services’ benefits of working with Mobilunity:

  • 9+ years of IT experts outstaffing services
  • Access to the large pool of skilled developers
  • Convenient geographical location and time zone difference for Western clients
  • Dedicated approach
  • Affordable services

If you want to hire developers in Eastern Europe, we at Mobilunity can provide you with dedicated IT experts. Get in touch with our representative today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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