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Hire Embedded Engineers in Ukraine

Nowadays, many enterprises from all over the world try to maintain the dedicated team of developers for their projects to complete them on-time and with high quality. Every kind of software development including embedded systems programming is also being efficiently accomplished through a dedicated embedded developer or a team of embedded software developers. There are many benefits of dedicated embedded programming, like high-quality code, fast development, reduced development cost and better embedded design features and security capabilities.

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Let’s have a look at the embedded software development, its scope, the tools used for the different processes of development, and the main skills of a good embedded software developer in case you want to hire embedded engineer. When planning to hire embedded engineers in Ukraine, considering a freelance Ruby developer might be beneficial for particular scripting needs, while partnering with Sage consulting services could optimize your financial and business management solutions.

Embedded Development Overview

The embedded development, as the name implies, is the development of system applications that directly run the machines, devices, and equipment that is not typically known as a computer. This kind of development mainly focuses on the firmware software system on which the operating systems work, and is mostly done in programming languages like C, C++, ADA, and other high-level programming languages. The embedded software is used either in small microcontrollers with the small capacity of read-only memory ROM or in very complicated and sophisticated systems, such as industrial process controllers or missile systems. So, the scope of embedded C programming is becoming huge with the fast adoption of the internet of things (IoT) technology and the increased acceptability of system automation in all sectors and industries across the globe.

Mobilunity helps with building dedicated teams of embedded engineers for projects of any size and complexity!

Embedded programming with Android is becoming a new and powerful domain of embedded development due to its open-source license, powerful GU interface, touch framework capability, and other features. In the embedded Android development, it is much easier to develop APIs of camera, wireless devices, Bluetooth, and others through the standard Android SDK framework. According to the EE Times information, Android operating system stands at the 4th place preceded by Linux, FreeRTOS, and Custom/In-house OS for the development of embedded applications in the marketplace. A wide range of software applications on the Android devices for their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected accessories is being developed consistently in the marketplace; thus, the scope of embedded development with Android is going to remain a hot topic in the domain of software development for many years to come.

Skills to Check When You Hire Embedded Software Engineer

The embedded development is done through high-level languages and need not only programming expertise, but also the in-depth knowledge of hardware, such as controllers, ROM chips, registers, processors, and other associated electronic devices. A good remote embedded software engineer should have the skills mentioned below.

skills embedded software developer should have

Types of Projects an Embedded Developer Can Take on

Embedded development is used in numerous types of engineering projects in which the automated operations of the devices are managed by using the microcontrollers. The major examples of project disciplines that use embedded development are mentioned below:

  • Automated lighting systems
  • Biometric access systems
  • Robotic uses in different fields
  • Driverless cars and automobiles
  • Automated water level management systems for home and offices
  • Integrated home appliance control systems
  • Automatic vehicle speed control systems
  • Missile control systems in defense industry
  • Bank lockers access control and security systems
  • Face detection security systems
  • Traffic volume based traffic control systems
  • Biometric based electronic voting machines
  • Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) based security and access control systems

There are many other kinds of projects that can use when you hire embedded engineers for automated and efficient management of different business processes.

Embedded Software Developer Salary: How Much It Costs to Hire Embedded Engineers Worldwide

In the demand and supply equation of embedded developers, the demand is bigger than the supply of the embedded software engineers in the global marketplace. This soaring demand is also pushing up the average of embedded software developer salary in all major countries of the world. Let’s have a look the average salaries of embedded software engineer in different countries of the world.

embedded software developer salary

The average costs can vary with respect to cities, regions, and demand of embedded developer at that particular geographical location in the countries mentioned in the above table.

Ukraine as a Great Destination to Hire Embedded Engineers

Hiring a remote embedded software engineer in Ukraine has many benefits some of which are mentioned below:

  • Low-cost embedded developer. Ukraine is one of the most competitive markets where you may hire embedded software engineer. You get a great embedded developer at about four times lower prices in the USA. The price of a remote embedded software engineer is up to three times lower than in the other major European countries like Germany, UK, and France.
  • Best geographical location to hire embedded software engineer. Kyiv is located at the Northern center of Ukraine, from where it is very easy to travel to different Eastern and Western countries with short traveling distance. Almost all good embedded systems companies from North America have operations in Europe; thus, the client can have face-to-face meetings with a remote embedded software engineer or the whole team of embedded developers.
  • Highly skilled and talented embedded engineers. Ukraine is an engineering and technology savvy country where thousands of Embedded software developers are graduating every year to contribute to the skilled and qualified pool of IT resources.
  • Most suitable time zone to hire embedded software engineer. Ukraine is located in GMT+3, which overlaps the working/office hours not only in the European countries but also in the USA and the Asia Pacific regions. So, the client can easily talk and coordinate with the remote team of embedded developers or a sole embedded software developer located in Ukraine.
  • Dedicated and fully managed embedded engineers. A remote embedded software engineer or a dedicated team of embedded engineers work on only designated projects, no additional burden is loaded on those dedicated developers. So, you can focus on your business ideas rather than managing technical issues.
hire embedded engineer in Ukraine

How to Hire a Remote Embedded Software Engineer Through Mobilunity

The Mobilunity outstaffing company is one of the best providers of embedded software engineers where you’ll get fully dedicated resources for your embedded software development projects. It carries out all of the following processes on behalf of clients to develop a professional team of highly talented Embedded engineers.

  • Searching for skilled Embedded hardware engineer based on the required skills and qualification
  • Screening and shortlisting of the Embedded hardware engineer profiles
  • Conducting individual or joint interviews with embedded engineers
  • Assessing performance and sending offer letter to the selected Embedded hardware engineer
  • Providing complete work environment and infrastructure required for the client project
  • Embedded hardware engineer on-boarding
  • Managing all HR and management related issues when you hire embedded software engineer

Mobilunity charges a fixed fee for this entire provisioning of the required embedded hardware engineer. You can also hire embeddded engineers for a fixed period of time or even for the custom requirements of your business. The demand of embedded software engineers is continuously increasing in almost all major regions of the world. To maintain the embedded development cost, it is a great idea to hire a dedicated remote team of developers in a cheaper market like Ukraine.

Want to hire embedded engineers? Contact us for dedicated outstaffing services of highly skilled embedded software engineers for your upcoming projects!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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