How to Hire Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine

Why Are Dedicated Teams a Good Choice For the Business

The success of a company depends on people in many respects, and the success of an IT project directly depends on dedicated teams. No matter how cool a business idea or endless financial resources a business has, this will not work without a team of professionals who will help bring the idea to life. Also, dedicated team Ukraine can be a great option for those who do not have enough workers with the necessary skills, because Ukraine dedicated developers can bring brilliant and unique ideas and solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at how the dedicated team model works, what are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers and where to find the best dedicated software development team.

FAQ about Dedicated Development Team Model

Q: How to Assemble a Dedicated Development Team?

If your company needs urgent services from a development team, then you are unlikely to have time to gather individual specialists. In this case, the dedicated development team model is the perfect solution to this problem. Such a model allows hiring an already assembled team of the needed specialists and spares you from spending resources on hunting and hiring individual experts.

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Q: Where to Hire Dedicated Developers Online?

When you’re about to hire dedicated developers, the most important thing is to choose the right outsourcing company. With a credible outsourcing company, you will receive several advantages from a team that will only work on your project. Mobilunity is one of the leading European companies that provides software development insourcing and outsourcing services. By contacting Mobilunity, you will quickly get access to the best development teams in the IT market.

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Q: What Are the Benefits of Remote Development Team?

Turning to a remote development team has become not just an effective method of saving resources, but also an established standard in the world of the IT industry. Not wanting to be limited by the rules and restrictions of one market, most large companies choose remote developers, as this is less costly, and the remote development team will work more efficiently than in-house local specialists. A well-coordinated, experienced, dedicated team has the best chances of success and can provide top class results.

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Q: How to Manage Dedicated Programmers?

Although there are many options for outsourcing developers, managing and coordinating the work of freelancers can require a lot of time and effort. For minimizing the stress and maintaining an accurate pulse on your project, the best option is to hire dedicated programmers. In this way, there will be a team leader to coordinate the development process and report to you.

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Q: How to Test Engineers before I Hire Remote Developers?

The best way to check if a developer suits the needs of your project is to request a portfolio or some samples. This approach will allow you to evaluate the expertise of the specialists, see real, working projects, and applications implemented by the programmers and assess the quality of their work. Such a request will also narrow your list and help you to hire remote developers shortly.

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Why the Most Powerful IT Service Market in Europe Is Represented with Dedicated Software Development Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most promising countries for companies of any scale looking for competent, responsible and hardworking developers for various projects, whose services are inexpensive. In the field of IT and software, dedicated software development team Ukraine is currently the best option. The percentage of the Ukrainian dedicated development team is the highest in Central and Eastern Europe. We have gathered the most significant reasons why you should hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine and why the country has this strong IT market compared to other countries in Eastern Europe.

Legislation: Thanks to government initiatives such as tax incentives for the IT business and the strengthening of laws regarding intellectual property rights it becomes one of the main reasons to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine.

Education: 79% of population in Ukraine acquire higher education – this is one of the reasons to hire a dedicated team Ukraine that consists of reliable and professional employees. 75% of IT specialists know English, regarding Ukraine as a non-English speaking country those numbers are impressive. Dedicated software development Ukraine is a reliable option for the success of a project.

Affordable cost: Even though the salaries of Ukrainian developers have risen significantly, they are still only a small part of what developers in the USA and the UK receive. This income difference is largely due to the low cost of living in Ukraine, which allows dedicated software development Ukraine to charge a lower price for their services than anywhere else in the world.

More than 100 international companies in the field of software development and game development have their offices in Ukraine – Grammarly, Magento, Ericsson, and Crytek.

According to, the IT market in Ukraine brings huge revenue to the budget, which shows the professionalism of Ukrainian developers. Thus, the revenue of the most profitable IT company in Ukraine EPAM Systems amounted to $ 179.63 million.

Developers in Ukraine are professionals who stand out among others with their accessibility, high level of education and ease of communication. At the same time, the number of companies that want to work closely with Ukrainian software development service providers is increasing and makes international companies hire team in Eastern Europe. Having added strong engineering skills to this, Ukraine offers an excellent pool of IT talents who are ready to realize their own potential. The Ukrainian IT market has become profitable and has taken a high place on the world map. Since 2014, the state pays great attention to improving the business climate in Ukraine, which has made the country an investment hot spot. And the main factors favorably highlighted by Ukrainian IT companies are cultural proximity, qualified employees and competitive prices.

What Is a Dedicated Team Model?

Tight labor market conditions in the software industry have led to stiff global competition for skilled talent. Developers in Silicon Valley command hefty six-figure salaries. London, New York, and other global hotspots are not far behind.

If you’ve been wondering how your company, whether a large enterprise or small tech shop, can possibly compete, you might want to hire developers.

You might have heard the term used in software circles but are unsure of dedicated team meaning. The dedicated team model is a software development approach where you hire developers from a service provider.

A common question project managers have is “Where can I hire developers?”

Many companies hire developers from places with the right mix of advantages that make development easier. Common locations include:

  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • India
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Indonesia

Recruiting an entire team of experts to develop software entails a lot more dedication than you would expect with other outsourcing. A dedicated team’s I.T. talent is reserved only for that one client. This means that developers and designers are available to work on your product at all hours of the day. When you hire developers you can assign them to work, and conduct meetings with them based on a schedule that suits you. Unlike a team that has multiple commitments, with a dedicated team, the service level can be better. When you want access to your dedicated team, the team members are there for you.

As a result, teams of remote developers offer a higher degree of control. If you’ve been put off outsourcing because you are worried about product quality control, offshore developers could be right for you. If your work is highly complex and technically demanding, this is not a problem for the dedicated team. In such teams, your developers have the time and immersion necessary to get deep into your source code and design blueprints. Designers, likewise, can immerse themselves into creating a product that reflects complete, undivided investment of time and attention.

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Then it worth to choose dedicated team model and get all its benefits for your business!

The Popularity of Dedicated Development Teams

At this point, you might be wondering, if the dedicated team model is so great, how come you have never heard of it? The reality is that the remote developers have become highly popular with companies in various categories such as:

  • Fortune 500 large companies
  • Silicon Valley startups
  • International conglomerates
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

The dedicated developers are popular with technical organizations that have urgent needs for development teams. Meaning they don’t have time to spend on looking for programmers. In addition, firms in locations with insufficiently skilled workers can benefit from looking at alternatives. They are faced with the challenge of where to find programmers or where to hire developers. Working with such model can often be a solution. It solves problems such as where to hire developers, by giving you remote developers as an option.

If you have experienced difficulty with where to find programmers, a dedicated team model can help you easily assemble complete project teams. With remote developers, there is no need for the client to expend resources towards the recruitment of individuals. All the experts that the client needs for a project are included in the dedicated team personnel. There is no need to ask where to hire developers or where to hire developers because all the necessary experts are assembled for you. Remote developers, therefore, make it easy for a client to acquire talent at a moment’s notice.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Development Team

While there are downsides to the dedicated model, we believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Alternatives, like hiring employees directly, have their own advantages such as more direct control over staffing. However, the advantages of hiring dedicated developers can benefit you much more.

Advantages of Dedicated Teams

Disadvantages of Dedicated Teams

Eliminates employee hiring costs You cannot promote talented developers in your own company if they are not employees
A high degree of staffing flexibility, with most of the advantages and little of the risk of employing workers directly Working 100% remotely presents bigger obstacles to collaboration than in-office employees
Access the most talented workers no matter where they are It can be harder to know when something is wrong, you need to exercise greater managerial diligence
Projects can be staffed more rapidly Time-zone differences can be hard for all involved in a project

Dedicated Team Structure

A dedicated team includes not only remote developers but brings together experts from different technical areas to work on a software project. The skillsets you need range from business analysis to design and development. In addition, to maintain technical standards, you need to invest in quality assurance. Below is a sample dedicated project team structure.

Build Dedicated Team

The minimum number of members of a dedicated full-cycle development team is seven. This includes a product manager, a software architect, a software developer, a business analyst, a database administrator, a designer, and a QA specialist. The more complex your project is, the more web developers, designers, and QA experts you will need for completing the project.

Usually, you communicate with the product manager that delegated, manages, and controls the tasks performed by team workers and developers on demand. Thus, you always have the person that reports you about the development progress and results of the work of the dedicated resources. If there is any additional programming expert needed to work on the project, you can consider a team augmentation service.

A dedicated team in Ukraine usually consists of pre-gathered members that have worked with each other before. It allows them to cooperate and communicate more efficiently compared to as if you were gathering and managing single freelance workers.

When it comes to team augmentation, the team can suggest an expert they have heard of or worked with before, too. So, you don’t need to manage any human resources processes once you hire a dedicated development team. It is because the members know what expertise they need and what person can fit the missing position the best way. The final product is your overall goal, and the dedicated team is interesting is the successful and timely launch of the product the same way you do.

How Teams of Dedicated Developers Compare to Hiring Freelancers

A popular option for companies looking to outsource is to find programmers on freelance. Freelancers offer many advantages, including the ability to hire talent as needed for a project. Both solutions give you more options for where to hire developers. That said, there are advantages that you can get with a dedicated development team that would be hard to replicate if you hire freelancers.

  • Working with Dedicated Developers Improves Productivity

One major disadvantage of freelancers is that they are harder to weave into a highly complex software development process. If you use techniques like pair programming, for example, this will be harder to implement with freelancers located in different cities. With a team of a dedicated team, all your developers can be in a single office where pair programming is easy to do. Communication in a team of remote developers is easier to manage. Since team members work similar hours in the same office, they are all available at the same time. With freelancers, especially if different time zones are involved, it can be harder to communicate in real-time.

  • Ease of Scaling Up

Hiring a dedicated development team will make it especially easy to scale up your team. A dedicated team gives you access to a pre-selected group of professionals that have already been vetted for their ability to work together. Scaling up in such an environment is easier than adding freelancers one at a time to your work team. With freelancers, since you vet each one individually, scaling up takes longer. In addition, the interview process can be hit or miss. The result is that your project might be stalled while you hunt for the right freelancers.

  • Which Model to Choose

To help you determine if you should go for dedicated developers or freelance developers, we’ve created the following comparison table showcasing the advantages of each.

When Is a Dedicated Team Suitable

When to Prefer Freelancers

Large projects that require large investments of time and cognitive ramp up Smaller projects that have a shallower learning curve
Long-running projects, with long-term support requirements Shorter-lived projects
Personnel changes should be minimized You do not mind frequent personnel changes
Specialized staffing requirements Easy to hire developers
Large budget Smaller budget

Concluding, a dedicated team is the best solution when it comes to large-scale, long-term, complex projects. While for a one-time task, you can easily rent a developer, it is worth hiring an expert team for a long-term job.

It is important to understand what budget your project requires and what means you can allocate for hiring a development team. It is always possible to find an optimal solution; however, you should not expect to get a remarkable product in one day or for a bare minimum. Although every expertise comes at a cost, there are useful ways of finding professional development teams to hire within an adequate budget and not overpaying for mere words.

There are many IT resources on demand that are available in the market. What is the process of on-demand teams hire, and what are the steps to hire developers for your project? Keep reading as we’ve got your back.

Why Mobilunity Is the Best Option to Hire Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine

To create an online service or a digital business solution, qualified specialists are needed – a dedicated development team from Ukraine with professionals. They can be hired as full-time employees or to be found in the format of IT outsourcing. However, each of these options has its drawbacks, and the search for a Ukraine dedicated team can be a universal solution.

Mobilunity offers to hire dedicated team Ukraine to implement a wide range of tasks and business requirements of the client. If you have a project, but no developers, or need additional help to finish the project on time, our specialists are ready to join your team. We also provide dedicated development teams to solve complex problems and work on large projects.

Among the most valuable reasons to hire dedicated team in Mobilunity we can outline:

Hire Dedicated Team

Cost-effectivity: The main reason business prefers outsourcing is to lower costs. No need to search for individual remo te developers, the dedicated development team Ukraine comes bundled! Contact the project manager or team member and you are ready to hire dedicated development team in Ukraine to work on your project. Thanks to the remote work of the team, there is no need to pay extra for the rent for the office or any other needs, so you reduce costs. Companies like Mobilunity in Ukraine can save money on your initial budget. This is much more profitable than hiring developers in Western Europe or North America. In other words, you get professionals at a lower cost, at the same time receive great results for your project.

Adaptability: The well-organized team makes it easy to communicate, so the team responds quickly and solves unpredictable problems at the development or maintenance stages. Years of operation have allowed us to create our own system of control over the functioning of the systems and processes of our customers. In case you decide to hire dedicated development team in Ukraine we guarantee you a high level of our services.

Diverse skills: Hire dedicated development team Ukraine to get a very experienced team of professionals with various skills. The team always solves the arising problems together, since the general experience of colleagues is the most valuable.

Control: The project manager can be the customer himself or the manager of our company. Under this leadership, developers are focused on achieving the goals and objectives of the project. Using our teams you can focus on the main tasks of your company.

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