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How to Choose Salesforce Development Company

Salesforce is known as one of the leading providers of cloud-based solutions for CRM systems and apps for small to large-scale businesses.

Salesforce products are no joke, as they are used by thousands of companies all over the globe, regardless of their industries and locations. Whether your business operates in the healthcare, media, education, financial, or any other area, you will find Salesforce solutions useful for your operational processes and convenient management.

No wonder that nowadays, more and more companies embrace the approach of using Salesforce integration or creating apps with the help of Salesforce app development services. Thus, if you want to hire Salesforce developer, keep reading to find out some useful tips on how to choose a reliable and experienced Salesforce application development provider.

The Core of Salesforce Application Development

It is essential to understand that Salesforce is more than a ready-made CRM you can use for your business needs. It is a huge platform for creating your own applications and setting up integrations with different business solutions, with a variety of functions, existing components, available API, and overall development efficiency.

As a cloud-based service, Salesforce features six main components that can help you to improve your sales processes, keep an eye on intermediate results, and automate a lot of the operational processes. Also, you can enhance communication with leads and loyal customers. The Salesforce components include:

components of salesforce application development
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Community
  • Service
  • Analytics
  • App

In regards to the size and industry specifics of your business, you can use all these components at the same time or integrates only the ones needed. The developed solutions can be independent or integrated with CRM, cloud-based, connected to a server, web-oriented, fully customizable, or ready-made. Also, they can be managed by such mobile apps as Salesforce Inbox, Quip, Field Service Lightning, and so on.

There is also AppExchange, a Salesforce application store where you can find a number of applications, components, integrations for any business industry. IT software development companies list their Salesforce-based solutions here, and it is possible to buy one you find useful for your business. However, most companies prefer to look for Salesforce app development providers to get customized solutions that fit their operational processes and business needs ideally.

It is worth noting that such giants like Google, Amazon, T-Mobile, Toyota, Canon, Spotify, among others, use Salesforce services for their products and systems. In total, there are 15,000+ businesses all over the world benefiting from Salesforce solutions.

Are Salesforce App Development Services in Demand?

Salesforce application development services are rising in popularity nowadays, with a market share of 19,5% of the global CRM market last year. Moreover, 71% of customers say that it is important for them to be able to access CRM systems and apps through their mobile devices.

Among the main reasons why small startups to global enterprises choose Salesforce solutions, is the fastest and cost-effective way of creating applications and integrating them within the established business processes. Moreover, with Salesforce, businesses can go beyond multi-platform software and create some innovative solutions.

Thanks to cloud-based technology, companies can save costs on servers and software maintenance. By working with experienced Salesforce app development service providers, a business of any scale and work specifics can get a customized, user-friendly, well-developed application needed.

5 Benefits of Work with Salesforce Certified Developer

Salesforce is one of the well-known and largest CRM systems. It provides incredible resources and extensive advantages for the users. Different companies may find advantages in Salesforce application development.

5 benefits of top salesforce app development service

We’ve named 5 benefits of TOP Salesforce app development service:

  1. Easy in use. Salesforce is aimed at the wast range of companies working in different fields. Many of them may have no background in software and tech. But they still can use the whole potential of the CRM thanks to the intuitive and friendly interface.
  2. Perfectly functional. An outstanding system of integration helps to achieve easy data access and collaboration. All the data is secure and protected from leaks or loss.
  3. Flexible and customizable. Customization potential helps to integrate the system with various business models. All the reports and analytics are tailored to the specific needs of the users.
  4. Huge user resources. In addition to customization options, Salesforce offers educational blogs and webinars, and comprehensive user-guides. It helps users to find the answers to all questions quickly.
  5. The AppExchange. Every company is able to reach its customers and build relationships with them in the functional application. With AppExchange Salesforce app builder developer can create an application for anything.

What Salesforce developer can do for your business:

  • Analyze your business processes such as account management or sales
  • Provide you with mobile application consulting
  • Provide you with Salesforce custom applied development
  • Setup work in Salesforce app cloud
  • Maintain user roles and security
  • Develop functional CRM workflows

Why Is It Difficult to Find a Great Salesforce Development Company Nowadays?

The main difficulty with finding a reliable Salesforce mobile app development company is that the team should be certified every Salesforce’s release cycle. The thing is, Salesforce releases new features and frameworks every winter, spring, and summer. Each time the update is discharged, a Salesforce app development provider and its employees are to take a maintenance exam to preserve the accreditation.

There are many certified salesforce mobile app development companies on the market. However, not all of them can boast the latest certifications and knowledge of the latest Salesforce releases. When looking for a reputable Salesforce app company, make sure to check out when the accreditation was confirmed the last time.

looking for salesforce app development services

Two Most Common Types of Salesforce Apps

There are two main types of apps you can build with Salesforce means. Let’s take a look at their specifics:

  • Custom apps for internal needs

It is one of the ways for B2B/B2C businesses. They are created to improve or upgrade internal business processes that can’t be performed with the current CRM functionality. Also, they can be built to perform some small but essential tasks, such as lead assignment, or documentation template generation.

  • Apps for customers released on the AppExchange platform

The second type of Salesforce apps is created by companies, not for themselves but to be used by other customers. It means that software development companies create and list some useful apps on the AppExchange platform as an independent source of revenue or an integrating solution for a business’s product. If you need help with Salesforce app creation or integration, you’d probably be in search of this type.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Salesforce Mobile App Development Company

When choosing a Salesforce mobile app development company, there are things you need to consider to make the best choice. Among the essential things you need to keep in mind are the following ones:

things to remember choosing salesforce mobile app development
  • What qualifications and experience in Salesforce app development the company has?

It’s recommended to look for the Salesforce mobile app development firm that has been on the market for a while and proved to be an expert in Salesforce software creation. Look for a company that has been certified as a Sales Cloud/Service Cloud consultant, understands the business processes, and sticks to Agile methodology in work.

  • Does it have a portfolio showing the expertise?

A reliable company with a solid experience in Salesforce application development should have testimonials or cases on its website or provide you with ones per request.

  • Is the team certified?

Salesforce releases new frameworks and features three times a year. Thus, to provide the most relevant Salesforce mobile app development services, a programming team passes regular Salesforce certification to keep up with accreditation.

  • What is the implementation process?

The team should have an all-rounded Salesforce application development experience, be approachable, and communicate with you on the progress of the project.

  • Are there any offline/online Salesforce app development services provided after the app is ready? 

Before signing a contract with the selected company, you need to clarify whether the firm would provide after-services support. As Salesforce is constantly updated, you will need certified professionals to maintain your app according to the latest updates.

By taking the questions above into account, you are assured of making an informed choice and cooperating with the Salesforce application development company that provides quality services you need.

Why It Is Worth Choosing Mobilunity for Your Salesforce App Development

If you have been in search of a top-quality Salesforce custom app development service or you need to hire SharePoint developer, here, you can find the first-class assistance you need. Mobilunity is a well-known software development team with a diverse portfolio of programs, platforms, and applications, including Salesforce app development.

Our clients get the professional app development team Salesforce to reach an outstanding competitive edge in business. To give our customers the highest volume from the effort, time, and Salesforce consultant hourly rate of hiring the specialists, we:

  • Pick the professionals, who will correspond to all your requirements. Relevant technical experience and skills assure the high quality of work: the specialists are able to solve all your problems quicker and more efficiently.
  • Take part in virtual and face-to-face events. We enjoy gathering at meetups because this is the opportunity to get to know our clients better. Excellent networking connections help to understand your business processes better and work more productively.
  • Keep your hiring budget in line. Working with Mobilunity, you will see all the fees and payments clearly. We have no hidden or additional costs – we discuss everything at the beginning of cooperation.

If you need Salesforce Appexchange developer or any other specialist in this field – contact us. Mobilunity specialists are in demand in different countries because they:

  1. Do their best for your success: provide your employees with online support, tools, and training.
  2. Increase your ROI: you get improved business stats, all the operations run smoother.
  3. Give expert advice and support: you know how to get the most advantage out of Salesforce.
  4. Give training: all your team will learn how to use Salesforce for business improvement.

Our Salesforce Administrator and developers are certified and are ready to use their expertise to help you with your needs. If you need a highly experienced application development team to create a well-designed Salesforce app or Salesforce integration with after-launch support, don’t hesitate to contact Mobilunity experts.

If you are searching for a reliable Salesforce development company, reach out to Mobilunity experts! Get professional assistance today!

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