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Hybris is an enterprise-level e-commerce platform leading the European market. It can be hosted on dedicated servers as well as on Hybris hosting and cloud platforms. Product management is centralized, so you can choose which sales channels for products are visible. This will maximize sales for each segment of customers. This CRM platform is an organic, prepared, customized and documented set of such technologies. Hybris is an effective solution for the development of e-commerce projects. It is used by market leaders such as Nike, Adidas, Lebara, Vodafone, Samsung, and others. The first enterprises to use this technology were the leading companies in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Germany. By deciding to hire SAP® Hybris developer, they did an excellent job for their future development. We are here to explain what the Hybris consulting services are and how your company may benefit from hiring a Hybris agency.

All You Should Know About an SAP® Consultant

SAP® consultants are software deployment and integration consultants. Their responsibilities include:

  • Development and implementation of technical specifications
  • Understanding functionality
  • Development and implementation of software objects
  • Unit testing
  • Support for functional consultants in developing solutions to identified problems

To make a difference between SAP® vs ERP consultants here are some details to mention. One of the essentials for a successful SAP® Hybris consultant is an SAP® certification. SAP® Hybris certification testifies to high competence and practical experience with SAP® solutions. This gives an employer the confidence that he faced the highest-level professionals and that SAP® specialists have universally recognized confirmation of their skills.

There are three levels of certification: SME (Small & Mid-Size Enterprises), Associate and Professional.

Where to Look for Hybris Development Companies

More businesses are seeing Hybris as the technology on which their e-commerce platforms can be based. The countries with the highest demand for Hybris developers are the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Hybris development is currently in demand, and finding a sufficient number of qualified and experienced engineers to implement a project can be quite difficult. Offshore development of Hybris provides enterprises with sufficient resources, saves time and is cost-effective, and offshore development of Hybris is advisable in countries of Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine.

Here are some tips on hiring Hybris consulting companies. Pay attention to:

  • Hybris specialists have more than 1 year of experience. Hybris recommends specialists get certified after one year of work because Hybris is a fairly complex system that takes time to master. Therefore, an experienced consultant with a good understanding of the Hybris system and its various modules is an integral part of your team. If a consultant does not know Hybris well enough and all its capabilities, he or she will not be able to use his full potential and may spend time creating existing functions.
  • Availability of certified specialists. Certification is a guarantee of both in-depth knowledge of the solution and practical experience. Hybris recommends having at least a year of experience to successfully pass certification. Look for SAP® software companies that have got the certification.
  • Experience integrating SAP® Hybris. Hybris provides a development environment that allows you to add additional custom and SAP® Hybris applications.

Hybris Consulting Rates in Different Countries

The quality of the SAP® Hybris services provided by Ukrainian specialists and the price of the service make the Ukrainian IT market very attractive. Business owners tend to outsource to Ukraine due to competitive Hybris consultant salary rates, which you may observe below:

Ukraine as One of the Top Destinations to Outsource SAP® Consulting

Ukraine is a top place to outsource SAP® consulting for hundreds of companies across the world. As Hybris consultant hourly rate in the country is $7, clients can significantly reduce their expenses outsourcing to Ukraine. For example, creating a mobile application will cost the client 30 to 60% less if involving a Ukrainian company specializing in the respective field. Ukrainian IT specialists have earned a good reputation for solving complex technological problems. By giving a chance to outsourcing/outstaffing, a client can not only save time and money but also quickly obtain highly qualified consulting support and improve the quality of non-core business processes.

Mobilunity Can Provide You With the Top-Level SAP® Hybris Consultancy

Here are some features of working with Mobilunity:

  • Diverse skills. In our company, we focus on the professional growth of employees, which means that if you decide to hire SAP® consultants, you can specify the availability of any other knowledge and skills and we will select the option that suits you, so that you can make a smart choice for your business.
  • Cost optimization for an SAP® Hybris consultancy. As for the Ukrainian market, we set cost-effective rates for our services. Mobilunity works to benefit its clients, therefore we are open to discuss prices you are ready to invest in the quality of your future project.
  • The full concentration of the company on its internal tasks. There is no need to pay for sick days, holidays and taxes if you decide to outsource a specialist. Also, if you choose to hire a consultant from Mobilunity, current workers in the company can concentrate on the internal company’s tasks and our employees will be occupied with new tasks and projects.

Are you ready to work with Hybris consulting services that can take your project up to the next level? Contact Mobilunity and get the work done in no time!

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