SAP® Consultants vs ERP Consultants

There is currently a vast selection of enterprise tools and systems available for businesses, all with the goal of significantly enhancing and improving their operations. With the overwhelming number of products and terminologies being thrown around, it can quickly get confusing, and it can be very easy to interchange and misuse these terms. It is therefore wise to clarify the meaning and scope of the different terminologies and products as a first step in deciding which solution to use for your business.

In this article, we take a look at two related terminologies and clarify how they differ from each other: SAP® and ERP.

erp consultant vs sap consultant


Let’s take a look at what ERP and SAP® are and how they differ.


ERP or enterprise resource planning is a general term that stands for the general process of managing and monitoring the different business processes within a company. Such processes may include product planning, manufacturing and delivery monitoring, inventory of materials and resources, marketing, sales, and retail. Often, ERP is used to describe a software tool that integrates and streamlines the management of these different operations from one central system, instead of having different systems to handle and monitor each one.

There are many providers of ERP systems available, and among the most popular ones are SAP®, Oracle, Sage, Infor, and Microsoft. 81% of all companies are either using ERP or are currently in the process of implementing an ERP system, which shows widespread adoption of such systems. The most common reported reason for adopting ERP systems is to replace old or legacy systems that possibly perform poorly or do not perform their functions efficiently.

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SAP® – or more completely, SAP® SE – is a German multinational company that provides various enterprise systems and tools that can help businesses in different business operations, and such tools include ERP. As a software provider, SAP® is the third largest software company in the world, beaten only by Microsoft and Oracle. It claims to have over 365,000 customers coming from more than 180 countries, which show its truly global reach and appeal. Moreover, SAP® is preferred by many of the world’s biggest companies, with SAP® claiming that over 87% of all Forbes Global 2000 companies are its customers.

SAP®’s own enterprise resource planning system is called SAP® ERP. It is, in fact, the top ERP software in terms of market share, and as of 2016, it holds 41% of the ERP market share, beating both Microsoft and Oracle. SAP® claims that SAP® ERP is used by over 50,000 companies from 25 different industries, including media, retail, oil & gas, and the public sector.

You may read more about the different SAP products and the best way to hire SAP consultants from our blog.


From the above descriptions, it’s clear that ERP is merely a general business term while SAP® is the name of a company. The table below shows the difference between SAP® and ERP more clearly.

sap vs erp

SAP® Consultant vs ERP Consultant

After having differentiated SAP® and ERP, we also have to differentiate between SAP® and ERP consultants.

ERP consultants should have expertise in ERP systems in general. He should have a deep understanding of what ERPs are, their goals, why they’re beneficial to a business, and how best to implement them depending on a company’s requirements. He should have had plenty of experience in ERP implementation in businesses, regardless of ERP provider or tool.

SAP® Consultants should have expertise in SAP® products in general. Since there are so many SAP® products, he should be knowledgeable of the features of each one, and he should know when best to use one over the others. Although not required, a SAP® consultant may also have SAP® certification which is officially granted by SAP. It would also help if the consultant has previously worked directly on SAP® jobs, such as SAP® Basis jobs, SAP® ABAP jobs, SAP® SD jobs, SAP® MM jobs, SAP® project management, and other jobs SAP® products offer.

Since SAP® offers ERP tools, a SAP® consultant can also be considered an ERP consultant. The converse, however, is not necessarily true: an ERP consultant is not necessarily a SAP® consultant.

Although technically different, ERP consultants and SAP® consultants work in very similar domains. Regardless of whether you’re looking to hire an ERP consultant or a SAP® consultant, here are some of the essential skills your consultant should have:

skill set of sap and erp developers

  • Good understanding of business operations – A SAP® or ERP consultant should have a good grasp of the various operations and processes typically involved in a business. For more specialized processes, your consultant should be able to effectively survey and examine the company to extract necessary information needed to decide on the best approach for implementation.
  • Integration with other systems – Most companies already have existing systems, so your consultant should know how best to integrate your SAP® or ERP system with these pre-existing systems. Furthermore, in the case of SAP® consultants, since there are a large number of SAP® products which may be implemented simultaneously, a SAP® consultant should also know how to integrate different SAP® products with each other.
  • Proficiency with database management systems – Regardless of whether you’re implementing an ERP system or another SAP® product, you will inevitably have to connect it with your database system from which it will retrieve and store data. Your consultant should therefore be highly proficient with various database systems.
  • Some understanding of statistics – Your consultant should also have some level of understanding of statistics in order to make sense of the different features and visualizations that your ERP system or SAP® tools will offer and present.

Sample CVs

To give you a clearer picture of the typical skill set and experience of actual ERP and SAP® consultants, here are some sample CVs.

cvs of sap and erp consultants

Hire a SAP® or ERP Consultant Now

SAP® and ERP products are helpful tools that can boost the productivity and efficiency of your business, and it can ultimately result in higher profits. We have presented the differences between ERP and SAP®. Regardless of whether you’re planning to implement an ERP system or any other SAP® product, hiring a consultant will maximize the benefits that you will reap from them, because your consultant knows how best to go about the implementation. If you want an excellent consultant, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Mobilunity, we house excellent consultants that are knowledgeable in ERP, SAP®, and a wide range of other technologies. We are located in Ukraine, and our services are not only among the best across Europe, but also one of the most affordable. For all your consultancy needs, we’ve got you covered.

Connect with us now and let’s get you the perfect consultant to help bring your business to the top.

Disclaimer:SAP®, SAP® ABAP, SAP® SD, SAP® MM, SAP® ERP, , Oracle®, Sage®, Infor®, and Microsoft® are the trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries.

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