SAPĀ® Consultants vs ERP Consultants

In this article, we take a look at two related terminologies and clarify how they differ from each other: SAPĀ® and ERP.

erp consultant vs sap consultant


ERP is merely a general business term while SAPĀ® is the name of a company. The table below shows the difference between SAPĀ® and ERP more clearly.

sap vs erp

What Is an ERP Consultant vs SAPĀ® Consultant

Although technically different, ERP consultants and SAPĀ® consultants work in very similar domains. Regardless of whether you hiring a consultant, here are some of the essential skills your SAPĀ® and ERP consultants should have:

skill set of sap and erp developers
  • Good understanding of business operations – A SAPĀ® or ERP software consultant should have a good grasp of the various operations and processes typically involved in a business. For more specialized processes, your consultant should be able to effectively survey and examine the company to extract necessary information needed to decide on the best approach for ERP implementation.
  • Integration with other systems – Most companies already have existing systems, so your consultant should know how best to integrate your SAPĀ® or ERP system with these pre-existing systems. Furthermore, in the case of SAPĀ® consultants, since there are a large number of SAPĀ® products which may be implemented simultaneously, a SAPĀ® consultant should also know how to integrate different SAPĀ® products with each other.
  • Proficiency with database management systems – Regardless of whether you’re implementing an ERP system or another SAPĀ® product, you will inevitably have to connect it with your database system from which it will retrieve and store data. Your consultant should therefore be highly proficient with various database systems.
  • Some understanding of statistics – Your consultant should also have some level of understanding of statistics in order to make sense of the different features and visualizations that your ERP system or SAPĀ® tools will offer and present.
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So, What Is SAPĀ® Consultants and Their CV Samples

To give you a clearer picture of the typical skill set and experience of actual ERP and SAPĀ® consultants, here are some sample CVs.

cvs of sap and erp consultants

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