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No Hidden Fees at Mobilunity’s Nearshoring Business Model

A surprising fact from my last week’s talk to my BizDev: our potential clients love the fact we at Mobilunity have no hidden fees, and they appreciate a transparency we give to them in regards to what the services will be costing. WHAT?! :)

Let’s take a look at what HIDDEN FEES I have met in Nearshoring business model across the globe:

  • A hidden fee for every bank transaction. Some may charge you 1-2% of total
  • A hidden fee for recruiting initiation. Actually, a retainer fee to start recruiting. I’ve seen $300-1500
  • A hidden fee for onsite purchasing services. Ie you want flowers to be sent to your dev. The fee might be applied on top of the costs. $10-50
  • A hidden fee for HR Consultancy. With Nearshoring model HR is the primary service we sell… Charging extra for what you sell is wow. $50-200 an hour
  • A hidden fee for travel organization, both incoming (by the client to the Vendor) and outgoing (by the dev team to the Client’s HQ). $50-300 per person

What I name HIDDEN FEES here is what is not defined in the contract, and not spoken of in plain text before work starts. But what should have been said by experienced Vendor who knows the model and who works with dozens of clients alike yourselves.

My belief is that everything has its price. Just name it, don’t hide it!

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