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Part-time Developers as a Part of Your Nearshoring Team

Using part-time remote software developers as part of your nearshoring team is crossing the mental border many software engineering leaders (think) they see.

Below are few reasons why part-timers may be a saver to businesses:

  • even faster and constraints-free scaling up and down. We here talk about matter of 1-2 days to plug someone in or out, while on typical dedicated development team working fulltime the process is still 3-6 weeks
  • cost-wise (effective hour) it is still on the same (attractive) level as Dedicated Team
  • if done properly, and your Vendor knows what they do – same part-timers may be involved by you into your product development multiple times, and thus, you may expect a better ROI on their onboarding expense

Now comes a bit of insight from past experiences we had at Mobilunity on how to make your experience on part-timers involvement more effective:

  1. Think of Time Needed for Parttimer to Start Bringing You Value. I would do an acronym for that parameter (#TNPSBYN???) but one is too ugly, I am sure there is a scientific term for that. How long do you need to wait for your new (parttime) team member to start bringing you results? This parameter is critical as:
    1. knowing one, you may decide quite accurately whether this engagement will be effective to you
    2. knowing one, you will be aware of what minimal hours per week you want your new person to commit to your project
    3. knowing one, you will be able to work on making this #TNPSBYN shorter, or better be WAY SHORTER – as I assure most of you, what you had by now was organically grown within your organization, and you never had a thought on how much more effective your team will be if onboarding is designed with “efficiency” goal in mind
  2. Consider your project’s ex-employees for working with you remote. They had your process and product known in past, and their onboarding may continue paying you off with their (now parttime) involvement
  3. Think of putting part-timers on smaller and maybe not key importance things. Your strategic pieces are still better be under fully devoted to your Vendor and yourself people. Yet, with parttimers help anything will go faster, if organized properly

Our mission is in bridging businesses with the very best of local talent. The bridge we provide is not about matchmaking alone, we add value to your remote team management, its operations and its overhead optimization. Working with us, you will sometimes hear things you dislike, but these things, once accepted and processed properly, will bring your software development process on a way better organizational level.

We provide you a proper visa for crossing that border I started this post with. Apply now, eh? :)

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