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Several Nearshoring Tips from Mobilunity’s CEO

Engaging senior software engineers remotely (nearshore) – give them a freedom to speak, an ability to express their concerns, and encourage them to commit expertise they possess (and that they were hired to be sharing).

Lack of trust to one’s senior (quite expensive in cash and quite expensive in time Client invests into such team management) team is one of the common mistakes businesses make. Being used to work with else *shoring destination (often Asia), some seasoned CTOs/Project Managers cannot get rid of their habits of micromanagement and over-decisioning on things they may have less experience and qualification than their newly hired team somewhere nearshore.

As the Vendor, it is of course our job to convince and showcase a scope of questions that the Team itself must be advising on. Still, if you are not yet in this model – you got to think again, will your Technology leadership be willing to HEAR or to SPEAK.

Your answer would define

  • destination I would recommend you to choose for *shoring
  • seniority of the team (=cost =processes =structure =interfaces for collaboration)

Simple questions, if answered before the action, will save you time, money and will keep you off the failure in your Nearshoring journey.
Speaking openly to your Vendor at the signup stage on your actual needs and the way you imagine the process is the least thing you got to do to prevail.

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