The Differences That Must Exist Between You and Your Nearshoring Vendor

Choosing a Nearshore software dev provider, similarities between yourself and your Vendor should make be enough for you to succeed in future. This time, however, I aim to speak about DIFFERENCES that must exist, too.

A Business coming Nearshore for its remote software development team should try to scale its corporate culture to the new, nearshore team of theirs, yet, one must also be aware of local specifics that may not be touched, without an impact to outcome.

The list may give an idea of things that will remain different:

  1. If your business week starts Sunday and ends Thursday, it is fine if we search for the people who want alike schedule, too. But by having it as a must, you shrink the market to yourself
  2. If you like having daily standups at 1 pm EST, it is 8 pm in Ukraine. You may insist on it, but it will affect your team’s performance
  3. If your local labor market assumes a 6 month hiring cycle, you may want to have alike Nearshore, too. But if you want to hire effectively – listen to your Vendor and stick it to 10 days

If your local market had all benefits of your target one, you would not go Nearshore. Thus, if you do – with reasons of yours – be ready to adopt to new market rules, too. And learn these rules beforehand.

ps. photo: 7 days before the Lockdown ‘2020

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