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Tips on Having Your Nearshore Team Feeling Your Vibes

Having no Halloween costume this year, I turn back to my previous shots made in Kyiv office.
Being away from Kyiv-based team of mine, I am in alike position as many of our clients:
– you yourself are miles away from the team
– you want your team to know you know them
– you want your team to have fun
– you won’t be able to make it yourself, offline
So, tips on having your nearshore team feeling your vibes:
1. have your vendor tell and agree with you how your remote team will be spending some remarkable days – such as local holidays, international big days (Halloween, Feb 14, or let’s say The Day ruZZia Admits They Were Damn Wrong)
2. build a cadence in how you and your remote team are celebrating these days. Not essentially EVERY day like that, and EVERY occasion, but there must be a clear exit to the team’s energy aside of the code they produce, and these events will be that exit
3. make sure the vendor adds your corporate flavor to these celebrations. Especially working with the bigger firms, most likely they have number of clients, and vendor’s Get Together will be not of your team alone. This is totally fine and normal, as your team will be staying “united” anyway, but adding some greetings message from yourself, presenting some swag with your corporate nature, mentioning the event on your common daily meeting – this all will play well for your favor!
4. Ask your vendor if they can be organizing events for your team alone, in your colors, and in your corporate culture. To providers like Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams these are additional ways of retaining your team, for you and for themselves, so remember, you and your Vendor are on the same side.
Hope your Halloween was scary enough to smile now, so don’t make me ask you why so serious? :)

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Tips on Having Your Nearshore Team
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