FAQs on How to Hire Remote Developers and Build a Team

When you hire the best dedicated developers, you will have a great team to assist you in producing excellent software. These developers can help you engineer a smart solution that fits the needs of all mobile users especially if you plan a big eCommerce or mCommerce project.

There is a vast world of developers out there. As of 2016, there are an estimated 21 million professional software developers worldwide, of which 12 million are mobile developers. Hiring remote developers has become trendy nowadays since it allows to reduce project costs drastically.

You must understand the process of how to hire remote developers if you wish to succeed. Here we are explaining how to find a programmer and how to hire a developer for remote work.

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Key Questions You Must Ask When You Hire Remote Programmers

Here are some of the important questions to ask each candidate when hiring remote programmers:

What Types of Apps Have You Developed in the Past?

It would be great if a developer has experienced creating applications in different fields, such as social media, communications, navigation, etc. A lot of information can be taken from the range of experience that a developer has. Experience in developing applications for different industries or types of mobile apps shows that the developers have knowledge of the requirement of various types of mobile apps. This also shows that the developer is capable of adapting to the needs of the different types of mobile apps. Aside from this, it is an advantage if the developer has a focus, or at least most of the experience, close to the type of mobile app that you need. This will ease communication and discussions on the parameters of your project.

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Mobilunity will always make sure you are hiring the right person with the knowledge and experience of your needs. As you know, we are responsible for hiring and onboarding the developers, but you may be involved in the whole recruitment process as much as you want. It is up to you.

What Types of Clients Do You Work With?

Experienced developers will have worked with clients from a variety of industries like IT, pharmaceuticals, marketing, etc. Asking developers on their professional experience can provide you with the perspective on the extent of skills that they have applied in their work. It may seem a bit intrusive, but asking the types of clients that they have worked with is important as well. This will show you how diverse his professional experience is, the industries he has worked in, and how well their professional relationship is with their former clients. This is for helping you to better understand him as of a professional and a member of a team, and how he can fit in with your goals for your app.

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Mobilunity is always open to share the. Most of them you may see on the page dedicated to our customers on the website. You may contact any of them, so they could provide you with some feedback about our company and answer all the questions which may arise regarding our working process.

What Kind of Education Do You Have for Developing Apps?

*information on the particular programming languages you know is expected*
Learning for developers can be achieved in many ways. Having a formal education can be a great foundation. There are numerous degrees that offer programming classes. Degrees in computer science, information technology, and management information system offer programming, software and application development at its core.

Aside from formal degrees, learning can be achieved in other ways. Such as learning through seminars, tutorials, and other online and informal means. Having tangible proof of that education or learning is also an advantage for developers. It supplements your work and shows dedication to learning and honing your skills. The technologies the developer names should be specific. Usually, they will depend on whether you’re hiring a native Android or iOS developer, or a hybrid app developer.

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This is also a very essential question for all of our candidates. Because Mobilunity knows how education and especially self-education is important for the developer’s work. Obviously, we ask all kinds of questions to check the developers experience, skills and abilities.

How Experienced Are You With Smartphones?

*this includes more advanced models*
Developers should not only be able to build an application properly, but they should also be able to develop cross-platform mobile applications. In today’s technology trends, Android and iOS are the largest and most popular mobile operating systems. App developers should be skilled and experienced in developing an application that works for both. Having cross-platform apps ensure that the apps will be available and usable in the various operating systems for mobile devices.

Every developer should not only deliver cross-platform apps, but also apps that work for various types of devices; from a desktop to tablet, and mobile. This ensures that your app will be available for everyone on any device. The best experience entails working with today’s high-end mobiles including newer iPhone and Android models.

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Well, of course, having an experience with the mobile apps for the usual software web developer would be an advantage, but if you need an expert in a mobile development in particular, then it is better to hire a mobile developer to not put too much pressure to you web developer. Some say, having less people in your team with higher expertise is beneficial, but you need to see the verge to not overload your employees and always keep the positive atmosphere in your team. In this case, Mobilunity will always help you with advice or suggestion.


What Special Features Can You Help With Creating?

Good, qualified developers should be able to realize such features as biometrics support, Bluetooth connectivity, geolocation features, and shopping cart integration, among others. Developing apps should always be about the customer needs, providing a solution to their problems. It should be customer-centric and focuses on assistance. This could be enhanced through the features mentioned, as well as certain levels of personalization and optimization modules. Other features that are simpler but are essential should be a priority, such as responsive UI, engaging UX, smooth and uncomplicated navigation, and resource management. These integrations can be the hook that draws your potential customers, but the efficiency and overall great experience of your app are what makes them stay. This can be ensured by closely collaborating with the developers and make sure that the app meets the needs of the users.

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Just for you to know, we always ask for the developers we are interviewing his resume checking the additional tools, features and perks he knows or has an experience with. Obviously, we are sharing this CV with you for you to be satisfied with the level of his abilities. Then, we have a few steps of live interviewing: usual, technical, and the interview with the customer. If you want to find out this process in more details, feel free to fill the contact form in with your questions and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How Are You Going to Communicate With Me During the Process of Designing an App?

Communication entails regular updates with the client via email, Skype or project management systems like Slack, Trello and Redmine. Ask what communication tools they have used in their work. Also, ask what they think about these tools. These will show you their communication experience and how they feel towards communication in their remote work. Ask them what communication tools will be the best for the team, and why. This provides you with their perspective on how communication can be implemented and how up-to-date they are with the communication tools available for remote team collaboration. Communication is essential and should go both ways; from the project manager to the team and vice versa. Everyone on the team needs to be on the same page with the tools that they will use.

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Mobilunity knows how communication is essential in the remote work. That’s why we always guarantee you the good connection between you and your employee. We don’t insist on using any specific issue tracking tool, it is up to you to choose the one you are the most comfortable with. We will just make sure that the developer you are hiring is familiar and can work with it for the more efficient and faster work.

What Can You Suggest in Order to Increase Profit of the App?

Aside from having the skills and experience in developing apps, developers should also have a level of understanding on how to market the apps that they develop. A programmer should develop an easy-to-use app that’s inviting and appealing to users and showcases products, services, and other the most popular, effective, and up-to-date features. This shows a developer can not only develop a customer-focused and responsive application but are also aware of what are the best selling points of the apps and how they can be marketed. This will show you that the developer did indeed do their research into your product, its needs, and goals. This will help you understand who among the developers you are trying to hire can help you reach your goals and develop the app that you need.

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Yes, it is very important for the developer to have his own opinion and ability to advice or suggest something new. To have his own personal view at the problem and to find the way to solve it quickly. However, based on Mobilunity’s experience, junior developer will not have this knowledge and skill, as this comes with the time and years of working. Thus, take this into account making a decision about hiring the right programmer for your team.

What Is the Testing Process for My App Going to Be Like?

Testing entails checking all parts of the application to see if everything works well. Asking the developer the range of testing that they have conducted in developing apps will give you a perspective on the range of knowledge that they have with quality assurance and testing of applications. Hacking tests can be used to see how stable and secure a program is. Devices with different form factors and operating systems must be used. Quality testing is essential in ensuring the quality of your app even before launching. This will root out the problems that need to be addressed and the aspects of your app that need improvement.

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In Mobilunity this task is usually assigned to QA specialists. But developers can also incorporate quality testing processes in their development routine, this helps to deal with issues early on in this stage. A developer that knows and has applied quality testing processes is an advantage to your remote team. Although, once again, make sure you don’t overload your employee, as no one wants to work under too high pressure.

What Types of Fees or Charges Are You Going to Levy on Your Service?

*this includes flat-rate charges that are set in value*
It is important to ask about the fees the developers you are intending to hire will charge. This will factor into your development and operational costs, as well as planning and logistics. Knowing the rates and fees that developers intend to charge you will help in checking if it is within the budget and scope of your project. And, depending on the outcome of the hiring process, you will be able to incorporate these rates into your planning and costing.

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Hiring a remote developer from Mobilunity company, you will have to pay fixed all-inclusive monthly rate for full-time devotion of a developer. Another option is to pay an hourly rate. Aside from the fixed rate, which is usually at an hourly rate, additional charges should also be considered, in cases of extra work or other similar matters. You can check different plans IT offshoring companies usually offer:

How Does the Submission Process Work for an App?

*this includes knowing how an app can be added to different stores online*
To have a better grasp of the skills and experience in application development of the developers that you are planning on hiring, it is also a good practice to gather information about their understanding of submission of apps to online stores. This shows you that the developer has not only developed an app but can maintain and ensure that they are launched in the various app stores available.

If you intend to hire remote Android developers for a project, these developers should know how to develop an Android app and submit the app to Google Play Store. Similarly, if you plan to hire remote iOS developers, these developers should know how to successfully launch the app to the App Store.

The development team can access platforms like the App Store or Google Play and get their apps published. Proper screenshots and app descriptions should be included.

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With Mobilunity, you would only need to share your requirement list of the developer’s skills and knowledge and we will make sure we choose the best fit for your project according to every point of the list. In any case, you will have a chance to interview the candidate yourself and ask all the questions you are interested in. We make it as simple as possible.

What Types of Multimedia Features Will You Use in My App?

Great developers should have knowledge of implementing features like YouTube integration, streaming audio from Soundcloud, and Flash animations. Apps today focus more on efficiency, responsiveness, and great user experience. Digital social engagement now includes the various multimedia tools and platforms available online. Apps for video and music streaming, animation, and games are just some of the multimedia apps that are integrated to improve the user experience of mobile applications. Incorporating these tools into your app can enhance your products social engagement and potentially increase usage and target market. Developers who have the skills and experience in integrating these multimedia tools into mobile apps that they are developing can benefit you and your team greatly.

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This is a good question to check the developer’s ability to think fast and to suggest any ideas quickly. If you want to make sure yourself if your developer is capable of this facility, you may check yourself during the customer-developer interview via Skype with Mobilunity. This is not an issue at all.

How Can You Get My App to Work on a Social Media Page?

An app may be linked to social media platforms using plugins and APIs, like Facebook and Twitter APIs. These enable functionalities like allowing the application to post to social media pages and allowing users to log into the app using social media accounts.

Asking this will provide you with a better awareness of the knowledge that the developer has for social media integration in mobile apps. Getting a better perspective of how developers you are intending to hire can incorporate these features is important. Having developers in your team with the understanding and initiative for social media integration is an advantage. It will also help if you were to ask about the outcomes of the social media integration strategies that they have applied before. This will show you if their approach to social media integration works with the goals for your app or not.

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This is also quite technical question. For all these answers Mobilunity conducts a technical interview of the candidate to ask them everything which is needed for checking if he/she is the right fit for your project. You may be involved in whole process, if you wish and ask yourself all necessary and essential questions.

What Will You Do to Get an App Useful on a Variety of Mobile Devices?

*this includes devices with many different operating systems in mind*
The developers who you hire need to be able to develop cross-platform apps, to ensure that your app becomes available across the various mobile operating systems. The most popular mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. When you hire remote dedicated Android developers, it is expected that they are expert in developing apps fit with the Android OS environment and is backward compatible with older versions of Android. Similarly, when you hire remote dedicated iOS developers, they are expert at creating apps for the iOS environment. Having a developer that can develop apps that work in both popular operating systems, as well as others, is a great advantage to your team. The key is to use specific setups based on the operating system involved. This includes replacing Flash videos on Android with non-Flash solutions on iOS.

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This is a lot of questions to ask. Now imagine how much would be spent on interviewing a couple of developers. That’s quite a number! If you don’t want to waste your time on thew whole recruitment process, Mobilunity is here to help you. We are taking responsibilities of all the recruitment details providing you with the best Ukrainian programmers

What Can You Do in the Event That Any Problems Come About Within My Program in the Future?

Issues can be reported to the development team, who can analyze the problem and find an immediate solution.

Asking this question will help you understand how well-versed they are with risk management, and how well they respond to issues and concerns. Developers should be able to develop measures to ensure that any perceived risk or issues will be addressed well ahead of time, and if not then be addressed as soon as they happen. This shows good planning skills and initiative in anticipating problems that may arise given the scope of the project. Having developers that are skilled in risk management is a benefit to your project. This will ensure that problems are anticipated and planned for, and measures are placed in case they actually do happen.

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Also a good question which Mobilunity likes to ask the candidates choosing them for hiring for the customers. This allows to check the developers way of thinking when some urgent issue or a problem arises. Here we would know how many ideas a developer can generate for a short period of time, the quality of them and the level of stress resistance.

What Have You Been Doing to Improve Upon Your Skills Over Time?

Competent developers must engage in continuous education to learn about updates to various technologies and stay on top of the latest changes in the field.Expert developers do not stop learning and improving their skills. This can be done through various means, either by getting a formal degree, learning from online classes, tutorials, attending seminars and workshops, or even self-learning. Developers that constantly learn and hone their skills show dedication to their craft and professional growth. As technology evolves, so should developers. If you are looking to hire developers for your remote team, look for developers that show a capacity and inclination to learn. This will ensure that they will be adaptable in case your app will need the tools and skills that they are not familiar with.

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This is true! Mobilunity knows how important a professional self-improvement for a developer can be. That’s how basically junior developers become senior. So we always try to create an appropriate atmosphere for their learning engaging to visit different development events and conferences.

Give One Serious Problem You’ve Experienced as a Developer, and Explain How You Solved It.

Every developer has faced countless problems and made several mistakes, but a great developer must learn from them. Problem-solving is at the core of programming. Developers are given problems in the form of projects and provide ways to solve them. Good developers are good problem solvers, but what makes them great is their ability to learn from their problems, store them, and apply them again when the situation calls for it. It is part of learning for developers. A developer who remembers how to solve problems will be well-prepared when faced with similar issues in the future.

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This is a common question for all types of employees easily explained as “Describe your biggest challenges and how you dealt with them?” However, this question is very important and shows a lot of personal and professional qualities of a potential employee. Developers who are adaptable and are not afraid to constantly learn from their mistakes will be a great addition to your team. Addressing problems, learning the ways to solve them, then learn from them can improve not only your team but also your project.

Are You Aware of the International Standards That Come With Developing Apps?

*this includes knowing what types of features are needed in apps and how various security and privacy standards are used in a diverse number of countries*
Developers should also be aware of the various industry standards that may be required of the products that they are developing. Industry standards set the parameters of what is acceptable and required for applications and software. Developers that keep abreast with this type of information show that they are cognizant of the changes in technology and how they can be adapted in their work.

Following industry standards are necessary to ensure that you and your team will not have problems upon release of your app. Developers should also know the standards to be followed in developing their apps because this will impact not only the development but the actual release of the product.

Such international standards often involve ISO/IEC 12207 rules for ensuring that the software is fully functional and maintainable. Individual privacy standards of different countries may also be considered.

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As it was said above, a professional developer always watches the latest trends, updates and news in the web development sphere. Mobilunity always makes sure you will get this kind of a developer for your team who is aware of the latest coding rules.

Do You Review the Standards That Other App Developers Use Regularly to Stay Competitive?

Regular checks of what competitors are doing are needed to see how well others are developing apps. Being aware of industry and product standards is a good trait for a developer, but a developer the keeps up-to-date with standards and take the time to review them and formulate opinions is even better. This shows how invested the developer is to his work and ensures that they understand the constraints and standards that can impact their work, both the development process and the actual output. Having these kinds of developers on your team can be an advantage for they will be able to keep you abreast with industry standard updates and restrictions that can impact your app, both positively and negatively.

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Well, this is also important for every employee to always watch the competitors and to be in trend. And for a developer in particular. So Mobilunity will provide you with a developer you would need for your business.

How Are You Going to Compare an App With Other Apps That Are Being Developed but Are Also Similar to Yours?

With millions of apps available in the market, you can be assured that there will be those that are similar to your app. There are a number of ways your app can be compared to other apps in the market. The app will be compared based on smoothness, security, ease of use, and quickness loading times.

However, it would be better to establish the ways that your app can stand out in the market. Ask the developer on their opinion on how your app can be distinguished from other. This will show you if the developer did indeed understand the goals of your app. This will be a way for them to give you ideas on how your app can stand out. This also shows initiative on their end, that they are capable of formulating ideas and strategies given the goals of a project.

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If you have more questions or if you want to discuss these questions and answers in more details, feel free to fill the “Contact us” form in for our future cooperation and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Is It Easy for You to Interact With Other Employees in the Same Development Team?

*this includes knowing how to divide responsibilities and duties among each other within the same team*
The purpose of this question is for you the understand the level of comfort that the developer has with remote team collaboration. Collaboration and communication between the members of the team are necessary. Any concerns that you or your remote team may have regarding communication or collaboration needs to be raised and addressed as soon as possible. It would also help if you were to share your expectations on the remote team dynamics for your development project. Asking developers during the hiring process ensures that both of you are clear on your expectations on team dynamics and how comfortable you and the developers are with the remote team setup.

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Great developers should be excellent team players, and they must know how to efficiently delegate tasks to different members with different strengths. That’s who Mobilunity is looking for!

How Many Developers Should I Hire?

You should be very cautious when considering how to hire good software developers. The number of developers will depend on the size of the project.

You don’t want to have too many developers, as this will bring too many viewpoints into the mix. This can create confusion within your team. The added expenses associated with having too many developers would hurt as well.

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Building Remote Development Team: Experts You May Need

When looking at how to hire software developers, you have to consider the following roles:

  • Designer will help plan the visual layout of the app.
  • Full stack developer will handle your frontend and backend solving coding issues.
  • Product manager will help you handle all the management of the business processes.
  • Testers are also required in the process. This is to ensure that the apps run without problems.
  • Software architect designs the software APIs, interfaces, and other technical architecture.
  • Scrum master will help you to motivate your team and make it more effective.
  • Mobile app developer will help you with your mobile app development.

Let’s see the table below for more detailed information of each position above and the positions you are lacking on in your team.

what roles you need hiring remote developers

What Should I Think of Hiring Programmers?

The process for how to hire developers for all your positions can be complex, and you might ask: “How many backend developers should I hire?” or “Where to find skilled and professional frontend developers?”.

As you develop your app, you must look at people based on their experiences, technical skills, and their understanding of your application’s demands. Usually, people are hiring programmers on their local market, still there are way more affordable ways to build your app.

You should hire enough people based on the size of your app, your budget, and the complexity of your application. For small to medium-sized projects, having 3 to 6 developers working on your app may be sufficient to avoid conflicting viewpoints and other hassles.

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Reasons to Outsource IT Services

When considering how to hire best app developers, you can always hire remote programmers from outside the country. This will save you money, and offer several other advantages:

  • Outsourced IT service experts can help build your programs using new technologies.
  • The competitive nature of outsourced IT experts ensures you’ll have a team that is active and productive.
  • Many of the best outsourced teams include experienced professionals who are trained to work with the latest and most efficient solutions.
  • You will have time to take care of other functions in your business, as you won’t need to worry about the technical aspects of your projects.

All of these points can make a world of difference.

Steps of App Development with Remote Programmers for Hire

Here are a few important things one should consider when looking to hire remote programmers and planning to build an app:

#1 Finding the Right Team

Find people who can take care of all the individual functions in your app, such as the coding process, the physical design, and the overall organization of your app. Developers, designers, and others – is one of the essential steps in software and application development projects. The right team can take your goals, improve and enhance them, then ensure that they will be achieved. You gave to know how to find an outsourcing developers for your startup who is skilled and experienced but who also understand the goals of your project.

#2 Figure Out Your Monetization Strategy

And let your developers know about it. Two of the most important aspects of working with remote developers are planning and collaboration. Having a strategy not just for your app development but also its monetization is good, but discussing your goals and plans with your team can help improve and enhance your app. The collaboration will also strengthen communication and rapport between you and your team.

#3 Consider All Security Features You Will Require

And ensure that your team can implement them. Ask about how your app can be made safe and difficult to break into. Aside from the range of app development experience, you should also ensure that your team is skilled in developing and implementing security measures in the applications that they have developed. Incorporate into your plans security measures, and work with your developers in improving them. In this technological age, security in applications is paramount for users and should be a priority for you and your development team.

#4 Social Media Integration

Social media integration should be reviewed based on the platforms you want to reach. With everyone have an online presence through the various social media outlets available, ensuring that your app has presence and integration capability is a must. This will expand your pool of potential customers and is a great marketing strategy for your app. This strategy should be planned with your development team to ensure the optimal social media integration of your app.

#5 Figure Out Your Desired Release Schedule

Figuring out a timeline for the release of your app part of your development timeline, but it is also essential in planning for your marketing strategy. A release schedule is a tangible deadline for your development team to work towards and achieve. This will also reflect your approach to marketing your app and the character of your app as a whole.

how to hire developers for app development

Here you may also read about the tips on how to build an MVP for startups.

How to Hire Remote Developers in Ukraine

When it comes to where to hire developers, you have to look for people who can work for less money to save on programming salary. It can cost $100,000 or more to develop an app. This could be very expensive considering there are more affordable options.

If you’re thinking about where to hire developers, hiring from Ukraine would be a perfect choice, as there are many Ukrainian experts skilled in the latest technologies who can work for much lower rates.

Get more useful information reading other our blog pages, for example, about Sharepoint developers.

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