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Key Reasons to Hire a Remote Staffing Agency Overseas

Working remotely is not only becoming the new norm in the 21st century, but it is also proving to be a fully functional model as opposed to working in the office. As shown in 2020 Statista.com research, workers are more satisfied with their jobs, saving time on their commute to work, and more likely to overwork.

Today, companies invest a lot of money in digitalization, capturing new niches and markets as potential consumers en-mass began to use Internet services more. The transition of offline businesses to the online world will undeniably require software specialists. Such a shift in demand from non-tech companies has led to an even greater demand for IT specialists who could help digitalize or automate internal business processes. 

Hiring employees is now as challenging and time-consuming as never before. If the company does not have a solid HR team, it is much more profitable to turn to remote recruitment agencies specializing in recruitment outsourcing talent overseas.

What Is Remote Staffing? 

The remote staffing process implies acquiring specialists who will work from home and mainly encompasses technical and non-technical specialties in the IT industry. The clear focus on only one very diverse industry helps select specialists for various projects effectively and accurately.

Remote hiring opened a vast pool of opportunities for businesses to find talents. Companies may reduce significant costs spent on leasing and quickly find and attract IT specialists through remote recruiting companies, making it easier and cheaper to scale up.

At the same time, one of the safest options when hiring overseas is to get help from an experienced remote staffing agency. Without knowing the peculiarities of the domestic market and the country’s rules where you intend to hire, the company risks making mistakes that will lead to high fines and easily harm your business.

Is It Safe Working with a Remote Job Staffing Agency? 

There has always been a high demand for developers, but the pandemic has doubled this number, consequently increasing the global shortage of IT specialists. If in the United States at the end of 2019 there were 700 thousand unfilled developer vacancies, the figure has doubled this year. Presumably, by 2030, the global deficit of IT specialists will be 85.2 million specialists. 

Finding a specialist is not an easy task. Not all recruiting departments in IT companies can cope with current tasks. The IT job description can be pretty specific. When the recruiting department lacks experience, the chance of hiring an underqualified professional is high, let alone finding hundreds of such specialists. It often happens when a business needs to scale up, and therefore you need many people right here and now. 

Partnering with a remote work staffing agency solves these problems. They have the resources to quickly fill vacancies and recruit specialists to the team without much difficulty because they already have a strong team of IT recruiters. Here are some more advantages why you should use the services of a remote staffing agency:

  • They have access to multiple channels

Remote staffing agencies use well-known recruitment platforms like LinkedIn and have access to all IT-specialized local platforms and portals, which are very popular domestically for IT professionals.

  • They have a team of highly experienced IT recruiters

The remote startup recruiting agency continuously expands its arsenal of digital recruiting tools to receive real-time analytical data to automate and simplify searching for candidates. To further attract the attention of engineers, they use the entire arsenal of tools available such as referral programs, sign-on bonuses, webinars, and events for engineers.

  • They do their research

Technical temporary staffing agencies work almost non-stop, use best practices and regularly create new ways to attract talent. Staffing companies carefully examine internal opportunities to lure senior candidates and analyze new attractive trends. The best remote recruiting companies usually have good headhunters who can poach talent by offering undeniable benefits. 

  • They make it faster

The search for one specialist can take more than a month, and without experience, it can take a much more extended period. Thanks to the experience and internal network, the remote job recruitment agency can find a team of specialists much faster than if the business did it independently.

Outsourcing Vs Remote Staffing: Which Option Is More Reasonable? 

When you choose to hire employees remotely, the principle that all these employees are your team remains the same. After the onboarding process, they fully integrate into the technology staffing agency culture. Alternatively, there are other types of hiring remote workers, one of the most common methods is outsourcing.

Employees hired through outsourcing are not considered the organic part of the company or their direct employees. In this scenario, outsourced employees management is carried out by remote staffing companies. It is convenient if you need a technical support team or call center for a project but don’t have the resources or desire to manage them.

After comparing these two methods, it is evident that remote staffing is preferable for companies who want direct involvement in the managing processes.  

Benefits of Staffing Your Business Remotely

We have already mentioned the advantages of working remotely for both IT specialists and companies. Let’s dwell on this issue in more detail and compare the advantages and limitations this work format gives the business.

  • Ensure employee satisfaction and stability

It is essential to find employees and motivate them to work for your company and not look for better options. Remote work is no longer a unique working condition. 

Still, at the same time, its advantages cover many pain points of workers, including a long commute to work, lunches, travel tickets, and a limited amount of time for recharge and family, because most of the day people spend on the road. If you take away these disadvantages of work, employees are less likely to think about changing jobs and are less likely to look for opportunities in other places.

  • Worker productivity is higher

While many managers expressed the fear that people at home would be more distracted and less productive without control, the reality turned out to be quite different. Recent data shows that home workers are much more productive and willing to work overtime. Reducing the time on the commute, they can devote more energy to completing their task on time.

  • Reduce company expenses

There is nothing more attractive for a company than increased productivity and the opportunity to cut off expenses. Having most employees working remotely, the company does not need to open a large office in the metropolis center. This decentralization of the office helps to save on rental services and painlessly increases the company’s size if needed. There is no need to look for a more spacious office when enlarging the staff capacity by at least a hundred people.

  • Unlimited talent pool

You do not need to make a difficult decision to hire a person and spend money on their relocation. Now neither the sea nor the ocean will be an obstacle in cooperation with top talent. Without being limited by the territory, a company can find a highly specialized developer much faster and at the same time for a better salary offer.

Limitations of Remote Staffing

Of course, any choice has some hidden disadvantages, and remote work is no exception.

  • Organization and management of remote work

To effectively operate a business with remote teams, you need to have strong management capable of managing remote teams. With a weak organization, you can lose the motivation of employees and have a large but unproductive team.

  • Efficient provision of remote work functionality

Avoid the risk of irrationally dividing the workload or setting irrational deadlines, and unintentionally isolating employees from the work processes. To achieve this, you must organize the workday in the way it consists of frequent sprints and meet calls to check on the progress, maintain team spirit, and use practical task management tools.

What Are the Types of Remote IT Staffing?

There are several hiring models; each has its advantages under certain conditions. It is worth evaluating each model before selecting the most effective option for your business.

  • Project-based Model

This temporary technical staffing model applies when a team is recruited from scratch for a specific company project. The team works on a time-limited project (i.e., application development), and as soon as the project is accomplished, the cooperation is terminated.

  • Contract model

With this type of hiring, the contract is conducted for a certain period. Contractors usually help to handle the increased workload on the department, and their contract lasts no more than a year. This type of cooperation is suitable for a flexible and experimental startup and is mutually beneficial for both the business and the worker.

  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Upon BOT contract, the specialist or team goes through three stages of work on a task: from the formulation of tasks, organizing necessary equipment, the team moves to product development, research, or updates at the operation stage and ends with the transfer of the project at the end of its development. This flexible contract is similar to a project model. 

  • Hire-Train-Deploy

When the project requires IT specialists with a specific scope of responsibilities, finding such specialists can be challenging or unreal. That is why some companies opt for the Hire-Train-Deploy principle, which helps nurture specialists for the company’s specific needs. Graduates or juniors are recruited into the team and undergo training for a month or two to obtain specific skills. After that, they work under the supervision of a senior consultant on the project.

  • Mark Up Model

This model is suitable for companies with a clear and limited budget for hiring employees. All additional expenses such as insurance, holidays, and taxes are already included in the salary specified in the contract.

Why Is Ukraine a Perfect Choice for Hiring a Remote Recruitment Agency?  

Foreign companies highly value Ukrainian specialists. According to SkillValue, Ukraine ranks 8th among European countries with the best programmers. What makes this country so attractive for foreign companies?

  • Top Eastern European country by optimal IT outsourcing

With a sufficiently large selection of talents, the average hourly rate of a Senior programmer is $40-$70 lower than in the US. Ukraine remains an ideal option based on the number of developers on the market and their level. You can hire high-quality developers at lower prices without sacrificing product quality.

  • Large selection of talents

 The region’s IT industry currently has about 1 million programmers, making it a lucrative outsourcing destination. In particular, it is noted that the Ukrainian market in 2020 has already reached the size of 200,000 software specialists

  • It keeps pace with modern trends

It is also noted that the Ukrainian technology community has quickly adopted popular knowledge-sharing events such as hackathons, tech conferences, and educational courses funded by software companies. 

Mobilunity – Reliable Provider of Remote IT Staffing Services in Ukraine 

If you decide to choose Ukraine as your target for finding remote IT specialists, it is worth enlisting the support of a remote recruitment company that has access to a vast pool of IT specialists of all kinds. 

Mobilunity is a proven remote staffing company with over 12 years of experience and an excellent track record of partnering with all-size projects on various topics, working with clients from all over the world – the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, the USA, and many more. If you need to hire specialists for your IT project quickly, Mobilunity consultants are ready to put together an effective action plan for you.

Want to hire the best IT remote team in no time? Contact Mobilunity and book your first meeting with an  IT recruitment consultant!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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