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FAQs on How to Hire Remote Developers and Build a Team

When you hire the best dedicated developers, you will have a great team to assist you in producing excellent software. These developers can help you engineer a smart solution that fits the needs of all mobile users especially if you plan a big eCommerce or mCommerce project.

There is a vast world of developers out there. As of 2016, there are an estimated 21 million professional software developers worldwide, of which 12 million are mobile developers. Hiring remote developers has become trendy nowadays since it allows to reduce project costs drastically.

You must understand the process of how to hire remote developers if you wish to succeed. Here we are explaining how to hire programmers effectively, how to find a programmer and how to hire a developer for remote work.

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Key Questions You Must Ask When You Hire Remote Programmers

Here are some of the important questions to ask each candidate when hiring remote programmers:

How Many Developers Should I Hire?

You should be very cautious when considering how to hire good software developers. The number of developers will depend on the size of the project.

You don’t want to have too many developers, as this will bring too many viewpoints into the mix. This can create confusion within your team. The added expenses associated with having too many developers would hurt as well.

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Building Remote Development Team: Experts You May Need

When looking at how to hire software developers, you have to consider the following roles:

  • Designer will help plan the visual layout of the app.
  • Full stack developer will handle your frontend and backend solving coding issues.
  • Product manager will help you handle all the management of the business processes.
  • Testers are also required in the process. This is to ensure that the apps run without problems.
  • Software architect designs the software APIs, interfaces, and other technical architecture.
  • Scrum master will help you to motivate your team and make it more effective.
  • Mobile app developer will help you with your mobile app development.

Let’s see the table below for more detailed information of each position above and the positions you are lacking on in your team.

what roles you need hiring remote developers

What Should I Think of Hiring Programmers?

The process for how to hire developers for all your positions can be complex, and you might ask: “How many backend developers should I hire?” or “Where to find skilled and professional frontend developers?”.

As you develop your app, you must look at people based on their experiences, technical skills, and their understanding of your application’s demands. Usually, people are hiring programmers on their local market, still there are way more affordable ways to build your app. You may also consider hiring via remote staffing agency, which will save your time and costs.

You should hire enough people based on the size of your app, your budget, and the complexity of your application. For small to medium-sized projects, having 3 to 6 developers working on your app may be sufficient to avoid conflicting viewpoints and other hassles.

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Reasons to Outsource IT Services

When considering how to hire best app developers, you can always hire remote programmers from outside the country. This will save you money, and offer several other advantages:

  • Outsourced IT service experts can help build your programs using new technologies.
  • The competitive nature of outsourced IT experts ensures you’ll have a team that is active and productive.
  • Many of the best outsourced teams include experienced professionals who are trained to work with the latest and most efficient solutions.
  • You will have time to take care of other functions in your business, as you won’t need to worry about the technical aspects of your projects.

All of these points can make a world of difference.

Steps of App Development with Remote Programmers for Hire

Here are a few important things one should consider when looking to hire remote programmers and planning to build an app:

#1 Finding the Right Team

Find people who can take care of all the individual functions in your app, such as the coding process, the physical design, and the overall organization of your app. Developers, designers, and others – is one of the essential steps in software and application development projects. The right team can take your goals, improve and enhance them, then ensure that they will be achieved. You gave to know how to find an outsourcing developers for your startup who is skilled and experienced but who also understand the goals of your project.

#2 Figure Out Your Monetization Strategy

And let your developers know about it. Two of the most important aspects of working with remote developers are planning and collaboration. Having a strategy not just for your app development but also its monetization is good, but discussing your goals and plans with your team can help improve and enhance your app. The collaboration will also strengthen communication and rapport between you and your team.

#3 Consider All Security Features You Will Require

And ensure that your team can implement them. Ask about how your app can be made safe and difficult to break into. Aside from the range of app development experience, you should also ensure that your team is skilled in developing and implementing security measures in the applications that they have developed. Incorporate into your plans security measures, and work with your developers in improving them. In this technological age, security in applications is paramount for users and should be a priority for you and your development team.

#4 Social Media Integration

Social media integration should be reviewed based on the platforms you want to reach. With everyone have an online presence through the various social media outlets available, ensuring that your app has presence and integration capability is a must. This will expand your pool of potential customers and is a great marketing strategy for your app. This strategy should be planned with your development team to ensure the optimal social media integration of your app.

#5 Figure Out Your Desired Release Schedule

Figuring out a timeline for the release of your app part of your development timeline, but it is also essential in planning for your marketing strategy. A release schedule is a tangible deadline for your development team to work towards and achieve. This will also reflect your approach to marketing your app and the character of your app as a whole.

how to hire developers for app development

Here you may also read about the tips on how to build an MVP for startups.

How to Hire Remote Developers in Ukraine

When it comes to where to hire developers, you have to look for people who can work for less money to save on programming salary. It can cost $100,000 or more to develop an app. This could be very expensive considering there are more affordable options.

If you’re thinking about where to hire developers, hiring from Ukraine would be a perfect choice, as there are many Ukrainian experts skilled in the latest technologies who can work for much lower rates.

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