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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in Singapore

Whether you are planning to hire dedicated development team in Singapore or another Asian country, it’s important to understand the current state of the country’s IT market, as well as explore the possible alternatives to the chosen destination. As you navigate the costs associated with hiring developers in Singapore, remember to factor in the potential need for specialized roles, such as HTML5 programmers for hire or hire freelance mobile app developer for creating a compelling mobile presence.

In this article, we review IT services in Singapore, how much it costs to hire Singaporean developers, and what alternative options are worth taking into consideration. We’ll discover why more and more international businesses look for software development services in Singapore and compare software development outsourcing Singapore with other markets.

Understanding the Evolving IT Scene in Singapore

Singapore is a throbbing center of technological innovation in the modern world. There is a worldwide reverberation to the success, diversity, and technological prowess of its IT industry.

  • Singapore’s IT sector has an impressive annual growth rate of 6.99%. Strategic investments and forward-thinking legislation are fueling this expansion, revealing a thriving ecosystem that supports and promotes creativity from both well-established businesses and nimble newcomers.
  • Singapore is home to an incredible 16, 000 IT firms. These businesses, which range in size from financial behemoths to nimble e-commerce startups, provide a rich tapestry illustrating the centrality of IT in a wide range of sectors.
  • The ongoing process of digital transformation in Singapore is largely propelled by the nation’s workforce of 200k people who are employed in the field of information technology. This workforce is a primary driving factor behind the change. Because it possesses such a wide variety of competencies, including coding and cybersecurity, the nation is making considerable headway in the digital sphere thanks to these capabilities.
  • The value of Singapore’s technological exports is an impressive $159.9 billion, indicating the notable achievement of the country in this sector.
  • The programming languages PHP,.NET, Lua, Java, and Node.js have all had a big influence on Singapore’s information technology industry, demonstrating their adaptability and creativity in a variety of fields including web development, mobile application development, scripting, and system architecture.

IT Hubs Across Singapore

As we navigate the worldwide landscape, three cities emerge as notable entities, each with specific attributes, average remuneration for software developers in Singapore, and a flourishing community of skilled programmers.

  • Singapore

Situated at the intersection of technological advancements and societal development, Singapore emerges as a prominent hub for digital innovation and progress, hosting a population of some 60,000 software developers who actively contribute their expertise to the digital landscape.

The median monthly income for software developers Singapore is approximately $14,300

The salary of a website developer Singapore starts from $3,947 per month, depending on the developer’s level of expertise and the programming language(s) they use.

Depending on factors such as expertise, platform familiarity, and software complexity, app developer Singapore can make $14,750 per month.

  • Woodlands

This city possesses a tranquil allure, it is not lacking in technological expertise. In this verdant environment, software engineers navigate their digital trajectories. The median monthly pay for a software developer in Woodlands is approximately $5,667. Within this nurturing atmosphere, a thriving community of over 8,000 developers engages in the fusion of creativity and code, all set against a backdrop of natural magnificence.

  • Marine Parade

The monthly income for a software developer in the Marine Parade area is roughly $3,465. In this particular setting, a collective of over 12,000 engineers establishes a consistent coding routine, navigating the currents of technological advancements while enjoying the pleasant ambiance of the coastal environment.

Alternatives to Singapore: Popular Outsourcing Destinations

The companies interested in developers for hire in Singapore often do global market research to determine available options and their specifics. The following outsourcing destinations are also popular among businesses that want to hire developers in Singapore:

  • Latin America:
    • Strong points: low rates, large talent workforce.
    • Weak points: limited IT expertise, quality of work, cultural disparities.
  • Asia:
    • Strong points: cheap rates, well-established outsourcing procedures, good command of English. The main player here is India as many Western companies prefer to hire developers in India.
    • Weak points: time zones overlap, cultural differences.
  • Western Europe:
    • Strong points: high level of IT expertise, good command of English (+local languages).
    • Weak points: moderate rates, relatively small IT talent pool.
  • Eastern Europe:
    • Strong points: large and highly-educated talent pool, affordable rates, good command of English.
    • Weak points: economic stability.

Ukraine: Beneficial Alternative to Hiring Dedicated Development Team in Singapore

Among the alternative outsourcing destinations to hiring a dedicated development team in Singapore, Eastern Europe, and Ukraine, in particular, face a rapidly growing demand. 

As per the latest KPMG report, Ukraine is a cost-effective outsourcing destination that can boast of a huge and growing IT talent pool and highly-skilled developers. As mentioned in the recent Deloitte report, a number of US and European organizations have already opened 160+ R&D centers in Ukraine (including IBM, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung Electronics, to name a few).

Here’s why companies make choice in favor of Ukrainian programmers instead of Singapore developer for hire:

  • Well-known IT expertise and good reputation of Ukrainian developers
  • High education level (14m+ people with higher education, according to the latest KPMG report)
  • Rapidly growing IT talent pool (400,000+ graduates annually, as per the KPMG report)
  • Excellent command of English
  • Convenient location and time zones difference with the US and European businesses
  • Similar business culture and values to European
  • Ukraine complies with data protection rules (GDPR and more)

“After trying different remote collaborations in several countries, Mobilunity has been outstanding in hiring extremely talented people.”
Jimmy Beauregard, 3e Joueur

Here’s a short profile of Ukraine as a favorable alternative destination to hiring a dedicated development team in Singapore:

  • Time zone: GMT+2
  • Tech talent pool: 200,000
  • Biggest tech hubs: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa
  • Popular technologies: JavaScript, PHP, .Net, Java
  • Average monthly rate: $2000, based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets
PHP Junior$2,666$1,500
PHP Middle$4,924$2,500
Java Junior$4,000$1,250
Java Middle$8,335$2,500
.NET Junior$6,134$1,350
.NET Middle$7,468$2,450
Python Junior$3,177$1,100
Python Middle$7,617$2,000
C# Junior$3,216$1,350
C# Middle$6,307$2,450
JavaScript Junior$6,805$1,000
JavaScript Middle$9,520$2,000
Android Junior$2,944$1,150
Android Middle$5,446$2,000

There are many expenses to think about while budgeting for the cost of app development in Singapore, such as design, development, testing, and deployment. Apps can cost more or less depending on their features, level of complexity, target platform (iOS, Android, or both), and the functionality the user needs. You can save money and time in the long run by hiring a professional mobile app developer Singapore or web developer Singapore to create an application that fits your needs and your budget.

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a wide range of specialized skills and fresh perspectives by hiring developers from different countries. Expand your team’s capabilities and drive innovation by tapping into the diverse global talent pool.

Advantages of Outsourcing the Hiring Process

The decision to outsource crucial services is now a strategic maneuver that helps businesses achieve new levels of efficiency and success in today’s fast-paced corporate environment. Particularly, outsourcing the employment process has emerged as a game-changing option thanks to the many compelling advantages it offers.

  • Unmatched Skill and Knowledge

When you hire a company to do the hiring for you, you gain access to their years of experience and knowledge. Your web apps will be constructed with efficiency and power by the professional Node.js developer Singapore, and the expert React.js developer Singapore we can locate in Singapore will create front-end interfaces that will keep your users captivated.

  • A Large Talent Pool

When you outsource your recruitment needs, you gain access to a large and varied pool of potential candidates. Expert recruiters know how to cast a wide net, drawing on their many contacts in the business world to find software developer in Singapore or front end developer Singapore who meet your exact specifications. By expanding your search, you increase your chances of discovering exceptional candidates.

  • Reducing Danger and Raising Quality

Finding people to fill open positions is only half of recruitment. Poor recruiting decisions are less likely when handled by professionals. These experts conduct thorough interviews, reference checks, and other evaluations to guarantee that the prospects they provide to you are the cream of the crop. If you need someone who can do it all, a full stack developer Singapore is your best bet. A knowledgeable WordPress developer Singapore can create a site that is both beautiful and functional, meeting your specific requirements.

  • International Cost-Effectiveness

Despite first impressions, outsourcing the employment process can save money in the long term. If you outsource your recruiting, you can save money by not having to pay for things like internal job postings, applicant tracking systems, and recruitment tools, while also receiving better prospects.

  • Ability to Scale and Adapt

Skilled Java developer Singapore has the requisite coding chops to create reliable software applications. In contrast, an eCommerce developer Singapore can build specialized systems that propel digital commerce success if you want to launch a successful online business. Professional recruiters can quickly alter their efforts to line up with your strategic goals, whether you’re growing your workforce to take advantage of new opportunities or cutting back during tight times.

Mobilunity – A Ukrainian IT Vendor You Can Rely On

In the dynamic landscape of IT solutions, Mobilunity emerges as a major Ukrainian firm, offering a comprehensive range of services to address a wide range of requirements. With a strong and impressive history, Mobilunity has established itself as a reliable partner, catering to a wide range of enterprises, from small startups to large multinational corporations, on a global level. However, what sets Mobilunity apart is not only its wide range of services, but also its deep expertise in sourcing and providing highly skilled professionals for projects located within the rapidly evolving technology hub of Singapore.

Mobilunity serves as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to leverage the expertise of mobile app developers for hire Singapore, delve into the possibilities offered by extended reality enterprises, or assemble a dedicated development team that aligns seamlessly with the intricate nuances of their project.

  • Examine the services we offer: Explore our extensive range of services designed specifically to cater to your individual company needs.Elevate your business efficiency and innovation by choosing to outsource software development Singapore with our expert team.
  • Discover innovation in the modern era: Collaborate with Mobilunity’s highly skilled professionals to unlock a world of limitless opportunities and catapult your organization to unprecedented heights of technical advancement.

If you are interested in hiring highly qualified Ukrainian experts, looking for extended reality companies or want to get a dedicated development team that will fit your project perfectly, get in touch with Mobilunity representatives today, and let us recruit a dedicated dream team for your business needs.

Tailored Service Models for Your Success

In the intricate tapestry of modern business, crafting effective service models is not just a strategy, but an art that can shape the trajectory of organizations. At our core, we offer a suite of service models that encapsulate versatility, precision, and the power to transform businesses. Let’s delve into each of our main service models to understand how we can be your partner in progress.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

Central to our offerings is the concept of dedicated development teams. This potent service model epitomizes direct management, where a full-time resource is entrusted to your guidance. However, the intricacies of HR, accounting, and helpdesk inquiries are seamlessly handled by us. This synergy unleashes the potential for your vision to take center stage, unburdened by administrative complexities. With a skilled developer at your disposal, the canvas of innovation is yours to paint.

  • Consultancy Services

For those seeking a more measured approach, our consultancy services offer a blend of precision and flexibility. This model entails direct management of a part-time resource under your discerning gaze. Meanwhile, the intricacies of HR, accounting, and helpdesk matters are adroitly managed by us. It’s a synergy that allows you to harness expertise on your terms, enriching your projects with specialized insights while maintaining a nimble approach to resource allocation.

  • Recruiting Services

Our recruiting-as-a-service is the bedrock upon which your extended development team Singapore is constructed. With a flair for talent acquisition, we possess the prowess to tap into local Singaporean markets or scour the vast talent pool of Eastern Europe. A prime example of our success lies in our venture into the complex landscape of Japan. In a mere two months, we unearthed 145 potential candidates from Tokyo, distilled it to 13 CVs, conducted interviews with six, and presented four stellar candidates to the client. The triumphant result? A meticulously recruited UX designer who aligned seamlessly with our client’s vision.


  • Why should I think about working with Singaporean developers?

Singapore is a center of innovation and progress thanks to its thriving IT industry. Hire developers in Singapore, and you gain access to a dynamic talent pool in the center of Southeast Asia, with a competent workforce, good infrastructure, and a strategic position.

  • What are the main advantages of working with developers based in Singapore?

Hiring developers in Singapore is beneficial for several reasons, including the country’s highly educated workforce, developers’ familiarity with cutting-edge technology, and the country’s multicultural atmosphere, which encourages innovation and teamwork. We can connect you with a talented Android app developer Singapore who can make your mobile app ideas a reality, and an experienced ASP.NET Core developer Singapore who can design scalable, secure online applications that meet your unique needs.

  • How much do software developers in Singapore usually make?

Developer pay in Singapore depends on aspects like the candidate’s experience, skill set, and the difficulty of the role itself. Junior developers can expect to make $73, 776 per year, while those with more experience can expect to make $171,600 per year.

  • Should I hire devs full-time, or use freelancers/contractors instead?

When deciding whether to bring on permanent staff or use freelancers/contractors, consider the project’s size, timeline, and unique requirements. Freelancers/contractors offer flexibility for short-term projects or specialized work, while full-time employees offer long-term commitment and alignment with your corporate culture.

  • If I wanted to hire developers in Singapore, what difficulties may I face?

While there are many pros to hire app developer Singapore, there are also potential drawbacks, such as the high level of competition for the best developers. Foreign talent may face additional obstacles while trying to obtain a work visa and permission, which calls for an in-depth familiarity with the relevant local legislation.

Ready to elevate your projects? Build your extended development team in Singapore today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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