To Search for Software Development Company in Belgium or in Ukraine?

A large number of recruitment companies, job portals and outsourcing are a few major ways to find a good software engineer Belgium. IT company in Belgium, as an Italian, German, UK, or French software company, can provide a large spectrum of services in informational technologies. The demand for software Belgium engineers is also very high, according to the latest research and analysis about the job demand conducted by the Michael Page. According to the report, the demand of computer science software development engineers exists in more than 24 major countries, mostly from Western Europe and North American regions.

Let’s have a look at different aspects of software development, software development firms and the software developer’s role at length in Belgium.

The Popularity of Software Development Company in Belgium

The demand of the software Belgian engineers and remote hiring of software developers is increasing consistently due to the growth in the software development and other sectors of the ICT field. The major fields of software development companies in Belgium where the demand of software developers is high include gaming, mobile software development, eCommerce, enterprise software, finance and banking and research services.

Total Count

Belgium employs over 95,200 employees in 2017, according to the latest statistics released in the European Union Commission report 2017. The number of employees working in the Belgium software companies that occupy in software, services, and hardware accounted for about 45,000 employees in 2016. The average ratio of digitalization of the country is much higher than the average European digitization ratio, as per the above cited government statistics. Each software development company in Belgium makes its contribution to the technological development of the country.

According to the Flanders Investment and Trade report, the 20% of the ICT workforce is software developers and engineers. So, we can say that about 19,000 to 20,000 programmers and developers are working in the country in 2017.

The custom Belgian software development market is facing acute shortage of the ICT workforce. Therefore software engineer Belgium is in high demand. The shortage of ICT workforce in the year 2012 was about 8,000 professionals, which is expected to reach 30,000 professionals by 2020, as per the government forecast cited above. A large number of remote dedicated software development teams are also working for many software companies in Belgium.

Software Development Companies in Belgium

According to the eZilon Europe information, there are a couple of dozen software related major companies operating in Belgium. According to the government statistics, there were 955,713 enterprises at the end of April 2019 with an increase of over 5,000 units. The number of software development companies was not available in the report. But, there is a substantial number of software startups, SMEs and multinational companies in the country. Those companies use the services of local developers as well as the services of any outsourcing development company for developing the teams of remote dedicated developers.

Growth of Software Companies in Belgium

There are hundreds of SMEs and multinational software development companies operating in three major regions of the country. The main concentration of the software development companies is in the Brussels area. According to the latest global survey, Belgium stands on the 6th position ahead of France, USA and many other European countries in terms of the company’s growth potential in the country.

There are many opportunities for software engineering companies in Belgium to grow in the country. According to the latest statistics, every fifth enterprise uses its own website and mobile apps for online outreach and business. More than 21% of the total orders are received through websites or mobile apps in the country.

What Major Technologies Are in Demand in Software Development Company in Belgium?

Odoo Management Platform

Odoo is one of the fastest growing all in one management platform powered by hundreds of applications, plugins and modules. It is an open source software platform developed by the team headquartered in the Brussels, Belgium. There is huge demand of Odoo developers that has command over Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Do.Net and other programming expertise. Presently, more than 3 million users use this platform for their business growth.

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

Enterprise resource planning is one of the major tools commonly used in many kinds of business including, finance, insurance, banking, manufacturing, retails, sales, pharmaceutical and many others. The banking, financial services, insurance and manufacturing are the major sectors of the country. So, the demand of ERP platforms is very high in Belgium. The major technologies involved in the ERP development include, Java, Dot.Net, MySQL, C, Python, PHP and others.

eCommerce Platforms

According to the government statistics cited above, more than 15,000 shops use eCommerce platforms for their online shopping solutions. More than 21% of the total purchase is done through online websites. So, the demand of eCommerce platforms will remain very high for many years to come. The major technologies involved in the eCommerce platforms include, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MongoDB, Java, PHP, Python, and others.

List of Major Software Hubs in Belgium


Brussels is the capital city with huge number of software development companies located in this area. A huge portion of the software developers is also concentrated in this city.

East Flanders

East Flanders is well known for electronic equipment, circuits and software development. This is very important software development hub housing many startups and local and multinational software development companies.

Flemish Brabant

Flemish Brabant is one of the three top regions for industry and information technology. This region is considered as the engine of innovative and creative ideas for software and other ICT related businesses. The demand of software developers is high in this area.

Software Engineer in Belgium: Hiring Cost. Comparison to Ukraine

The average salary for hiring software engineer in Belgium is comparatively high in the region. So, many local firms prefer to hire the services of a software development outsourcing company rather than hiring the local software Belgian developers.

Why Hiring Dedicated Developers from Ukraine Is a Great Option?

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