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Hire Developers in Belgium

What Belgium can offer in IT? Belgium is situated in the center of Western Europe and has a good transport network with other countries. This contributed to the development of a diversified economy where the main are services, manufacturing, logistics, and high tech. Also, the services play the main role in economic growth since 2014, including IT services. So, Belgium developer is in high demand nowadays in its country.

Belgium’s Successful IT Landscape

Belgium has become a major player in the international information technology sector thanks to its progressive legislation, strong infrastructure, and highly trained workforce. Let’s take a closer look at the many dimensions of Belgium’s IT sector, from its rate of growth and number of companies to the programming languages that fuel its digital evolution.

With a growth rate of 6.51%, the IT sector in Belgium is a shining example of the country’s dedication to promoting technical development. Belgium’s technological breakthroughs are exported to the tune of a remarkable 52.23 billion, expanding the country’s influence beyond its borders. This high value of exported technology is evidence of the high quality of the IT industry’s products and services. 

The synergy between Belgium’s innovation-driven policies and the unyielding passion of its IT workers is reflected in this rate. Belgium is home to an impressive number of IT firms—18,000. These firms are vital to the economic and technological development of the country. In the realm of app creation, there are many top iOS development companies in Belgium, each vying to transform your concepts into exceptional digital experiences.

Belgium’s success in the information technology sector may be traced back to the country’s 102,000 strong IT professionals. Their technical knowledge, imagination, and ability to solve problems. Belgium values its diverse population and uses many different strategies to encourage creative thinking. Popular programming languages in Belgium include PHP,.NET, Python, Perl, and Go. These languages are crucial in turning ideas into reality.

IT Hubs in Belgium

Each location in Belgium offers a different set of advantages, innovations, and tech-savvy communities in the rapidly growing field of software development. 

  • Brussels

The busy Belgian metropolis of Brussels is a shining example of progress, with a monthly pay of €5,087 for software professionals. More than 20,000 programmers live and work in this city. Java developer Brussels, PHP developer Brussels and others all contributing to its dynamic tech scene and the city’s ongoing digital transformation. Brussels’ status as a center for both established international institutions and cutting-edge newcomers makes it an ideal environment for cutting-edge software development.

  • Antwerp

Software engineers may expect to make an average of €6,653 per month in Antwerp, a city where old world charm and cutting-edge ambitions coexist. More than 12,000 software developers live and work in this city, helping to unite the business and IT worlds. Antwerp provides a fertile ground for developers thanks to the city’s strategic port and dynamic economic scene.

  • Ghent

Ghent’s software developers take home an average of €5,206 a month. With this rich history as a backdrop, over ten thousand developers are working together to create cutting-edge digital solutions that capture the spirit of the city’s commitment to uniting the past and the future. The innovative software developers in Ghent can attribute their success to the city’s stimulating intellectual and artistic climate.

  • Charleroi

The once-industrial hub of Charleroi is now enjoying a technological resurgence. Here, software developers may expect to make an average of €4,528 a month, a significant sum that helps fund the city’s ongoing revitalization. Charleroi, which is home to a community of over 5,000 developers, is using technology to create a new sense of itself. For cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, look no further than expertise in Magento development in Belgium.

  • Liège

Software developers in Liège, who work in close proximity to the academic community, make an average of €4,297 per month. More than eight thousand software engineers live in the area, making it a hub for technological advancement and intellectual stimulation. In this tech-savvy city, skilled Java developer Liège and web developer Liège stand ready to craft cutting-edge solutions that drive your projects to success.

How to Hire Belgium Dedicated Team?

The organization of an effective software development process begins with the organization of a good team. It became very popular today to apply for help to an IT outstaffing company that will provide a professionally selected software development team of specialists who already have joint work experience. In this way, it’s easy to hire dedicated developers.

What is the main IT developed city in Belgium? In the areas of telecommunications, and software development Brussels takes a prominent place among the other cities. Those software companies who would like to use Belgium IT services can pay attention to Brussels dedicated team. Therefore, the most sensible solution would be to analyze the consultant fees per hour labor. Responsibility, good knowledge of modern technology and programming languages are what make a Brussels developer valuable in the European IT market. But are there any alternatives to Brussels developer and how much does it cost to hire Belgium developer?

Comparison of net salaries of Belgian and Ukrainian developers

Lucrative IT Staffing with Mobilunity

Here is a list of main benefits you will receive during our cooperation:

  • Reduction of costs;
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  • The opportunity to reduce the cost of functions and processes that will be performed by us;
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  • Optimization of core business processes;
  • The possibility to change terms of implementing the project by your decision.

Salaries of Software Engineers in Belgium

As Belgium’s IT industry grows, so does the need to know how software engineers at various levels of experience are compensated. Let’s take a look at the average salaries that give a clear picture of the financial incentives that come with ability and experience, from entry-level programmers just starting out to senior engineers directing complex projects.

Cost Comparison USD
Junior Engineer€4,350
Mid-Level Engineer€5,087
Senior Engineer€6,568

Now we will make a comparison of salaries of a Ukrainian and Belgium developer. Average developer salary in Belgium is $3,800. This indicator is $2400 in Ukraine.

The most popular technologies are PHP, .Net, Java, Angular, Laravel, Magento, and many others. Brussels and Antwerp can be considered as two top IT cities where you can hire developers in Belgium. Analyzing how much does it cost to hire developers in Brussels, it should be noted that a JavaScript developer and a .Net developer earn approximately $4,500 and $4,800 accordingly. An average monthly salary of a Brussels developer with PHP skills is $4,100.

It also makes sense to compare expenses for hiring Brussels dedicated team with developers from Antwerp. The average payment of a JavaScript developer constitutes $4,000. A .Net developer’s monthly salary is near $4,400. A PHP developer in Antwerp receives $3,700 for his work. So if you want to hire developers in Antwerp, you will be able to save some money compared to the same offer in Brussels.

We have discovered the prices for hiring from software companies in Belgium, but if you want to hire the same programmers in Kyiv, Ukraine, it will cost $2,500, $2,500 and $2,000 for a JavaScript, PHP and .Net developer accordingly. Also, you can hire Java programmer online, Python professionals, and other teams as well.

Making the Right Choice: Hiring Developers in Belgium

To ensure a smooth and cost-effective development process, it is essential to understand the nuances of hiring a skilled backend developer or Python developer Brussels and the financial considerations of outsourcing mobile app development before beginning the process of hiring developers in Belgium. For unparalleled mobile solutions, our team ranks among the best mobile development companies in Belgium, delivering innovation that propels your digital ventures forward.

Whether you’re looking into the exciting Belgian market or the promising possibilities in Ukraine, our staff is here to help. Get in touch with a manager at Mobilunity right away to talk about your project’s smooth rollout. Despite the complexities of the hiring procedure for web developer Brussels, we guarantee that your project will be a success thanks to our IT staffing solutions. The future has great potential, and we intend to help make it a reality.

If you are still in doubt whether it’s better to hire developers in Belgium or in Ukraine, there is a ready solution for you. As you embark on the process to hire developers in Belgium, understanding how to hire a backend developer and considering the cost of outsourcing mobile app development are critical factors to ensure a seamless and cost-effective development process. Get in touch with Mobilunity manager to discuss a possibility of implementing your project right now, and don’t forget about the benefits of IT staffing we provided above.

Find out more about:

Our Service Models

Mobilunity stands as a pioneering partner in an industry characterized by digital disruption and technological superiority, thanks to its flexible and adaptable service models.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

The dedicated development teams model is the cornerstone of Mobilunity’s service offerings. This comprehensive strategy involves placing a full-time employee under your direct supervision and delegating HR, accounting, and help desk responsibilities to us. The outcome? A harmonious synergy that makes your initiatives seamless. By leveraging our expertise, you gain access to a competent team that is prepared to face challenges head-on, while we handle the backend complexities.

  • Consultancy Services

Consulting services serve as a link between expertise and innovation in the dynamic world of technology. With our Consultancy Services model, clients directly administer a part-time resource, allowing them to focus on project objectives while we handle HR, accounting, and helpdesk responsibilities. This symbiotic partnership enables you to access specialized knowledge and strategic insights, enhancing your projects with results-driven wisdom and foresight.

  • Recruiting Services

Recruitment of qualified candidates is a journey paved with complexities and opportunities. Mobilunity’s Recruiting Services are evidence of our dedication to assembling exceptional teams. Whether your goals involve the local market in Belgium or the extensive talent pool in Eastern Europe, we excel at finding the ideal match. Our approach to recruiting as a service enables us to manage the complexities while you reap the benefits. 

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s potential by hiring talented developers from different countries, gaining access to a diverse range of skills and cultural perspectives. This approach enriches your projects with global insights and fosters a dynamic, innovative working environment.

Our successful local employment ventures in challenging markets such as Japan, as illustrated by our case study, are an outstanding accomplishment. Through diligent efforts and a strategic approach, we have demonstrated our ability to transcend geographical boundaries and provide unmatched talent solutions.

Ready to elevate your digital aspirations with the best mobile development company in Belgium? Connect with us today and embark on a journey of innovation, expertise, and unparalleled results.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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