Fundamentals of How Danish Client Operates Their Remote Development Team in Kyiv

Since Spring 2017, we work with a Danish client operating in construction field. While the team now is 6 people, they initially started with 2 back then.

Here are some fundamentals about how the client operates their remote development team in Kyiv as a part (an extension) of their distributed (between DK and UA) engineering team:

  • PROCESS. The team is able not only to understand but also adopt to new issues and their solutions.
  • DIALOGUE. Always a key, especially to remote team management. Right questions lead to clarity, and this is what has become a golden standard to the team iterations internally.
  • ORGANIZATION. The team’s organization there by Nearshoring provider side, done right, ensures the client and its customers high level of service provided to them.

What’s more?
Starting this month, the team voluntary is taking Danish language classes, with support from Headquarters of course. Ukrainian Developers talking Danish and residing in Kyiv – what’s so special, eh? )

This client is among our greatest stories that still continues building up.
And this month, Ivan Makarevych has his 6th anniversary with Mobilunity and above 4 last years with our Danish client. Congrats and much much more to come soon!

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