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Odoo vs Magento: Choose the Right Platform

Nowadays, having your own online shop for selling goods is not enough. It should work faster, be easily manageable, and have the analysis function available. Then you would be able to receive ore profit from your online source. Another question here is how to gain these functions without sending a fortune and lots of time. In fact, there are various methods to make business management more effective and convenient. Instead of using numerous Google Docs for client data bases, selling data etc and having a total mess with poor results, business holders stick to up-to-date ways of handling eCommerce on their websites. Luckily, the 21st century minds have come up with brilliant ideas how to handle organizational pains of online stores owners.

Here, opinions of Odoo eCommerce developers vary. Because modern market offers you quite a choice of specific software. There’s a hype and talk about Odoo Ecommerce vs Magento or using Odoo for Magento Amazon, Odoo 8 Magento and Odoo 9 Magento. We’re going to make it clear and easier for you to distinguish the differences and finally make a choice. Before hiring a skilled developer for Odoo Magento integration you should be able to learn the basics how to configure Odoo for Magento.

odoo vs magento

What Odoo Developers Should Know About Odoo

Odoo is considered to be the best open ERP. Being the most popular ERP CRM software among developers, offering your a single tool for managing any business. Every Odoo developer knows that it includes management options for such Odoo CRM features as sales control, stock, e-commerce, accounting, translation, database etc. It is able to integrate all sales channels into the inventory management resulting in a perfect business management solution. Besides free ERP, Odoo offerings include CRM, website building, Ecommerce, and BI. It is easily integrated with many other ERP platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento. So Odoo for Magento Amazon is also available, and developers can build your Odoo shop with Magento.

Integration means putting together smaller modules of features into one system that will later function as one. Odoo integration with Magento means combining this software to build a strong communication between the two and make them work as one in order to get better results. How to do that? Any experienced developer with necessary skills will be able to configure Odoo for Magento and make the process fast and easy.

In the ongoing debate over Odoo vs. Magento, businesses often face the crucial decision of whether to hire eCommerce app developers with specialized expertise in either platform to tailor their online stores to their unique needs.

General Overview of Magento

Magento is an open source Ecommerce software, created in 2008 for online business. It has become on of the most flexible Open ERP apps due to its modular architecture. Magento offers its users a number of control features that makes it scalable and allows developers to build both search engine friendly and user-friendly websites. It offers businesses ultimate solutions for Ecommerce and a great network of support. Magento is suitable both for small firms and big enterprises. It integrates easily with other sites. Besides, Magento supports various payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, Google checkouts, cheques etc. You can easily manage orders and ship them to multiple destinations. Due to Magento, your website can be automatically updated. Moreover, Magento is an easy, reliable and flexible platform.

Other benefits of Magento include:

benefits of magento odoo
  • Your total control of online channel.
  • Tools and functions on the enterprise level.
  • Quick and effortless scalability and expandability of your business.
  • Functionality updates upon your request and needs.
  • Deep integration with eBay.
  • Built-in Search engine optimization.

Odoo Ecommerce vs Magento

odoo ecommerce vs magento

Benefits Ecommerce Magento vs Odoo 9

Odoo and Magento are the most popular open-source, community based digital platforms. Do you really need to make a hard choice between Odoo 8 and Magento or any other earlier versions? There is another option making Odoo and Magento a become one great solution for your online store management. Combining the two platforms, Odoo for business management and Magento for Ecommerce, will eventually become an outstanding experience for business holders and will draw excellent results. Moreover, it is not a complicated task for an experienced developer who can seamlessly blend the two.

Odoo 9 is the newest version of Odoo and has a full pack of Ecommerce shopping cart. The buying and selling as well as the search for stock by customers is done using Magento. Meanwhile, in-store activities like distributing, packaging, and organising stock is performed via Odoo. There are many tools for connecting Odoo and Magento, like Odoo Magento Connector that divides the workflow. This connector can blend any Ecommerce platform with OpenERP.

Magento Connector or Magentoerpconnect is another app connecting Odoo and Magento. It can be easily modified with various add-ons, so this integration can be tailored according to your individual needs.

Benefits of Odoo 9 & Magento Integration:

Benefits ecommerce magento vs odoo 9
  • Magento platform is robust and has a huge number of themes, features, and experienced integrators being an effective solution for Ecommerce.
  • More efficient and flexible business processes.
  • You will be able to import products from Magento 2.
  • You will be able to import Magento 2 customers to Odoo contacts and leads.
  • You will be able to import orders from Magento 2 into Odoo.
  • You will be able to import invoices from Magento 2  into Odoo.

Odoo vs Magento: Conclusion

When comparing Odoo and Magento, remember that these platforms are rather integriable than competitive. The ability to integrate Magento and Odoo will become an extremely powerful solution for your online business. Customized integration of various ecommerce platforms is actually the call of the day. If you are thinking to hire dedicated BigCommerce developers it may be another option to consider. Magento and Odoo combined together can make your business run more quickly and efficiently due to simplification and automation of the online shop as well as optimization of your Enterprise Resources. In Mobilunity you will find a huge pool of talented coders as well as professional Magento developer for hire. So contact us right away!

Have you decided to integrate Odoo and Magento? Contact Mobilunity for our experienced and highly skilled developers who will be able to perform this task for you within the shortest period of time.

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