Average Salary of Angular 4 JS Developers

JavaScript is the most used programming language, and its pervasiveness has naturally led to the creation of countless JavaScript frameworks, all aiming to help JS developers become quicker and more efficient at JavaScript programming.

In the crowded space of JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS is without a doubt one of the biggest and most well-known players. Developed and maintained primarily by tech giant Google, this should come as no surprise. To date, three major versions have been released: Angular 1, released in September 2009; Angular 2, released in September 2016; and Angular 4, released in March 2017. You may read more about the differences between AngularJS vs Angular 4 from our blog. In this article, we look into more details on Angular 4 JS developers.

Angular 4: An Overview

Angular 4 service from dedicated developers

The 4th version was released just 6 months after the release of the 2nd one, and the two are collectively called Angular, while Angular 1 is called AngularJS. The 3rd version was skipped due to versioning standardizations that the development team adopted, so the 4th version is actually just the third major version of the framework.

This version is backwards-compatible with the 2nd version, which is a welcome improvement compared to Angular 2’s incompatibility with Angular 1. The 4th version boasts of many neat features, including:

  • Reduced code and smaller file sizes – compiler results of the 4th version in dramatically less code compared to previous versions, and its structure has been modified to allow the file sizes of Angular packages to be as small as possible.
  • More powerful functionalities – the 4th version provides additional tools that enable new functions, such as improved templating conditionals and new formatting pipes to make development with this technology even more convenient
  • Server-side Rendering – the 4th version provides official support for server-side templating of Angular codes, resulting in greater efficiency and quicker loading times.

Angular JS Landscape

Let’s take a look at the Angular 4 framework’s usage and reception by Angular 4 developers across the globe.

Angular vs Angular 2 vs AngularJS 4 developers

The GitHub repository for AngularJS, which corresponds to Angular 1, remains to be one of the most popular among all JavaScript frameworks on GitHub. It has 1,602 contributors and 56,864 stars as of writing, the largest community of developers and the third highest number of GitHub stars. Not far behind is the GitHub repository for Angular, which comprises of both the 2nd and 4th releases, with 521 contributors and 29,602 stars. Considering that Angular 2 and 4 are both less than a year old, these figures are very respectable.

demand for Angular 4 programmers and top facts about AngularJS

Ruslan B Angular 4 developerRuslan B., remote Angular programmer at Mobilunity: Angular 4 is very similar to 2nd version, again it’s smaller and faster, but provides breaking changes which push you to follow the changes all the time. In current project we use Angular 4, with its help we build an application that accumulates the posts from different social networks and let clients to manage them productively.

Angular 4 developer Ruslan

According to Google Trends, interest for the 4th version has dramatically risen in March 2017, the month of its release, and continues to rise to this day. Across the globe, interest in the 4th version is the highest in China, Macedonia, Israel, Nepal, and India.

popularity of Angular 4 developers for hireGoogle Search Trends for Angular 4 (Source: Google Trends)

Valerii M frontend Angular developerValerii M., dedicated Angular developer at Mobilunity: One of the weak points of the 4th version, as for me, is hard-to-read error’s stacktraces and sometimes very strange errors. Server rendering approach should be improved because now it needs a lot of workarounds. Still, you know, everything depends on the developers and their knowledge, skills, and experience because even such a great service like GoogleAnalytics was written with the help of the 1st version.

Frontend Angularjs developer Valerii M.

Demand for Angular Devs in 2017 and Expectations in 2018

Interest in AngularJS vs Angular 4 developers in 2017Demand for Angular 2, 4, and 5 in 2017 (Source: Google Trends)

Angular JavaScript is one of the most popular and widely-used front end development frameworks. Despite AngularJS being the earliest release, the demand for such developers still continues to be high. According to Google Trends the trend in the interest in the discussed technology and its subsequent releases – Angular 4 and Angular 5 – for the last 12 months. It is evident that interest in the second version is far more popular than in the fourth in all countries, at least in terms of Google search count. This, of course, may very well be because the 4th version is new (released this year), so it has plenty of time to catch up to the popularity of the 2nd version. Still the interest in the subsequent release is climbing towards, or can even go beyond the popularity of their predecessor. This tendency refers to Angular demand in Europe as well. Being among the most popular and loved frameworks in 2017 and due to the successful subsequent releases of Angular 4 and Angular 5 that continue to be popular, it can be expected that this framework will continue to be among the most popular and loved frameworks next year as well.

Sites Built by AngularJS 4 Developers

Since both Angular 2 and 4 are very new frameworks, not a lot of big companies have completely migrated their websites from AngularJS, as this would entail a complete re-write. Nevertheless, here are some websites built with this technology, which includes both the 2nd and 4th versions, according to BuiltWith.

Salary Comparison of Angular 4 JS Software Developers

With the increasing trend in popularity of this technology the market for hiring Angular 2 and Angular 4 developers have become very competitive. With the increasing demand for skilled and experienced Angular programmers a lot more countries are interested in building their Angular development workforce.

If you’re thinking of hiring an Angular 4 JavaScript developer, it will be wise to compare the rates of Angular 4 JS developers in different countries. This will prove very helpful in deciding where to avail Angular 4 service from. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which lists self-reported average gross salaries in various occupations. We look at the JavaScript developers salaries with Angular skills, and this includes all version of: the 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Here are the values from some countries:

salaries of Angular 4 JavaScript developers

Comparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of Developers with Angular skills in Different Countries (Source: PayScale)

It’s very evident that hiring an Angular 4.0 developer from Ukraine costs much, much less than hiring from most other European countries. Note that the above figures are self-reported, so they may not be very accurate, but they nevertheless give us a good picture of the relative costs of hiring developers in different countries. From the above data, it’s evident that the most practical choice would be to hire Angular 4 developer from Ukraine.

Angular 5 vs Angular 4 vs Angular 2 vs AngularJS

Fortunately, 4th version of this JS technology is largely backwards compatible with the 2nd one, meaning Angular 2 applications will run with Angular 4 with minimal, if any, modifications. This is in contrast to Angular 2’s incompatibility with the 1st version. Nevertheless, the latest version of this technology introduced major changes from Angular 2 that merited an increase in the major version number, so if you plan to hire angularjs 2.0 developer, take a look at these differences. To have a better picture on the main differences between the different released versions of this framework, below is a table outlining the main features of all releases:

Angular 1.x/AngularJSAngular 2Angular 4Angular 5
Code generated by compilerLargeLargeSmaller than the 2nd release by up to 60%Smaller than the 4th release, due to the addition of a Build Optimizer; can save up to 95% of the build time
Animation packagesIncluded in core frameworkIncluded in core packageSeparated from core package and may be excludedSeparated from core package
Conditionals*ngIf only*ngIf only*ngIf and elseLarger*ngIf only
TitleCase pipeNot supportedNot supportedSupportedSupported
Angular UniversalUnofficial supportUnofficial supportOfficial supportOfficial support
TypeScript compatibilityNot supportedUp to version 1.8Up to version 2.2 Up to version 5.1
Template source maps Not generatedNot generatedGenerated Generated
ES Modules UnflattenedUnflattenedFlattened Flattened

Comparison of features introduced in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th versions

Below you can also check the main tech differences of 4th and 2nd versions:

Less Code

Angular 4 developers had made major revisions to its compiler so that it generates up to 60% less code compared to that generated in second version. This significantly reduced the file sizes of applications and can result in considerably faster loading times.

Separate Animation Packages

In the 4th version of this technology, animation packages have been separated from the core package and will need to be manually imported if any animation will be used. This means that, if a developer will not be using animations, he can leave these packages out, and the resulting code will be even smaller in size.


Improved Conditionals with *ngIf/else

Angular 4 now allows developers to use an else clause after an if condition, as such:

<div *ngIf="condition; else default">
Content when condition returns true
<ng-template #default>
Content when condition is false

The above code checks the condition and renders a different component depending on the condition’s truth value.

New TitleCase Pipe

In the 4 version a new pipe called titlecase, which capitalizes the first letter of each word in the text contained, was introduced to Angular developers:

<h2>{{ 'This is a sample text' | titlecase }}</h2>

The above code will print This Is A Sample Text with the first letter of every word capitalized.

Angular Universal

With the 4th version, the development team has officially adopted Angular Universal, a project originally developed and maintained by the online developer community, which enabled applications to be rendered on the server-side. Such server-side rendering results in improved performance and better search engine optimization.

Better TypeScript Compatibility

Angular 4 now supports TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2, which introduces increased speeds and better type checking. In contrast, second version of this technology only supports until TypeScript 1.8.

Angular 4 developers for hire Roman

Template Source Maps

With the 4th version, when the application encounters an error that originates from one of the template files, source maps are generated to help developers pinpoint the source of error.

Flat ES Modules

Angular 4 ships with flattened ECMAScript modules, which offer several advantages, including reduction the file sizes of generated bundles, increase in building, transpilation, and browser loading speeds, and helps with JavaScript code clean-up via tree shaking.

You may check the comparison summary on different Angular releases in the infographics below:

demand for AngularJS developers and top facts about AngularJS

Cost Analysis of Frontend Developers skilled in Angular 1, 2, 4 and 5

We have looked more closely at the cost of hiring Angular developers in Europe, Asia, as well as some states of the United States for you to be aware of the tendency. This will help you to choose the best country to build a dedicated development team at.

Angular (JS) Developer Salary in Europe

Below are the average annual Angular 2 developer salary from some of the European countries:

It is evident from the numbers listed above that Angular(JS) programmer salary in Netherlands is the highest $55,700, even surpassing the Angular developer salary in the UK (London), which is $45,921. From the numbers above, it can also be said that Ukraine offers the most affordable and cost-efficient option of hiring a remote Angular(JS) or 4 developer in Europe.

Average Asian Salaries

Below are the average annual Angular 2 developer and Angular 5 developer salary in Asia, the largest continent in the world:

From the numbers themselves, it can be said that Asia is able to compete with the European market for Angular 2 developer salary. For example, Angular(JS) jobs salary in India is the lowest. An average annual Angular(JS) jobs salary in India at $7,528, still it is not very convenient to build a development team in India as it is not the best location in comparison with European countries and the level of English of most developers is not the best one.

Angular(JS) Programmer Salary in the USA

Below are the average annual Angular 2 developer salary and Angular programmer salary in some of the major cities of the United States.

Here is more detailed research which outlines the average salary of Angular developers from various countries around the world. It also shows a comparison of Angular 2 vs AngularJS vs Angular 4 developers salary.

CountryAngular 1 / AngularJS DeveloperAngular / Angular 2 DeveloperAngular / Angular 4 Developer
United States$98,000$104,000$105,000
United Kingdom$94,000$98,000$98,000

Average net salaries of AngularJS, 2 and 4 developers worldwide (Source: ZipRecruiter)

Having compared an AngularJS developer salary in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the USA, it is now evident that Angular 2 and 4 developer rates are the highest in the United States.

Based on the numbers above, you can see that a salary for AngularJS developers is much lower than an  average salary for Angular developers. Also, comparing the rates stated above, it is evident that rates of experts skilled in the 4th version of this framework are a bit higher than an average Angular programmer salary in most countries. It is now evident that salary for AngularJS developers is the lowest than of other experts, but it should be also considered, that the average salary of a programmer depends not only on the location of a programmers, but also on their experience. Senior Angular developer salary is higher due to the experience and skills that they bring with them and this doesn’t depend on the country.

We highly recommend to check the rates of Angular developers in Ukraine as well in case you are looking for ways to build a short-term project with the help of remote developers. Below is the picture with average gross rates of UA programmers:

Angular JS dev salary in Ukraine by experienceAverage gross salaries of Angular developers in Ukraine

From the picture above you can see that salaries of UA devs are quite affordable in comparison with other countries. Moreover, if you decide to cooperate with Ukrainian remote development team, you will get a lot of advantages such as: costs saving and reduction, good geographical location; flexibility in extending or reducing the team any time due to big pool of talents available in Ukraine etc.

Compared to the salaries of various countries in Europe and Asia, the average annual Angular(JS) salary in the United States is a lot more higher. In the case of the Angular(JS) developer salary in UK vs the USA, the average annual salary in the United States amount to more than twice than the average annual AngularJS developer salary in the UK and London. From the data that have been presented, Angular(JS) developer salaries from European and Asian countries, and several major cities in the United States, it can indeed be said that there is a booming market for all Angular developers around the globe.

You can also read about the salaries of full stack developers in our article.

How Do I Hire Angular 4 Developer?

remote Angular 4 developers for hire

With the technology that we are able to use today, hiring developers have become convenient, although still challenging. Hire an Angular 4 developer locally may be tedious for you, and searching for a freelance developer on your own can be time consuming. A better alternative is to outsource, your development projects. Outsourcing development projects provide you with the opportunity to access a more diverse pool of highly skilled and experienced developers to work on your project, even going as far as hiring dedicated remote teams, worldwide. The  later option is one of the best ones especially if a company has in-house team of programmers and look for devs skilled in certain technologies for a short-term period or project. Below are just some of the companies that have employed the skills of remote teams of developers in their development projects:

If you are still interested to hire Angular 4 developers remotely, the process may require keen perusal and vetting process. There are outsourcing companies with highly recommended and  skilled developers who provide you with remote development services and can fit your development projects in the best way.

Angular 2 developer Yevhen

Hire Angular 4 Developer

We have explored Angular 4 and we have seen that the reception of developers worldwide to the framework shows that it indeed has strong potential. Hiring Angular 4 developers brings many benefits to any web application project, and Ukraine has proven to offer the lowest rates for Angular 4 service among all the countries compared.

Read more about how to find a reliable frontend developer for hire from our blog.

find Angular 4.0 developer for your project at Mobilunity

If you’re planning to use the 4th version in your next project, don’t hesitate to hire from Mobilunity. As a provider of dedicated developers, we have excellent developers skilled in Angular 4 and many other technologies, including Angular 4 for Java developers. Located in Ukraine, the great talents we provide come at very affordable rates.

Sample CVs of Our In-house Dedicated Developers

3 Frontend Resume Examples

hire Angular 4 developers at affordable rates

JavaScript CV Sample #4

hire AngularJS programmer from Ukraine at good rate

hire Angular 4 developer

Angular 2 Resume Example #5

hire Angular 2 developer with affordable salary

Editor’s note: What’s New With Angular 5?

Angular continues its streak of great works, Angular 5 is the latest release from the line. This major release features a number of big fixes to the previous versions as well as new features. With the release of the 5th version, there is the addition of the Build Optimizer to the CLI, this was added with the goal of making your applications bundles smaller and faster. With this release, Angular 5 developers are now able to easily share application states between the client-side and server-side of their project applications with the Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support. The Angular Compiler has also been improved in order to support compilation done in increments, which further improves production builds for Angular 5 developers. In case you want to learn more about Angular 5 developers for hire, check our article.

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