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August 30, 2017 - Marina D

Average Salary of Angular 4 JS Developers

JavaScript is the most used programming language, and its pervasiveness has naturally led to the creation of countless JavaScript frameworks, all aiming to help JS developers become quicker and more efficient at JavaScript programming.

In the crowded space of JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS is without a doubt one of the biggest and most well-known players. Developed and maintained primarily by tech giant Google, this should come as no surprise. To date, three major Angular versions have been released: Angular 1, released in September 2009; Angular 2, released in September 2016; and Angular 4, released in March 2017. You may read more about the differences between AngularJS vs Angular 4 from our blog. In this article, we look into more details on Angular 4 JS developers.

Angular 4: An Overview

Angular 4 service from dedicated developers

Angular 4 was released just 6 months after the release of Angular 2, and the two are collectively called Angular, while Angular 1 is called AngularJS. Angular 3 was skipped due to versioning standardizations that the development team adopted, so Angular 4 is actually just the third major version of the framework.

This version of Angular is backwards-compatible with the 2nd version, which is a welcome improvement compared to Angular 2’s incompatibility with Angular 1. Angular 4 boasts of many neat features, including:

  • Reduced code and smaller file sizes – Angular 4’s compiler results in dramatically less code compared to previous versions, and its structure has been modified to allow the file sizes of Angular packages to be as small as possible.
  • More powerful functionalities – the 4th version provides additional tools that enable new functions, such as improved templating conditionals and new formatting pipes to make development with Angular even more convenient
  • Server-side Rendering – the 4th version provides official support for server-side templating of Angular codes, resulting in greater efficiency and quicker loading times.

Angular JS Landscape

Let’s take a look at the Angular 4 framework’s usage and reception by Angular 4 developers across the globe.

Angular vs Angular 2 vs AngularJS 4 developers

The GitHub repository for AngularJS, which corresponds to Angular 1, remains to be one of the most popular among all JavaScript frameworks on GitHub. It has 1,602 contributors and 56,864 stars as of writing, the largest community of developers and the third highest number of GitHub stars. Not far behind is the GitHub repository for Angular, which comprises of both Angular 2 and Angular 4 releases, with 500 contributors and 27,274 stars. Considering that Angular 2 and 4 are both less than a year old, these figures are very respectable.

According to Google Trends, interest for Angular 4, as evident in the Google search count for the 4th version of Angular, has dramatically risen in March 2017, the month of its release, and continues to rise to this day. Across the globe, interest in Angular 4 is the highest in China, Macedonia, Israel, Nepal, and India.

popularity of Angular 4 developers for hire

Google Search Trends for Angular 4 (Source: Google Trends)

Sites Built by AngularJS 4 Developers

Since both Angular 2 and 4 are very new frameworks, not a lot of big companies have completely migrated their websites from Angular 1, as this would entail a complete re-write. Nevertheless, here are some websites built with this technology, which includes both Angular 2 and 4, according to BuiltWith.

Salary Comparison of Angular 4 JS Developers

If you’re thinking of hiring an Angular 4 JavaScript developer, it will be wise to compare the rates of Angular 4 JS developers in different countries. This will prove very helpful in deciding where to avail Angular 4 service from. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which lists self-reported average gross salaries in various occupations. We look at the JavaScript developers salaries with Angular skills, and this includes all version of Angular: 1, 2, and 4. Here are the values from 10 different countries:

salaries of Angular 4 JavaScript developers

Comparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of Developers with Angular skills in Different Countries (Source: PayScale)

It’s very evident that hiring an Angular 4.0 developer from Ukraine costs much, much less than hiring from most other European countries. Note that the above figures are self-reported, so they may not be very accurate, but they nevertheless give us a good picture of the relative costs of hiring developers in different countries. From the above data, it’s evident that the most practical choice would be to hire Angular 4 developer from Ukraine.

You can also read about the salaries of full stack developers in our article.

Hire Angular 4 Developer

We have explored Angular 4, the latest version of the Angular framework, and we have seen that the reception of developers worldwide to the framework shows that it indeed has strong potential. Hiring Angular 4 developers brings many benefits to any web application project, and Ukraine has proven to offer the lowest rates for Angular 4 service among all the countries compared.

find Angular 4.0 developer for your project at Mobilunity

If you’re planning to use Angular 4 in your next project, don’t hesitate to hire from Mobilunity. As a provider of dedicated developers, we have excellent developers skilled in Angular 4 and many other technologies, including Angular 4 for Java developers. Located in Ukraine, the great talents we provide come at very affordable rates.

Read more about how to find a reliable frontend developer for hire from our blog.

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