Vue.Js Developer Resumes and Salaries. All You Need to Know.

Vue.js is a modern monolithic framework which helps to design functional and adaptive applications. It is oriented on developing the users’ interface. The basic library is aimed at the view layer, so it is convenient to insert it into the existing app or combine with other means to create the new one. The framework is widely used to create complicated and single-page apps. Obiously, it is not as popular as some other JS technologies, especially comparing VueJS vs Angular, but it also has some good results in terms of popularity and usage and is worth of our attention.

Thanks to the comprehensive documentation and easy syntax, Vue is easy to work with. Even the beginners cope with it fast. But what if you need an experienced developer, who will meet all the requirements and achieve the result you wish? Is it possible to pick a perfect performer by Vue.js developer resumes? Yes, if you know what kind of specialists do you need and what should be in their resumes.

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How Much Will You Pay for It? Vue.Js Developer Salary

The honorarium of the specialists in this field differs in accordance with the country of residence and efficiency of the performers. Senior, middle, and junior Vue developer salary can differ several times, and it is constantly growing. It also proves the raising VueJS popularity and the need for professionals in this field.

In the United Kingdom, Vue JavaScript coders earn £50,000 per year, according to the data of ItJobsWatch. It is about $64,000. The statistics include all the positions with the requirements for VueJS skills.

In France, the average JavaScript developer earns about €38,000, what is approximately $43,000. According to the information from the StackOverflow, front-end French developer can make up to €49,000 ($56,000).

In the USA VueJS projects are popular too, the honorarium is the best way to show it. Resource counts an average salary by the qualification and location. The middle result for Vue writers in the United States is $76,000 per year, full stack developers earn more than $113,000 thousand.

In Germany the income of the JavaScript developer who also is proficient in Vue starts at €50,000 ($57,000), while senior JS developer earns more than $100,000 per year.

In Ukraine, the average Vue developer salary is about $21,000, as claims PayScale. The income of experienced front-end developer can reach $40,000. And in Kyiv, this rating is 29% higher. Professionals, who have worked more than 5 years in this field, usually have 51% higher payment rates than young colleagues.

With the knowledge about the wages of the specialists, it is easy to plan the budget of your project. It is the important criterion for the customer, but still not the main. If you search for a perfect performer for the project, look through several Vue.js developer resumes. And feel free to contact the developers and ask questions – an interview is a significant addition to a resume.

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How the Ideal Vue.js Developer Resumes Should Look Like

Vue.js developer resumes are a significant part of the recruitment process. But what if you are nor HR-professional? Is it still possible to find a proper worker? There are some things your future developer should know for sure:

  • Vue.js and its tools. The pure framework is not enough to build an application of an outstanding quality. The professional knows, what is needed in addition to Vue.
  • JavaScript. Like in any field. Add-ons are less complicated than the vanilla version. So, if your employee is proficient in pure JavaScript, any framework will be simple for him\her.
  • Other JS frameworks. Vue.js popularity rose so high thanks to the possibility to combine it with other frameworks. Putting different components together makes applications functional and attractive for the user.
  • Component-based app building. It is not enough to know different frameworks. A skilled developer understands how all the components cooperate in the code and can change one part of it without touching others.

There is also a list of skills, which should be present in Vue.Js CV:

  • Other languages and tools: HTML, PHP, CSS, AJAX, React.Js, Node.Js, and others.
  • Ability to work in a team (especially if you are hiring a freelancer).
  • Communication skills, knowledge of English or other languages you communicate in.
  • Abilities in testing, optimization, debugging, reviewing, refactoring of the existing code in multiple browsers.
  • Knowledge and experience in using libraries like jQuery.
  • XSLT – proficiency in using multiple templates, loops, variables.

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Hiring an employee, the first thing to look at is the previous experience. The preceding VueJS projects will show the proficiency and the strong sides of the coder, favorite tools and features. Which works appear in the portfolio? Usually, the list includes:

  • Integrated web applications;
  • E-commerce systems;
  • Websites;
  • Applications for registration and clustering of users;
  • Applications for generation of game save files and their backup.

VueJS popularity raises the demand on skilled developers and their salaries. If you have found a resume of the developer, who meets all your requirements, it is time to connect with him\her and talk about your plans and expectations.

Feel free to ask questions, show the examples you like, and discuss timing and payment. Try to understand if you feel comfortable with the person you are going to hire. It will influence your future cooperation a lot.

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