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August 11, 2017 - Marina D

10 Most Demanded Sectors for a FinTech Developer

With the rapid development of digital era, it’s not a secret that Information Technology (IT) has  successfully penetrated into almost each sphere of our lives and majority of industries. Financial sector tends to be quickly shifting to digital space, as Bank Innovation claims, which results in creation of a very important IT sphere like financial technology, also known as fintech. Consequently, the specialization of a fintech developer has become one of the most wanted on the digital market, and according to Efinancial Careers will continue to grow in the future.

The list of fintech events planned in 2017

Specifics of the Fintech Industry

Fintech Ecosystem and Landscape by countries

CNBC writes that the so-called fintech revolution was driven by a few factors like cost reduction of banking services, customer demand for faster and more comfortable services, and improved technologies and innovations. In 2015, fintech hit $19 billion in total, and by mid-August 2016 global fintech funding had already reached $15 billion. Later, by September 2016, there were over 1,000 fintech firms worldwide and their value made $867 billion. PaymentGenes predicts that already by 2019, 5 billion people will be making digital payments. Moreover, 72% of the consumers of the financial services already use digital channels to open checking accounts, so banking technology in this case plays a major role. The article on Business Insider outlines that major fintech startups on modern market appear in such areas as investment and financial management, banking payments, currency and exchange, insurance, financing and lending.

TOP-10 of the Demanded Sectors for a Fintech Web Developer

developers for fintech projects are interested in the following industries

According to PaymentGenes, at the moment the most popular and in-demand fintech sectors are the following:

  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • Blockchain
  • Insurtech
  • Predictive analytics
  • Crowdfunding
  • Peer-to-peer landing
  • Smart finance management
  • Innovative payments
  • Robo-advisors

At the same time, Efinancial Careers outlines seven most demanded skills fintech developers should have:

  • Machine learning expertise
  • Target data analysis
  • Domain (industry) expertise
  • Cyber-security
  • Business and sales expertise
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger expertise

Yet when it comes to the tech talents and hiring an experienced fintech coder, for example, recruiters face a big skills gap, as Silicon Republic writes. Indeed, this gap is expected to reach nearly 1,5 million people by 2020. The industry giants are mostly seeking tech talents with both business and analytical skills. A perfect fintech programmer is an expert who would be able to think outside a typical IT box, as it goes in the article. Furthermore, a fintech specialist is the one experienced in C++, Java, and Python, keeping up with the latest economical and financial news of the world.

Where to Hire Dedicated Developers for Fintech Project

Hire fintech developers for your project

Being the rapidly developing industry, financial technologies sector is of high demand on the market requiring specific skills from programmers and developers. Fintech dedicated developers at Mobilunity are experienced not only in developing traditional projects for finance industry, but also in development of those technologies that are in great demand on the fintech market nowadays. They will work on your project using their analytical talents and knowledge. In case our in-house experts don’t suit you, we can easily find the expert with the required set of skills within the shortest time (2-3 weeks).

CVs of Our Fintech Developers for Hire


I have over 2 years of experience in web software development, solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented and сomponent-oriented approaches. I have experience in developing full life cycle software projects, including design, code refactoring, requirements analysis. I have mainly worked with JavaScript (AngularJS, Core JS), HTML, CSS, SCSS, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, and NodeJS. My responsibilities are development, architecture designing. Have solid knowledge of SCRUM. Have some practice in Continuous Integration processing and Git-hooks settings.


HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery & Ajax, AngularJS, Angular 2,4, Angular Universal, Ionic, Gulp.JS; GruntJS; Webpack, D3JS, Karma, Protractor, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Server side JS: NodeJS (ExpressJS), Databases: SQL; MySQL; MongoDB, Version Control System: Git


Front-end developer on outstaffing project for Germany based company that provides eVouchers and eCertificates


  • Story reviewing
  • Task decomposition
  • Feature developing
  • Decision making: architecture, functionality, API interfaces

Tools & Technologies:

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • Karma, Jasmine
  • SCSS
  • Angular Universal


hire developers for fintech project

Hiring a fintech dedicated team at Mobilunity will be a great investment into your future project. Contact us now and find out more!

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