Who Is More Demanded in 2018? Aurelia vs AngularJS Developers

With the vast amount of JavaScript frameworks available today, it can often get overwhelming and confusing when deciding which one to use for your next project. Different developers have their own personal recommended JavaScript frameworks, and it’s easy to get lost amidst the different suggestions from different sources, but one important thing to do when deciding on which framework to use is to really understand when to use one framework over the other. In this article, we do a feature comparison for two JavaScript frameworks: AureliaJS vs AngularJS. Other comparisons, such as Ember JS vs Angular team, Angular vs React and Aurelia vs Angular vs React, are available on the web.

AngularJS and Aurelia: A Brief Overview

Aurelia JS vs AngularJS developers

Let’s take a quick glance at the background of these two frameworks to give us some context for our Aurelia vs Angular 2 comparison.


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First released in 2010, AngularJS is now primarily being maintained by Google, so it should come as no surprise that it is incredibly popular. With 1,600 contributing developers as of time of writing, AngularJS has the largest community of developers among all JavaScript frameworks. With the release of Angular 2, a complete rewrite of Angular 1, its popularity soared even higher.


Aurelia developer On the other hand, Aurelia is a much newer framework, having only been released in 2015. Interestingly, that this technology is developed by Rob Eisenberg, who was formerly an AngularJS developer, but left the team because he felt that AngularJS was not going in the direction he wanted it to go. An Aurelia vs AngularJS comparison would therefore be a fitting showcase of Eisenberg’s motivation to leave Angular and work on his own framework.

Aurelia vs AngularJS: Comparison of Features

Let’s do a feature-by-feature comparison of Angular 2 vs Aurelia to give us a clearer picture of their differences.

  • Configurability. AngularJS favors configuration over convention, meaning it requires you to configure nearly every single component before you can use it. In this way, it is highly configurable, but this can lead to longer development times. On the other hand, Aurelia favors convention over configuration, so it uses default configurations based on best coding practices, and this leads to quicker development times.
  • Complexity. AngularJS has complex structure and semantics that you will have to learn and master before you feel comfortable using this technology, and this leads to a steep learning curve for developers trying to learn the framework. One the other hand, Aurelia is much simpler, allowing developers to learn the language quickly and get to work in a much shorter time.
  • Data Binding. AngularJS uses two-way data binding, meaning the model and view components are constantly synchronized, and a change in one causes a corresponding change in the other. Aurelia, on the other hand, employs adaptive data binding which allows it to support two-way data binding as well as one-way data binding and other data binding mechanisms.

comparison of Aurelia vs AngularJS

Features comparison of 2 technologies

  • Efficiency. AngularJS implements dirty checking to detect changes on its data objects, where it checks all objects for changes at fixed time intervals, and this can significantly compromise the performance of an application. On the other hand, by default, Aurelia detects changes in objects by observing each property for actual changes, and this results in a more efficient application.
  • Scalability. AngularJS is a monolithic framework, meaning all components of the framework are packaged as one large bundle, and in order to use one of its functionalities, you have to include the entire bundle into your application. On the other hand, Aurelia is a modular framework, meaning it’s composed of a number of libraries that may be used individually or together. This means that you can opt to import only the necessary libraries that you will use into your application and leave out the rest. This results in better scalability of your application.
  • Popularity. Tech analyzer SimilarTech reports 507,745 websites using AngularJS and a measly 369 websites using Aurelia, so it is arguably far more popular than Aurelia. This shouldn’t be surprising, as Angular was released 5 years earlier than another discussed by us technology, not to mention that it’s being backed by the tech giant Google. SimilarTech also reports that AngularJS is more widely used in every country across the globe than is Aurelia.
  • Developer Community. Since Angular has the largest developer community among all JavaScript frameworks, with 1600 contributors as of writing, you can rely on strong community support for the framework. Aurelia, on the other hand, lags far behind at just 87 contributors as of writing, which may suggest a weaker community support than another technology.

Angular 2 and React are two of today’s most popular Javascript frameworks throughout the developer community. Let’s see how Aurelia, a relatively less popular framework, fares against these two.

Aurelia vs Angular vs React

At the very beginning we have already mentioned that there are different comparisons of the above mentioned technologies with React. The main reason is that Angular 2 and React are two of today’s most popular Javascript frameworks throughout the developer community. Still, most likely that Aurelia can become even more popular than these 2 technologies in some time. Thus, let’s see how Aurelia, a relatively less popular framework, fares against these two.

aurelia vs angular 2 vs react developers

Advantages and disadvantages of Angular, React and Aurelia

Aurelia Framework State, Outlook, and Expectations in 2018

We’ve seen how the Aurelia framework, despite being a new framework that’s only beginning to form its user base, already offers Aurelia developers a lot of impressive and convenient features. These features are enough to make it stand out amidst other more mature and more popular frameworks. For a two-year-old framework, it is laudable for managing to gain serious traction among developers and becoming a big contender in the JavaScript framework space. The Aurelia developer community can expect a lot more in store for the framework in 2018.

Aurelia JS vs AngularJS. Developer's choice

Infographics on comparison of Angular and Aurelia JS frameworks

2017 has been a good year for this framework. Although its creator, Rob Eisenberg, joined Microsoft in September of 2016, he saw to it that development for the Aurelia JavaScript framework would not be compromised. Instead, he assured the Aurelia developer community that he will continue to develop, maintain, and improve the framework. In fact, just in October 2017, the official website of this technology has seen a major UI overhaul, where new features had been incorporated into the app experience. At the same time, Eisenberg also launched a new section for the site called Discourse, where Aurelia UI framework developers can share issues, discuss solutions to problems, and engage in general discussions.

With such active development and commitment from its creator, we should expect the framework to continue rising in popularity in 2018. We believe that Aurelia JavaScript 2018 will transform more web applications and bring even greater features to the hands of more developers.

Interview with Aurelia Team

Ashley Grant, Community Lead for the Aurelia Framework

We had a great chance to interview the Community Lead for the Aurelia Framework, Ashley Grant, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions. It is always interesting to know what the team thinks of the product:

  • How can you describe Aurelia in one sentence? What features can be built with its help? 

Ashley GrantIt is a Modern JavaScript framework that, through its databinding system and focus on convention over configuration, allows you to focus on building what really matters: your app. The databinding system in Aurelia makes building applications that display and take in data extremely simple.

  • What are its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other similar technologies?

Ashley GrantOne of the strongest advantages of choosing Aurelia to build your app is how, through the thoughtful use of well-consider conventions, Aurelia allows you to focus on building your application, and not on tending the framework.
I think that one of Aurelia’s real weaknesses compared to other competing frameworks and tools, is how Aurelia allows developers to natively use third party VanillaJS libraries without always needing an “Aurelia wrapper.” This tends to lead developers to think that these third party libraries can’t be used with Aurelia, when they often work without any wrapper at all.

  • How popular was Aurelia framework in 2017?

Ashley GrantIts popularity continues to grow as more developers discover us. Maria Naggaga, of the Microsoft’s ASP.NET team, told me that after her Ignite 2017 talk, the most common audience question she received was “Why was Aurelia removed from the default set of projects in the .NET CLI?” I was heartened to hear this feedback, as it shows how fervent our current user base is.

  • What is in store for this technology in 2018?

Ashley GrantWe are currently working to firm up our plans for Aurelia in 2018. We have a number of ideas, including migrating the framework’s code base to TypeScript, creating a solution for developers who desire single-file components. We will also be continuing the great work on our CLI and Visual Studio Code plugin. I’m really excited for 2018 as a member of the Aurelia team!

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Aurelia Developers Speaking

One more Aurelia developer from Australia, Dwayne Charrington, has provided us with his feedback on this technology. Please check it below:

  • When did you learn Aurelia and what project it was used for? What features can be built with its help?

I first learned of Aurelia in January 2015 when it was announced by Rob, it was only an alpha version of Aurelia at that time. I was familiar with his work on Durandal and short-lived contributions on the Angular 2 team – Rob’s name has become synonymous with quality code and well-thought-out architecture. The first few projects I started building with it were tiny “familiarise myself” type apps. However, at my day job, I was fortunate enough to be in a position to choose what our future web stack frontend framework would be. My first serious Aurelia project which was over two years in the making was recently a couple of months ago.

  • What are its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other similar technologies?

Aurelia’s biggest advantage is its simplicity and intuitiveness. Rob’s vision has always been to create a framework that abides by real web standards put forth by W3C, WHATWG and so on. View-models are JavaScript classes, templates are HTML wrapped in template tags and the binding syntax uses simple conventions. The biggest disadvantage is the documentation (which has improved and continues to be improved) still pales in comparison to other frameworks like Angular or component-based libraries like Vue.

  • How can you describe this technology in one sentence?

A forward thinking, conventions based JavaScript framework that gets out of your way.

  • Have you often used it in 2017? 

Yes. At my day job we launched an Aurelia application in development for over two years. I have also shipped smaller applications built using Aurelia like which is a showcase site for Aurelia apps built using Aurelia. I currently have 4 smaller projects in development which will be using Aurelia as well.

  • What is in store for Aurelia in 2018?

Improving on its core design. Continued improvement of documentation. Server-side rendering. More focus on making Aurelia smaller and faster through continued optimisation efforts by the core team.

After exploring the potential for the Aurelia framework, one possible concern for businesses might be the cost of adopting Aurelia into their applications. Specifically, you might be wondering how much the typical Aurelia developer salary is. In the next section, we take a closer look at Aurelia developer salaries.

Aurelia and AngularJS Developer Salaries

Whether you’re looking to hire an AngularJS or Aurelia developer, it would be wise to know the salaries of these developers in various countries to know which country offers the most practical rates. Let’s take a look at the typical salary of JavaScript developers, which include Aurelia and AngularJS developers, in different European countries. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which shows self-reported gross annual salaries. While such self-reported values may be inaccurate, they are nonetheless useful in comparing the relative salaries in different countries.

Here are the average gross annual salaries of JavaScript developers in Europe:

salaries of Aurelia developer and JavaScript ones

Comparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of JavaScript Developers in Europe (Source: PayScale)

From the above data, it’s easy to see that Ukraine offers the lowest rates for JavaScript developers across Europe, so it would be wise to consider hiring developers from Ukraine.

Sample of CVs of our Dedicated Developers

CV #1

Aurelia vs Angular 2 developer for hire

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CV #2 – Senior AngularJS Developer


  • Over 6 years of experience in frontend web application development using various JavaScript frameworks
  • Usage of AngularJS with Angular UI to develop mobile-responsive web pages with dynamic UI elements
  • Development of single page applications using AngularJS with UI-router
  • Connection of the front-end of a web application written in AngularJS to a RESTful web service


  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular 4, React, Vue, Ember, Knockout, Bootstrap, REST, XHTML, SASS, DOM, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, JSP, AJAX, Java, PHP, Struts, SVN, Git, MySQL …

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CV #4

Hire middle Aurelia or Angular 2 developer

CV #4 – Junior Angular Developer


  • Implementation of two-way data binding using AngularJS
  • Debugging of web application issues written in AngularJS
  • Development of an online shopping web application using AngularJS and Angular UI


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, SASS, AJAX, JSON, Java, JSP, Struts, Git, MySQL …

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Hire AngularJS Developer or Aurelia Developer

We’ve explored AngularJS and Aurelia, two JavaScript frameworks that offer very different things to the table. One the one hand, AngularJS is a well-established framework with an incredibly large community supporting it, and on the other, Aurelia is a young JavaScript framework that’s only beginning to gain traction, but offers a number of improvements over AngularJS. Whichever framework you choose, we’re here to help you out. We at Mobilunity offer IT professionals skilled in different technologies, including Aurelia Angular 2 and Angular 1. Located in the heart of Ukraine, we offer the best dedicated developers at the most economical rates. If you’re looking for an excellent developer skilled in Aurelia Angular2 or any other technology, we’ve got you covered!

Aurelia vs Angular 2 developers for hire can be found at Mobilunity

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